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  1. Some of us just want to hide the scars from HT's and are happy with the receded look. Turn back the clock I would never had a HT but would still want something like this to cover my bald head. Each person is different, it is what you are happy with. Great advice above, go for a receded look first and then change it latter, be conservative first, it's better for your well being! T
  2. If I use the electric razor on my scars I have to go use light presure as I can get razor burn, also I have to be careful with wet shaving as I can get carried away and forget about them and cut them. T
  3. 7 sessions and counting/...

    Does anybody question what the hell does that pipe do in the back of the picture? It just sticks out of that box! It looks like a water pipe, but it goes nowhere! "WHAT THE HELL DOES THE PIPE DO?" Only joking. I can't see anything wrong with your treatment in your pictures but most cameras are crap and I am sure you could see it in person. Unhappy = Ring up and ask I have had 8 treatments but mine were solving a scar issue. T
  4. Bobb I have no doubt that you will be heard now and we all hope that a resolution can be found, We all I'm sure wish you the best. I think it's great you are responding to your tread you started. Words can only paint so much of the picture for us Bobb, by posting some pictures on here you will reach a bigger audience, that is the point of starting the thread in the first place, to inform others. I am just trying to understand the problem and I'm sure others would like to see the problem (as we are sure one exists) maybe even to inform others of what to look out for when things go wrong. It's very sad to hear that you were left in this situation and no one was listening to you. Thanks for your time Bobb and good luck. T
  5. Some people don't use their computers like the rest of us, maybe Bobb is one of these people, maybe he posted and thought that this is good enough to just let people know what his story is. He might check his thread next week the next time he is at a computer. Whatever the reason I wish him luck on his journey, ( thanks Damien for letting us know that this is a genuine post) T
  6. I would like to add that it is helpful if you reply to people's post and not just start a thread and run, I do know it has been a day since you started this thread but if this is genuine then you would be keeping an eye on it and answering questions people have. When starting a hot topic people respond straight away and the person that started it also responds usually within the first hour. I have no intention of kicking you when you are down but there are also questions to be answered to make this a valid post and not just HIS competition deterring clients. Why wait so long? Blue ink? 130/140 pigment? No photos? No response on thread? It well may be the case that you are in fact genuine but we have doubts and you should answer the questions people have and post a few pictures so people will believe and stand together with you. T
  7. First of all I am truly sorry to hear what has happened to you,I would have thought you had a right to a refund if you are having the treatment removed, but a HIS response is needed here so be have both sides of the story so we can form our views. I find it very strange and feel it is unlike HIS to leave you like this. Yes they are a big business but reputation is everything. Quote: my initial treatment was a 130; I have been told that the appropriate colour should have been a maximum of 140 I don't understand the numbers here they don't look llike HIS ink numbers (unless HIS has changed them since I was there 2 years ago) I thought they went from 60 down to 1, 1 being the strongest pigment, or numbers quite close. I feel you pain in the Laser Removal Clinic, I am having a tattoo removed by Katrina at the moment (on my arm and hip) and know that the pain takes you up to your pain threshold. Some pictures would be great to show what you went through. Good luck and I hope you get what you want. T
  8. Hi HBK I was in the same position as you, I sat the wife down and told her my full story, the lie I had been living with through our marriage. It is something that you really want and will make you a happier person so your wife will support you. My scars are like Glen's above in the video, I don't think you will find any person on this forum that like having their HT scars and that are happy they had a HT. Be positive and move forward with your life. Question1) As I said I have the plug scars and I feel that I have to shave my head as leaving it longer (Balding Clippers no guard) doesn't look right. I think that most people with scars shave, people that are just thinning Buzz. By shaving to the bone makes my scars blend in more. But we are all different and the only way to know for sure is by doing it yourself. I think I understand what you are saying about the hair length: Longer Hair = Darker Ink I am not too sure on this, I don't think this is the case, but I would say that: Longer = Visible Scars Question 2) I can say that the only place that never faded throughout my process was in my scars. Scars seem to take the ink well, (in my case anyway)but we are all different yet again.Sorry this is a poor answer but imagine going into a tattoo parlor and asking for a tattoo with all the colours of the rainbow and your best friend had the same tattoo done at the same time, I bet in a month if you compared both tattoos they would differ somehow, some colours might not take as well as others. T

    The ink in the scars never ever faded. The ink in the surrounding areas around the scars did and this was the problem. The scars would just stand out. So in the end they put in a stronger ink in the area outside and also put in a weaker ink in the scars on the last session and that was how they solved it. Well .... I think The picture was taken straight after the last on in August 2012 T

    Thanks Doctor It just kept on fading around the scars at the back, the scars SMP never faded, in the end they added a real high shade 50 or 60 can't remember now into the scars just to blend them in as well. Yes it was a journey but worth it. T

    These are two pictures HIS sent me after my last (8th) treatment. 18th of August 2012, taken at the clinic. First is a before all treatments pic and the second is straight after the 8th, got there in the end and a big thank you to HIS A few guys have emailed me for them so here you go. .
  12. SMP \Grey Hair

    Thanks MapleLeaves Light is the way to go, you don't want a helmet! T
  13. SMP \Grey Hair

    I had a lot of grey hair, had SMP and not one person has said anything about the grey. I have had a light colour treatment. When I shave my beard (which has a lot of grey you can not see the grey follicles it only looks dark, this applies to your head as well. T
  14. shade 50

    I had 50 in my scars mostly 48. 46, 44, and 42 on my head as I remember, T