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  1. Luck with Scar creams?

    Hi, which fraxel company did you go for? looking for myself too.
  2. Fraxel in UK

    thanks for ur message Beast. will deff bare that in mind when looking. Have u had any SMP or repair work done?
  3. Fraxel in UK

    Hi Guys, Want to get SMP work done on my scar and been putting it off for a few years till my scar looks like in best possible condition for tattoo. I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a Fraxel in the UK. Also what is the difference between repair and restore options i heard about, would be good to get feedback from anyone who tried it and if its worth going down that road before SMP? Thanks Riz
  4. Fraxel in UK & Concealer

    Hi guys, Been in and out of the forums for a couple of years, ever since my bodged up HT which has left me with an ear to ear scar. Its fairly flat, white (i have brown skin) but slightly red/brown in areas. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place that does Fraxel treatments in the UK and would this help with scar/skin colour? Also, anyone recommend any smudge free (or resilient) concealers for brown skin, while im waiting for getting MHT done? Waiting for the red/brown areas to calm down more, which they have over the years. I'm also looking into recell - spray skin, awaiting for a reply for a consultation. Thanks Rizza
  5. Recell Spray On Skin

    hi guys, just done some research and it seems to be pretty good. have contacted them to ask for a consultation, i'll let you guys know what they say. btw - i have a HT strip scar thats ear to ear, almost flat, but have slight redness/brown areas around the scar. Scar itself is white (i have brown skin). I too am looking for a way or treatment to get the skin more equal before i get MHT. Anyone had any luck with this?
  6. Nanofibres

    I live in UK and got a free sample of Caboki from their website, just need to pay for shipment, not tried it yet as im waiting for my topic to run out, which works quite well for crown and top of head.
  7. Damien out of the office

    haha - that cracked me up. ave fun
  8. Scar Concealers

    thanks Oster, after thinking about it, im not 100% sure if i want to go down the HT route again, but will consider all options at the moment as things arent great. If anyone has any info on concealers, that would be great right now
  9. Scar Concealers

    Hi, good idea, do you recommend a trusted place? I dont really want to go back to my surgeon again.
  10. Scar Concealers

    Hi, Just bumping this up to see if anyone got any thoughts/recommendations please?
  11. 1980,s HT victim

    Welcome to the forum mate. I'm currently doing dermastamp sessions myself (my wife applies) and i got great advice from the website below. Sarah Vaughter (owner of site) advised the stamp was a better option than the roller for my scar (they sell both) and said to treat the area every 3 weeks. I've had my 3rd sessions and it seems to be doing OK, just got to be patient. I would recommend dropping Sarah an email, she is very helpful and gives you good honest, advice (like HIS) – sarah@owndoc.com Website – http://owndoc.com/ Good Luck!
  12. Scar Concealers

    Hi Guys, I've got a thin scar from a HT from 10 months ago, i've been planing to get the MHT scar cover up but i have a dark line just above the scar due to hairs pushing out from the trip closure. It was red 6 months ago and is slowly slowly coming down and i hope it does fully calm down so it is regular skin colour so i dont have to battle two colours, white scar and darkish area above (Picture attached). I'm also doing a dermastamp course and have had 5 treatments. But in meantime, i was wondering if anyone here has used some good concealers like the links below and had any success? I was thinking of using these in the meantime, before i got the MHT done. Before and after pics look quite impressive if real: http://www.effortlessskin.com/m-61-glominerals.aspx?gclid=CO6r3JaU_bACFSsntAodh353-w http://www.microskincenter.com/ Thank you
  13. Dermaroller

    Hi Guys, I'm booked in to have my first session at end June to cover my HT scar at back of my head along with a few other bits on the head. I've recently started looking into Dermaroller and came across a website that sells and gives free advice who have recommended at least 6 sessions (3 weeks apart) before i notice good difference with the scar, which would mean i would push my HIS treatment back to early September. I wanted to ask if anyone on this forum has had any experience with Dermaroller and if its worth the wait to do 6 sessions, as im desperate to get the MHT done ASAP – also, if there are any side effects to it? I have been given the all clear by the HT clinic to use it and also recommended by a scar expert, but both said they weren't experts with dermaroller, just heard it could help. BTW the Dermaroller expert said using it after the MHT will effect the ink: http://forum.owndoc.com/showthread.php?586-Will-dermarolling-affect-tattoos Thank you
  14. SMichaels MHT Diary

    hello mate, hows the scar coming along has the redness come down – also did HIS give you the go ahead to use the dermaroller after the MHT?

    scar looks much better mate, appears more like a rash (if ur looking for it), rather than HT scars.