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  1. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    I think regular posters can edit posts within a 20 minute or less window cant remember for sure but I think when I had regular status I had a small window for edits, I don't think you can ever remove uploaded images though.
  2. Beware of his hair clinic video

    Dramatic music haha, the description gives it away as a fake straight away 'they used the wrong needle' as far as I'm aware the same needle is used for every single treatment there isn't an alternative option. People will still believe this though, its like with facebook someone puts some words onto a picture and some people will believe its a real quote or whatever.
  3. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    I get the reasoning behind it but I do find it a bit daft, a while ago Damien published projected numbers of people who engage on the forums vs the amount of clients coming into the clinics, it shown that less than 5% of clients ever touched the forums, at least from an engagement point. Anyone with a brain will do due diligence before doing anything like this, they'll reach the company first, look at results and form an opinion, then if they go for a consult and book in they'll ask the persons name who'll work with them, then do research on said person, that's what I did anyways. If so few actually actively look at the forums, before booking in I don't see how it would create some massive void in scheduling. Someone made a comparison to a HT vs SMP research, I completely agree, its a permanent (unless you are super rich and can afford temp SMP) tattoo, its not something you can just rub off or conceal without frustration, it only makes sense to want to get as much information on the company and practitioner you'll have. Have to disagree with no artistic talents needed, HIS used to have a practitioner whom was training to be a tattooist (or was one not sure) prior to working for HIS, from what I was told by a HIS employee he was scouted and recruited as one of the first people to work at the clinic, the man clearly had art in his blood and he's one of the very few back then who consistently put out a quality result, thus he was incredibly popular. I'd say art to some degree goes hand in hand with this, mainly because being an artist requires a good eye for details, someone with an eye for detail will notice the structure of what they're doing and will be the ones most likely to make any advancements/improvements. I know its a somewhat scripted response, every company will have them that 'all practitioners are skilled/highly trained' thus all can perform a quality result or all are the same, we all know this isn't true though, no two people are created equal nevermind a group of probably 40+. The newbies as you'd expect will likely be the poorest when it comes to producing the best. I'm sure the training teaches a good amount work with but only years of experience will produce consistency, I've heard bad reviews off fellow clients who've had poor results, normally it was attributed to someone who was pretty new, one guy I heard bad things about around 8 times in two week from 8 different people, I did start to see him receive praise after many many months as he will have gained experience. I do feel this forum is becoming too heavily moderated though, I've had noticed several of my posts being edited and had the occasional one deleted without reasoning (although Ed has pm'd me on one occasion and responded on the thread on another). Noticed that theme on some threads I've read through, responses disappearing or the wording being changed, fortunately others have also noticed this and are also mentioning it, the attraction of this forum is openness when it starts getting censored or edited to sound more favorable it loses appeal and respect of current, former and prospective clients. Damien (however people may think of him now) was a pretty fair moderator, he did occasionally ban people, delete topics/posts, don't think he ever edited any but normally he would explain these things on the post or make a sticky to keep transparent. It actually benefits everyone to be transparent, without any negativity things just look suspicious, to me at least. Some forums die a death due to heavy moderation I wouldn't like to see that happen here, I'm not saying its really bad here just I'm hoping it doesn't keep moving toward that direction! My solution to the topic at hand wouldn't be a showcase of work, although I think that's a good idea I know they'll never do it. My solution is pretty simple, practitioners be named on a first name basis only, this will avoid the 'poaching' as you cannot contact someone called 'Optimus' (hopefully that isn't a real employees name) who works for HIS if you know zip about him aside from a first name, people can commend the person they dealt with and all will be right with the world once more! Just censor all the surnames of staff and you are sorted.
  4. advice needed please

    Age isn't really a factor, if your hairloss bothers you and you want something that frames your face to give a more youthful look then SMP can achieve that for you, you'll have to shave down your hair most likely with a razor daily though, that's pretty much the only thing. It's the best solution for anyone with extensive hairloss NW4+ as it doesnt have limitations of supply like a transplant would. If you got it done it should hopefully go well and frame your face, it'll probably boost your confidence and make you feel much younger, I'd recommend if your interested and want to see how it would look to get some women's makeup type stuff and put it across the front of your head, lots of guys have done this to get an idea of what SMP could do for them.
  5. Considering His SMP,Has HIS not worked for anyone?

