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  1. SMP Aftercare Issues

    moistourise everyday , my head has been aweful for itchy flaky skin since birth , never used any type of moistoirisor until 2 weeks before session 1 and it has been remarkable - stopped using it after session 3 and got shouted at by the practisioner as my skin quality got terrible . i moistourise before bed every night now - just trial and error really , good luck
  2. Retinoids can't be used if you get SMP?

    Unfortuantly I dont have an answer for that but im sure your dermatologist would look into it for you . Ive had extreamly dry skin/exma since birth and since I went bald at 19 ive now got very bad skin damage to my scalp , ive also since SMP had skin cancer on my head just below the hairline . When I was being dealt with for the skin cancer I told the dermatologist about my SMP which they loved and even took a HIS card off me and said they had other patients who this would be ideal for !! In your position I would definatly ask the question you have nothing to lose and by asking you may also help others with the same problem Good luck and when you get an answer post it on here to do your bit for others .
  3. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    if you post a picture now folks can give more informed advice as to you options , the pictures posted on here an hour after a session are never as good as this looks in the flesh , I refer you tube videos to photos as lots of photos on poor cameras as well , good luck mate you wont regret it
  4. Birmingham practitioners

    was a month ago when I saw him shopping
  5. Seth Everman

    Possible but thats the good thing doesnt matter if its SMP or natural it looks good and attractive so who cares
  6. SMP and US Military

    My Army life was nearly 40 years ago and UK not US but cannot see a problem , by tatoos the Army used to not like things like Mam and Dad tatoo'd on your knuckles but SMP is not really like that is it ,
  7. Birmingham practitioners

    Danny in Manchester mate
  8. Head shine

    no such thing as perfect mattifier , its trial and error and what works best for you in my opinion
  9. Franchisers

    think all new units are going to be franchises mate , its a pity folks cannot name the practishioner these days as I think that is the most important detail , ive been worked on by 3 different guys and all were great but only Danny at Manchester still with HIS and I would trust him with my life - trouble for HIS is that this treatment is great but set up costs to go it alone are cheap so all HIS are doing in effect is a bit like your local hairdresser - you train folks and 12 months later they set up on there own and try to take your clients , was always going to happen - hence franchising
  10. Second treatment

    to true mate , who loves you baby
  11. Second treatment

    I know my head looks as it should but after 30 years of seeing bald scalp and feeling repulsed by myself in the mirror and in photos I still have not loked at my Horseshoe area in the mirror and I still avoid being photographed, 30 yrs of hell does not just go away - but folks thinking im between 28 and 35 helps cos im 55 !!
  12. Second treatment

    if it was the same person working on you and you were happy after session 1 it sounds like the guy isnt a newbie and can do a good job . it is a rollercoaster ride and it takes some getting used to looking at a stranger in the mirror - Ive never liked venturing out until after ive washed and shaved my head 7-10 days after a session although to my eye it looks good straight away - if you have gone from Kojak to a skinhead folks might well notice something and if you are also still coming to terms with your new look then you are hypa-sensitive with is understandable . Of course it is possible to recieve a bad session but like I said that would be tempory , relax and take care
  13. Second treatment

    pictures? was there any comments after session1 ? was it the same practisioner? what was your look before , is it a complete style change ? Worse case senario and some 10yr old really has made a mess , yep its bad but only shorterm bad as can be rectified
  14. HT goose bumps

    I had 3 fue in Greece - all failed , im sure any slight difference of skin texture would only be noticable by you hunting for it, would always recomend meeting up with someone who has had this done just to put your mind at rest
  15. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Did you ever meet anyone with the finished product ? in theory yes you have ink on your head but its a pretty damn good illusion , you dont kick a pretty girl out of bed cos she is wearing makeup or has had a boob job
  16. Considering SMP

    no Danny worked on me a couple of years ago and is a top bloke and probaly the best HIS have at the moment, also as a client himself he knows how you feel and wont bullshit you or pressure sell the product
  17. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Shave it all and have a 2nd and 3rd SMP session bringing hairline slightly down perhaps depending where it was before you started losing hair. After having 1 session anyway you now know it doesnt hurt much and also what can be achieved .
  18. Really want to do this but...

    only problem I can think of is how good is your scalp under a system for so long - idealy if it were me Id tell work I need 2-3 weeks off as ive got some family problems to sort out ( ageing parents type thing) id have a few days off before session one where I would hide away shave my head and moistourise like mad ( a good canvas to work on is better) then get session 1 and 2 aweek apart then work 6/7 days later ( also takes time to get used to the stranger in the mirror) - you will fade but the longer you leave until no3 the better for the techy to see what areas need more work . Good luck and remember the most important folk arnt your patients its YOU - if you are feeling great /fit/well etc you can better serve your patients - if you are stressed etc or your health suffers then you cannot help at work - take it as a chance to recharge your batteries.
  19. Meet me?

    Sorry to far away mate but SMP is best when shaved to the bone so just go for it , so easy to manage no worries about the wind and rain , great in the gym , just wash and go - just keep your head moisturised and in good condition , also if scar is visable folks will not think it is a h/t scar as you appear to have full head of hair - but bic'd to bone
  20. Lets hope we can point the guy in the right direction and give him some emotional support as well , hopefully this can be sorted
  21. sounds like the main problem is big dots, is that just your 1st session ?

    I had 3 failed FUE @ DHI in Greece and was always shaved completly all over and no body ever spotted my dots , have someone you trust have a look , no need to panic SMP done by an expert is an amazing solution but you appear to still have lots of hair so perhaps for you its a solution for the years to come , the only guy left at HIS who has worked on me is Danny in Manchester and I trust him 101% if you are close to Manchester give them a ring and pop in just to put your mind at rest as to what a good product/solution this is and no hard sell like a Transplant clinic

    how bad are your dots mine were not visable eventhough always shaved to the bone