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  1. Hello Hope everyone is well I am on my jollies at the moment (I am in the Devon area if anyone fancies a meet up til the 2/9/13) Been having a blast down here, a lot of hills to walk up and down , but we have had great weather up to now, the kids are loving it and i have discovered Surfing and halfboarding !! Nobody likes the taste of sea water but with the waves crashing over my head i cannot help but reflect on what a tremendous 10 months it has been for myself and my family since having my treatment, just a miracle, talk about getting a second chance at life Thought i would share some latest piccys, some intense sun ones included, just Headblade Headlube Spf30 applied, a day after a R91 shave. Danny
  3. Does The Pigment Glow Under Black Light?

    There is a picture of member Basketballfan on page 12 of his diary in a club
  4. Piperz Finally Booked

    Top drawer result Piperz This has been a great journey to follow You go and enjoy your new improved Piperz life matey
  5. 2 times ten plus one

    That is hilarious Robby Never gets boring does it pal
  6. Ok To Use A Johnsons Baby Wipe Before Day4?

    100% Leave
  7. The Time Is Near!

    Tune !! Awesome performance fella Your SMP stole the show though
  8. I Just Phoned The Harborne, Birmingham. Not Helpful??

    That is a bit harsh matey The girls that answer the phone are just admin. You wouldnt quiz a doctors/dentist admin on medical issues or a car garage admin on car faults etc because they wouldnt have a clue. If admin were forced to answer questions they arent too sure of themselves then we would see topics just like this one you have started quite a lot. I am certain if you had just asked the lady could somebody with more knowledge phone you back then you would be a lot more happier right now.
  9. Removal Of Bornreceded's Diary Thread And Photos

    Many thanks and all the best BR, you have been a legend mate
  10. Hair Transplant Scar Excuse

    @ Scarredup5 hmmm tough one, however there is an excuse for everything if you think hard enough . If i had the 2 scars as you describe, i would be tempted to say that when i was a kid my older brother or friend etc accidently shot me with a bow and arrow, that entered the back of my head (scar 1) and half exited out of my other side of my head (scar 2), hence the gap between the scars, which is very pheasable if the arrow had not penetrated the skull. Excuse number 2 for the 2 scars with a gap, i was getting chased off the police/gang of lads/100s of women and had to jump and climb over some security fencing, and as i was just about to go right over, when somebody grabbed my foot/leg and pulled me back down, forcing me to lose my balance slip and lodge my head inbetween the spikes temporarily
  11. Many thanks! It was really awesome meeting up with you mate, lovely day too, sometimes things are just meant to be I read that your Fraxal sessions have been a huge success, that is great news pal. You really have done your homework on SMP and paved your path into the HIS chair very wisely up to now, Your first session is end of this month isnt it ? I have very very high hopes for you i really do Keep us posted on your progrees, and you know where i am if you need anything at all matey Danny
  12. Hair Transplant Scar Excuse

    One of my mates who has a HT scar always tells people whilst he was working on the engine of a car the hood/bonet slammed on the back of his head, and everyone always believes him totally.
  13. Ceejay's Diary

    Love the peak !!, stunning work done there pal, the overall look suits you amazingly, totally natural once the redness subsides.
  14. The Time Is Near!

    /Agree Looks the dogs balls mate
  15. Mnic's Diary

    Hey Mnic That looks to me like an excellent 1st session, very passable already. Your redness has subsided in perfect timing too, which is an awesome indication of what to expect post 2nd session pal, so it is looking extremely positive for your return to a-level results thrursday I like you had never shaved my head before apart from maybe a number "4" when i had a full head of hair many years ago, so naturally it does take some getting used to, but you most certainly will do in a very short space of time, especially when you are constantly reminded how care free and liberating life is without the concealer lifestyle getting in the way with just about everything. It also feels out of this world when all the people who used to just stare at your hair with the "what on earth is in your hair" look on their faces, react to the new look with a " o he isnt going bald and look great, grrrr " look As my main man G-star says, the 2nd session will nail your treatment, Daz will not let you leave that chair until he and yourself are totally satisfied, you are more in the driving seat for the 2nd session than your 1st, so if you want work on the sides or to adjust anything then the 2nd session is the time to say so. I think you have got the right idea in regards to that 3rd session, no person is the same but its always wise if you can fully assess the fading over a fair period of time if you can do so, within reason of course "ie if its obviously rapidly fading dont hesitate whatsoever" Cool of you to post a piccy mate, your gonna have to post a post 2nd piccy now !! I read somewhere the other day on here that Daz doesnt really get much mention in comparrison to some of the other practitioners, so i will say, i have met Daz 3 times now and seen 3 of his clients face to face post treatment, and i also have a few friends on here and one in real life who have had Daz as a practitioner including one earlier on today in Manchester !!, and all i can say and all i have ever heard first hand is extemely positive feedback. A very genuine, considerate and talented practitioner indeed. Danny