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  1. I have had two HT transplants in Toronto been considering for 2-3 years SMP now that we have a location in Toronto would you be able to share your experience do you now feel you have sufficient coverage or concealment I have two linear scars that are white I wish to cover as well as build density all over scalp.
  2. I have two HT scars been considering trying SMP for a 2-3 years now I was considering going to the Toronto clinic now that we have a location I can reach without travel can you advise how your results were my scars are similar to yours maybe whiter in colour.
  3. I have had two less than sucessful treatments and am struggling with my current situation. I am covering with my existing hair and a wig system. Needless to say this is not the answer. I am hoping to find someone who has the treatment in Toronto. In a perfect world with Scar treatment. The pics are great but no doubt nothing beats seeing the results upclose and personal. Any help input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am considering the HIS to repair my HT and hoping to someone in Toronto Canada who is undergone the procedure or is seriously considering it. There are so few of us out here from Canada so I am hoping someone out there is willing to meet and ideally undergone the procedure and is willing to show their results.
  5. awakeodin, let me know if you would like to talk. You send me your email I am in similar situation as you I want to find a solution. I have the HT scars and was hoping to find someone local to talk to share our experiences. I am like you thinking about making the leap but nervous the pics look great but its not the same as seeing someone live. Let me know if you would like to keep in touch.
  6. I also live in toronto have been mis lead and disappointed by the Hair transplant route. I have 2 scars I am considering repairing on top of increasing my existing density. Not many of us in Toronto. Have you booked a consult do you also have scars.

    have you found any one in ontario yet. I have also had previous transplants and searching for an answer considering HIS. Have you booked your procedure where did you decide to go if so usa?
  8. Anyone in the Toronto area willing to meet????

    I am also considering the treatment and living in toronto have you found anyone who has tried this. I have two transplant scars hoping to find someone with a similar situation.