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  1. Seattle clinic

    Have a question for everyone who's had smp for scar work . I'm noticing color bleeding and fading in the actual scar compared to around it . I've been on this battle for a long time , just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar ? I've just had a session about 2 weeks ago roughly so I know it's really soon to say anything but the color and dots don't seem to stick . I've had the rest of my head done and it looks good it's been about 4 years since I've had smp and I'm very happy with the rest of it except the issue with the scar . Any ideas or thoughts would be great thanks !
  2. advice needed please

    I agree with the group on here , I've had smp done as well even though I'm younger age doesn't matter . I think what matters the most is that you choose a style that fits your profile and don't get something out of character . It will be the best decision you made and shaving your head only takes minutes with a razor it's super easy . Think of it like brushing your teeth in the morning it's just something you do without thinking of it . Hope the best for you and your decision.
  3. Seattle clinic

    Just wanted to give some spotlight to the technician at the Seattle clinic , he's been working on my scar. He really knows his stuff he's crazy talented and I wanted to say thanks and I look forward to the finish product . I will be posting pics once my sessions are complete ,stay tuned .e
  4. Dave is great you have nothing to worry about !
  5. L.A team and Nate

    Just wanted to thank the L.A team and Nate for assisting me with my treatments which are almost complete . This is the best decision I've ever made and couldn't be happier. I've started a Blog so I will be posting pics and sharing my full experience once I've completed my final sessions. Thanks again Nate and L.A !
  6. Almost a year with SMP, L.A

    Just wanted to thank HIS clinic in L.A and Nate for going out of their way to assure my satisfaction with smp and are still working with me to reach and meet my expectations. I still have a few sessions left and I believe my smp will be complete and I will be uploading pics on completion. For anyone who is still not sure about this treatment I would highly advise you to go through it , this is a big step forward not backwards. You will only look and feel better , at first this is a big shock but I can honestly say this is probably the best decision I've ever made . Thanks again , pics will be coming soon!

    Looks great , couldnt be better !
  8. I'm up tomorrow

    I promise you it will be the best thing you have ever done , ive only had one session and im already seeing the difference. Good luck to you.
  9. Go darker with scars

    Thanks Damien
  10. Go darker with scars

    Anyone know why so little time is spent on scars on the first session? Due to the fact they will fade wouldnt it be better to do more at the start. Anyone shed some light on this ?
  11. Go darker with scars

    That looks really good , big difference for sure.
  12. Hey Marius just wanted to know if you were fully satisfied with Virginias work , i think she will be doing my sessions in L.A. this month. Thanks!
  13. Scar Questions

    Good question i would like to know the same .
  14. Los Angeles Clinic??

    Ill be in L.A July 14th, 25th, 31st , ill be posting updates about my sessions once they are completed.