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  1. Soften Hairline Pics

    It's been almost 7 years since my first sesh, how time flies. Well I have aged since then and want to soften up my hairline and have a more natural look. Have you guys softened your hairline after SMP? Please share your photos, experiences, and advice. Thank you!
  2. Advice?

    3 treatments about a year ago Here are some pictures from a hd camera with a pretty strong flash.
  3. Ink Color

    Does the color get darker as the number gets higher or lower? For instance is 30 darker than 28?
  4. Advice?

    Actually I already feel I need one, my question is how did you guys like your touch ups? Better or worse?
  5. Advice?

    Where you guys satisfied? Not satisfied and why? Better than expected? I like how it is now but I feel I need a little but extra but not over the top.
  6. Advice?

    Going in with my year after touch up with, any advice about this you guys can give me from experience? My girl says it is not noticeable but I can tell it has faded a little
  7. As transplants are very obvious to me (maybe because I stare like a stalker?) but I think smp will enhance the transplants. Will make your hair look much more denser because I see too much scalp on all these transplanted guys which makes it obvious to me.
  8. I have had three. My first session was July 11th but I do not work in the states, I will be back stateside this summer but will miss my one year mark by only 1 week. Is it possible to still get the free touch up? WHo do I need to speak with on this matter?
  9. I just took a whole week off, to let my head heal and allow the pigment to set in. I was really concerned about the sweating I do when I work out more than anything as the pores are open and sweat is escaping while I am trying to trap my new hair! lol
  10. Almost a year and I need a touch-up already :/

  11. Spray tan OK?

    How does the spray tan fade? Is it blotchy and obvious or does it go away evenly and quietly into the night
  12. Hey guys how many of you had to go back to get a touch up? My head was perfect but recently I have noticed I need one (almost a year since my first session) Always kept sunblock on when outside but usually tried to stay out of the sun.
  13. Hey guys do I need a touch up?

    @Damien, Will this touch-up make my hair look like a solid sleak helmet though? I worry about that most
  14. Hey guys do I need a touch up?

    Ok thanks for the feedback guys, will get a touch-up sesh in. Btw a friend of mine asked if I dyed my hair cuz it looked grey. hmmmmm
  15. Do I need a touch-up?

    I have had 3 sessions almost a year ago. I have this gut feeling I need a touch up, especially where the real hair meets on both sides of the top. I would like it more blended, do you see what I am saying? I just worry that if I get another session in, it will look like one sleak patch instead of the dotted hair follicle. This is freshly shaved too