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  1. Hey Hairhair98, Can we see some updated pics of the scar when you get a chance? Thanks!
  2. Anyone have SMP on a Strip scar AND FUE together? Thanks in advance!
  3. Looks great! How is your scar holding up? Can you post some updated pics? Thanks in advance!
  4. JonnyJ's MHT Diary

    Please update, JonnyJ !
  5. SMichaels MHT Diary

    Please update, SMichael !
  6. Hey Damien, can you post some Hi Res pics of the MHT with guys that have lighter hair and skin? Thanks!
  7. Not happy with scar results

    Hey Dom, can you post some BEFORE pics of the scar? Is the ink fading everytime? It looks like you could have a very good result if the MHT was as dark in the scar as the rest of your head.
  8. Hey Marius, any updates? How is the scar now? New pics? Thanks!
  9. Go darker with scars

    I agree Landlord....what do you think of the FUE scars? Can you even see them anymore?
  10. greenranger's MHT adventure @ NYC

    Looks great Greenranger! Can you please post some updated pics of the top and FUE area? Thanks!
  11. Chris's New Head

    Looks great Chris ! Congrats! Can you take a pic from a front angle like the Ed Norton Jr. and Walter White pics above to show your hairline ? Thanks!
  12. SMichaels MHT Diary

    Great to hear you are doing so well !!! Have you noticed any change in the MHT after using the dermaroller on the scar area? Have you also been using the silicone strips? Can you please post some updated scar pics ? Thanks!