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  1. 2 days after second session

    Dots not dogs, sorry about the auto corret
  2. 2 days after second session

    Great post! When you said it doesn't look that great from 8 inches away, what did you mean? Are the dogs a little bigger then the hair follicle? Or the harsh lighting make its kind of disappear?
  3. saving for smp jason blog

    I was wondering if you added random dots in the area at the back of the head where your not losing any hair? If so what's the reason for doing so?
  4. My SMP Experience, Toronto Clinic

    Your treatment looks great M30!! Very natural looking. This pit me at ease a little because I'm in the Toronto area and I'm very close too booking just sorting out the best weeks to do it. Just wanted to ask if you have any before pictures?
  5. SMP Spotted!!!

    Wow Jdawg seems like you took offense to that. I realize his treatment "mostly likely" wasn't done by hishair, but I have seen treatments on this forum that look similar to this guy's and everyone comments in how great and undetectable it looks but once it's spotted on someone in the public eye everyone here says it doesn't look good. Yes I do realize it's just an illusion, although I'm not active in the forum I've been following hishair and this treatment for about 8 years, since the first clinic and only a couple examples on the old blue and white site. In fact this treatment would be perfect for someone like me, I already shave every few days and I'm a diffuse thinner. The thing is this treatment almost seems like a hit or miss. The truth is some look great and some don't. Also the people who say they go out and no one notices or says anything, trust me they notice, they just don't want to say anything to you. But if this treatment makes you happy and more confident all the power to you.
  6. SMP Spotted!!!

    Honestly this doesn't look good, it's what still is keeping me on the fence.
  7. Leaving crown bald?

    I know exactly how you feel Normguy, My crown was the first thing to go and now it's the worst part if my hair loss. I'm probably a Norwood 4ish, diffuse thinning with a receding hair line but my crown is totally gone. Oddly enough though it's not the part that bothers me the most. I've accepted my hair loss and don't mind looking bald. I'm just looking for improvement to my hair line to frame the face and had density to the top. I personally think leaving the crown is not a bad idea and I'm strongly considering it too. Also I personally think that the smp in the crown is the worst looking part of the treatment. Blending doesn't seem to be as good in the crown as it is in other areas of the scalp. The hair in the crown has a natural swirl to it and the procedure in that area looks very "dotty" to say the least. So if you want to leave the crown I say go for it. It's probably the most natural looking and if you don't like it you can just add to it later.
  8. curious

    Really? I was there around the same time and they had told me April 14. It's only an issue because I am going away for all of May to Europe and didn't want to travel with a fresh treatment. I'm going to give them a m call, maybe I was mistaken
  9. curious

    Been sitting on the fence about this treatment for a long time now. Now with a clinic in Toronto I would be able to get the treatment with zero travel time, but there seems to be a long wait list. Does anyone know if your able to put your name down that in case if any cancelation happens you'd be the first to fill there tome slot? Also how would I go abouts getting a patch test at the Toronto location? Thanks guys

    Hey jdawg, just curious as to who did your sessions? Was it the same practitioner for all 3 sessions?
  11. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    Looking good Will, your saying Dave did your treatments, but when I went for my consult in Toronto they said Graig was going to be working out of the Toronto clinic. Are they both there?
  12. Toronto

    Hey Northpole, I would definitely be interested in meeting up when ever you had any free time available
  13. Can I watch a session done in person

    Hey Waiting732, your treatment come out really good so far, is your third one going to be at the Toronto location?
  14. Toronto

    I live in Woodbridge and work in North York but all travel to were you are if your interested in meeting
  15. Toronto

    Your treatment is looking really great hishairkid, would you be willing to meet?