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  1. Found Out...Again

    Todd, I'm a Nowood 7,had 3 treatments,looks 100% undectable,that is a FACT. Why would I wanna say otherwise,I do not work for HIS,I'm passing on thoughts to those who are unsure about having this done but when people like you just seem that you won't accept that it is flawless(in the majority of cases) then I'm wasting my time. Goodbye and good luck X
  2. Found Out...Again

    Calm down HBK, Just stating facts, if you didn't get what you asked for and HIS have sorted it why keep moaning about it,but my statement is true. If you wanna send me your address in a private message we can meet up,il give you my opinion on how it looks and you can call me a prick to my face.
  3. Found Out...Again

    The reason why anyone would have laser is because they've asked for a unnatural look. Whilst I was having my treatment done the practioner told me that a lot of guys kept coming back for a bit more here,a little darker there. The practioner offers their view that it's ok as it is but in the end they have to keep the customer happy. HIS have now stopped offering free unlimited top ups because of this. Keep it simple and natural and you won't be in this situation.
  4. Smp I seen on Facebook

    For you to stop going on about the dot size. Thousands and thousands of clients have passed through the doors of HIS HAIR completely satisfied with the treatment. PLEASE UNDERSTAND Todd that if it wasn't as good as they say it is then HiS HAIR would not exist today.
  5. Feel free to examine.

    I'm in Birmingham next Wednesday for a touch up,I've had 3 treatments just need a couple of areas redone due to fading. If anyone is interested in meeting up before I go in then let me know if you haven't seen it in the flesh and wanna examine it first hand. Be available between 12 and 1.30pm,il do my usual lunchtime stop off at a nearby boozer.
  6. last minute wobble

    Nothing to worry about Sugar Ray, It really is a fantastic thing to have done, When I was in Birmingham having my 2nd treatment done I met a bloke who just had his 1st completed. He was a big unit,looked hard as nails but after seeing the completed treatment on his nut he was reduced to tears thanking anyone and everyone who worked there, Il never forget that moment,mint!!
  7. SMP Spotted!!!

    Well said Tosspot I can't understand why even after years of treatments and better development people still don't trust the skills HIS HAIR have to offer. Do they really think that if it wasn't as good as it is,blokes would still turn up to have it done. No point being on the fence, Either you want it done or you don't,simple. 1.Go to have a consultation,see what it looks like in the flesh. 2.If your happy book up and presto. It really is that easy,get it done and get on with your life in a better frame of mind. Life is wayyyy to short to be on the fence about anything.
  8. Is this short enough

    To get the best effect mate is to wet shave without a doubt. You got a good shaped nut for it,get a Gillett Mach razor and get busy.
  9. Paranoia??? Nah enjoy it nobody cares!

    Toddnw7... It is undetectable !!! If it wasn't do you really think Thousands of customers walking round if it wasn't? The way your concerned about undetectable is impossible, But as far as a scalp pigmentation it is 100% spot on. The only way to improve it is when you touch it it feels like hair And that my friend just ain't ever gonna happen. Important,keep confident and excited to what it's gonna turn out like(because it will) I guarantee you that if it didn't look superb I would not be walking round in public.
  10. Paranoia??? Nah enjoy it nobody cares!

    My treatment is 100% undetectable, If you ask for a soft broken hairline,not a sharp line then everything is cool? If HBK hairline is what he asked for then he won't be getting called out about it, If HBK has had a treatment that he didn't ask for then he should be getting it sorted by HIS HAIR, My guessing is that what the practitioner told me when I had mine done is that clients are over fussy about their treatment,end up going back for touch ups,the practioners advise against this but the client is so adamant then the practioners end up giving what the customer wants which equals a non natural treatment. This is exactly why HIS HAIR have stopped offering numerous touch ups free of charge. I'm sure Damien will back this up.
  11. Paranoia??? Nah enjoy it nobody cares!

    You guys worrying and stressing about being found out crack me up.... YOU HAVE NO WAY OF BEING FOUND OUT....unless you tell someone. I've told people about mine,they take one look and say your kidding,it really is that good. Stop wasting energy on negativity and get the treatment done to get on with your life,your not here on the planet for a long time.
  12. Found Out...Again

    Still on it... Don't bother having another consultation. Get your cash out,pay your deposit, Plan your hairline, Sit in the chair,relax, Before you know it you'll be 1 month post 3rd treatment on here giving advice and telling other sceptics how amazing the treatment is and not to waste anymore time. I guarantee it my friend.
  13. Found Out...Again

    Still on it.... You simple need to relax about getting called out,you won't. I know how you feel about hair loss,mine feel out when I was 23,I'm 42 now and how I wish this treatment was available 20 years ago. Mine was done at the Birmingham Branch by a practitioner who has now left,I had to go back for my 3rd and have someone else do it who turned out excellent as well. I understand your concerns,I had them as everyone does but believe me after you have it done you'll realise you wasting energy and time worrying about it. Book it up as soon as you can,it's that simple.
  14. Found Out...Again

    Still on it.... Do not let this case put you off having the treatment done, It's a very rare case, He can rectify the issue with laser removal. Because it looks certainly in my case as well as thousands of others amazingly realistic,you have nothing to worry about and everything to gain. I had my done December,3 treatments later I look in the mirror and still my breath is taken away. It sounds like HBK just needs to sort the appearance of the hairline out,that's the key,gotta be natural as possible.
  15. Found Out...Again

    It all comes down to the hairline. Mine is 100% undetectable unless I don't shave. I went for a receding broken hairline which then promotes me the look of losing my hair which gives the reason why I shave it so short. If you go for a defined hairline then except you may get funny looks,it's up to you.