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  1. Broken Hairlines

    Good example Robby! Jombo jet was another one that I liked.
  2. Case Study Photo

    Not a word Robby, have you? In regards to the tattoo removal I have tried to remove it before so it would not be from the beginning of the process. T
  3. Case Study Photo

    Cheers Robby I'm glad you got sorted, they always do, well they did with me. Maybe they forgot about me or the photographer didn't know. I don't know! T
  4. Case Study Photo

    17th April 2013 The whole idea of the case study photo is to get people who have had the treatment done for a while to have their photo taken so HIS can update their Case Study Section on the website because all the "After photos" are all taken straight after and this means that the SMP is still red, so HIS want settled After Photos, In return you get a 2 hour treatment to take whenever you like. They do not specify if you have to be chosen or not, so......I thought that having a 2 hour treatment in the bag would be good to have and also I do want to help people who are on the fence about this treatment. I have plug scars and they don't have too many plug scar examples. I have gone for the high hairline receded look and also it is a light pigment. I was a little disappointed that my picture was to be taken with the small camera they use for their customer files, I did think that there was gong to be a professional Photographer taking the shots. If I had know this I could have brought my backdrop Flash lights and my DSLR. I am not blaming Damon he didn't know why I was there. A bit of communication would have been good here as I came in from Reading especially and took a half a day off work. Damon and I had a laugh anyway. He took some photo's but I or Damon have no idea what is going to happen to them whether they are going to be used in the case studies or not, or whether I will get a 2hr treatment in the bag for my troubles. I also thought that I would be taking to a person about my earlier before shots as I do have a few all taken with a DSLR, ( with hair, shaven) different than my Diary. I would like to know... Tesla
  5. Meet with Gordon

    cheers bud
  6. Meet with Gordon

    Gorden is the fella in one of the case studies, he also has plug scars, I met him before I had the treatment done and also told him I would come back up to see him once I had finished the treatment just so he could see how it looked. We had a great old chat about how and why we both had HT's and how naive we both were. If we could only turn back time, moving on you just have to deal with the present and correct the past, this is why both our paths have lead here to HIS. I told Gordon to be brutally honest with me ( I knew he would ), He like it and said that it looked good on me, he had a real close look and said he can see my scars but he is looking for them but if you were Joe Bloggs on the street then you wouldn't. This was good to hear. He did mention the difference in skin colour I have between my top and sides of my head, I would like to get some sun on the sides of my head. This is the same pigment all over my head and yet the top looks way darker just because my top has a tan and the sides don't. Gordon said it looks like that I have just shaved my head. If you are reading this Gordon, thanks for the chat, it was nice to catch up and thanks for the advice. T
  7. Sore head this week after St. Patricks weekend

  8. It's St. Patrick's this weekend people, get your Shamrocks on and get ready for a singalong down the pub

  9. It's St. Patrick's this weekend people, get your Shamrocks on and get ready for a singalong down teh pub.

  10. Tan Line on my head

    I have used this stuff before, only once and I did a crap job of it, hoping for a bit of sun this year to blend it in. T
  11. Tan Line on my head

    I was asked about my tan line on my head at a big do at the golf club last night. This is where my face and bald head have been in the sun for the last 20 years, I just said I have been trying to get rid of it but it won't go, at least they didn't say something about my hair of lack of it. I did feel a bit awkward in a room of 120 men and I was the only one with a shaven head, but one one said anything I am not worried about the top of my head even though it has got some bumps and pen prick holes from the HT's, I am more worried about the shine from my scars. I did put on No 7 and my wife did say that that might soak in after a while so I put on Mac over the No 7 and it did the trick. I do exfoliate but the tan is still there after a year, the funny thing about it is the top of my head's SMP is darker than the rest of my head's even though the same colour pigment was used just because of the tan, I would have thought that this was the other way around, ah well. T
  12. Dredd

    I just saw Dredd last night and I have to say it was DREDDful, save yourself the time and get something else. It's a B movie at best. T
  13. Justin!!!

    Justin Beiber my arse!! Why is it that we in the UK love to see people fall from up high, we are always tearing at politicians, Pop stars and the heads of big companies, don't get me wrong, I am one of these people, I hope Justin Beiber gets booed tonight and there is a lynch mob after the concert. My little girls 9 and 7 call him Ugly, when I say ohhh it's Justin on the radio girls, they say we don't like "UGLY" anymore, in a way I'm glad! Tesla
  14. Batman lives in Bradford!

    All these years I thought Batman lived in Gotham City, but no, he lives in Bradford, of all places why Bradford? BRADFORD!!!!!! He has put on a few pounds since I saw him last and I really can't see how he is going to pull the women looking like a fat tub of lard. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-21654930 T