    The solution is to go again with a darker pigment, what you've experienced is fading basically and its too much, hitting those places with a darker pigment will cause more visible ink to stay. I had the same issue with my technician he kept hitting me over and over with the same pigment, the end result was a blotchy, ridiculously high density, un-blended mess or 'ink helmet' as some people refer to it, with a faded out crown so it stuck out even more.
  6. Considering His SMP,Has HIS not worked for anyone?

    Yeah its quite common to experience more fading in the scar and crown, these areas work differently and have a harder time retaining the ink the scar understandably is totally different from regular skin, you'd think the crown would react the same though but it doesn't it can soak the ink up more than the other areas of the head.
  7. 2 times ten plus one

    Vince is his name.
  8. Is this possible

    It will vary dependent on your hair loss and what you are comfortable with, most guys want the SMP 100% undetected but some may be ok with less if it means more freedom, from personal experience I'd lean toward unlikely from your explanation, I found no guard clippers left too much length, this makes the hair against the dots visually different, with only mild thinning it may work out ok but if the thinning is quite extensive in a strange pattern as you put it the difference will probably be noticeable, a Wahl Balding Clipper is possibly an option it leaves the hair shorter than a regular no guard clipper but longer than an electric shave probably 1 days growth from a electric shaver in length, again it could work but it will depend on your own personal hair loss. Pictures would help to give a better answer.
  9. No worries, sorry I didn't read over LL1's whole diary I just saw the final result and update. This is Hercules thread, its quite extensive he has a FuT scar like yourself He did an update after 2.5 years talking about getting a touch up due to fading
  10. There's quite a few guys who come back as time advances. Here's Vince with 5 years+ he did updates fairly regularly and probably will in the future - Here's Robby who has a very lengthy diary and did a recent update at the end - Here's Landlord1 he probably has a year or two under his belt - There's tons and tons of these all over the forums, people do give updates as time goes on, others spring to mind like Haircules, Tosspot. Some of the people who do video diaries for HIS do updates years on too. Scar wise Landlord1 had a scar with great results (in my opinion) and Haircules also had a scar.
  11. Did you have to pay for every session? if you did that must have cost a fortune
  12. Just dodgy marketing by them (referring to a post deleted by me - Ed), think of a way to use the letters HIS in a catchphrase which isn't difficult, then use it, people hear about SMP hear about HIS from people, interested person types it in on google and it may show one of these pictures or pages, potential chance to poach prospective clients as a newbie may think oh this must be that HIS place. Pretty smart too honestly, its a cheap under-armed tactic but I doubt it classify's as copyright infringement as its a commonly used word.
  13. A little bit concerned

    Its a process, some people experience more fading than others just means you'll need more treatments, when you go for your third they'll go darker to compensate, it may be enough it may not at least you won't be paying out for the treatment itself if you need more, just travel costs.
  14. Still on the fence ... a few big concerns

    It will take years off you looks wise, its surprising how just framing the face with a shadow can make a person look much more youthful. From what you've said I think your more leaning toward doing it as you want to look more youthful, you've seen it in the flesh and didn't know so that's a good sign. I wouldn't make lightly of laser removal though, its not a simple 'few minutes and its gone' it can take multiple sessions in some cases, can cause scarring, pigmentation loss of the skin and many other problems. Several guys who've posted on here have done removals, some with minor changes others with bigger changes, sometimes it'll take multiple sessions mainly if its a big removal, this is whitedots he had to get 2 or 3 laser sessions . It may look lighter after laser treatment initially ends but it won't remove everything, some of it may dissipate over the next few weeks but some can remain over, so it may look patchy for weeks and some bits could still be there even after that period. Problem is if you need multiple sessions you can't just go one day then go the next day you need to wait 3 months between sessions to allow the skin to heal I presume and to avoid scarring. It'll also be painful as hell, its brief and should only take a few minutes but it'll be like being burned across your scalp.
  15. I'm sure they still use them all haha. I have noticed what you're saying though too, a lot of more recent diaries white guys with medium brown/light brown hair have been getting quite low shades to what my expectations have always been, dropping into the 10-19 bracket, typically I'd associate that with black haired men whom are white.