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  1. Lets end this depression!

    Hey! Just an update. Its settled in perfectly and just been out with the girl I finished with prior to treatment as I thought it was going to look shit. I sent her a picture first as I thought it would be a shock and as soon as she got in the car she said she liked it, then when there was more light she said it really suited me. Whilst sitting having a drink she said I showed my friend the picture and she said that you have a perfect hairline! Ill try and get some pics up tomorrow. Thanks HIS you have completely changed my life. If anyones thinking of getting this done whos in a horrible place right now, do it sooner rather than later
  2. Lets end this depression!

    Na it was no growth #### shaved my head with the r91 when i went on for my treatment. My hairs really dark though Yeah that will be ironic as im desperate for it to fade at the moment lol Thanks David mate, yeah my head has been burning since my treatment, i bet its crying out for moiture
  3. Lets end this depression!

    Thanks alot for the advice mate, will do
  4. Lets end this depression!

    Yeah just found some lumps behind my ears aswell, my heads burning up and just been really sick. Not feeling great right now
  5. Lets end this depression!

    Yeah that all makes sense mate, just worried 22 is to dark. It does seem to blend into my sides so i suppose it was the right shade for my natural hair colour. Its just gonna be a waiting game now
  6. Lets end this depression!

    Thanks man, yeah I saw yours last night when I was freaking out. From that colour to now how much has it faded?
  7. Lets end this depression!

    I know its the 1st night and im not allowed to have an opinion yet but my head looks soooooooooo dark
  8. Lets end this depression!

    Whys that mate?
  9. Lets end this depression!

    #### shaved me with the remington r91 all over
  10. Lets end this depression!

    Thanks for the reply David, yeah your right. Had my 2nd session today and it hurt alot! but minus the pain it went well. I had 26 last week and #### thought i should go for 22 this week, so thats what I did. Treatments VERY red so the pictures dont look great. I managed to getb a before and after of the hairline to post on here. So heres the pics.
  11. Mark on head (bruise?) after treatment

    I had alot of similar marks post 1st treatment but it turned out to be dried blood and washed away when I was allowed to shower
  12. Lets end this depression!

    Hello David! Yeah hope it completes it abit more havent had the best feed back from family but i know that it was a shock
  13. Lets end this depression!

    Going in for my 2nd treatment tomorrow and just wondering how long does it take usually for it to look natural again?
  14. Interesting, cheers Damien
  15. Lets end this depression!

    Oh that makes sense as to why your diary just stopped! Hope all is going well buddy