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  1. More outrageous claims

    Crooks!!! And it's Shame that some desperate men fall for it.
  2. Spotting SMP Out and About

    I've spotted a couple of half cast guys down the gym who were virtually bold before suddenly have perfect hairlines, it suited them very well extremely lucky
  3. Not to brag or anything but I pretty much discovered the stuff and now I can't even but it for myself lol Wish I hadn't mentioned it now lol
  4. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    Yeh I think your bang on the money with that I agree
  5. Ha that would be amazing promote the body and SMP look to the a-listers
  6. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    Yep it would. I just have days were I wish let It grow further I'm sure all you guys have a days like that
  7. Looks great buddy especially that first picture,thanks for all your time and effort you have put into this forum by the way. I would love to live in California I'm jealous. Maybe I should look for personal training work in the US
  8. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    I'm not going to lie guys the thoughts of having fue hairs to fill in were my new hairline is have crossed my mind a few times but thankfully I've talk myself out of it lol
  9. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    To be honest I have tried the eyeliner routine and although it helped a little it made me self conscious as it looked quite dodgy and unatural in certain lights. And thanks for the honesty I agree completely it has lost some density and fullness in certain areas it defintley needs a complete freshen up from the maestro #### c
  10. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    Thanks yeah i think #### just needs to give it a once over and freshen it all up
  11. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    Thanks for the input. Yeah I think the pictures don't really show the total truth, there's defintley a bald patch appearing at the back were it has faded that the photos don't really show
  12. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    some photos in the daylight. Feeling a bit low now didn't realise that my scar looked that bad defintley needs touching up and blending, also my hairline needs blending as its darker than the rest of the scalp so needs more density or going slightly darker. I will defintley need to see #### C as he assessed my hair last and think he will know whats best.
  13. Fading after 2 years post treatment

    1. It's not really black dots unless you go really dark, it gives you shade of grey like how a shaved should look. There are guys I've seen who are grey and when they wet shave it doesn't make a difference as you won't notice there grey when it's wet shaved. It all depends on the person, mine has fade slightly after 2 years but some people can go 4-6 years without a touch up all depends on the person and how they look after it. 2.depends how much hair you have left, and if you keep the treatment within your hairline of you have hair. I have to shave everyday as I went outside my hairline with my treatment and I lost a considerable amount of hair.