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  1. Celebs

    His hairline is way too low!
  2. Slanted, uneven hairline

    Damn id kill to have that hairline
  3. Thanks for the update! For the buzzcut, you should try to put some fibers on your fingers, then apply it on your scar! Just my 2cents. From the pics u posted its a great improvement!
  4. I'm sure it could work! Please, if you try it keep me posted cause im very interested as well!
  5. Meet Up in Montreal

    Hi Walty, im from Mtl as well. You went to the Ny or Toronto clinic? Some pics would be nice
  6. 2 weeks after fourth session (with pics)

    Wow. I can see why you're over the moon! Its exactly what i'm looking for! Good job
  7. DermMatch vs. Scalp Micropigmentation

    No offence but why would u want to use dermmatch with smp? As mention dermmatch doesnt help with the shine. The goal of smp is to avoid concealers in my opinion. Did you play around with dermmatch? Do you master the technique to create a perfect shadow? ????
  8. Ways to fade

    Wow I wish I had your treatment! It look amazing. The care its not a big deal. You're taking a shower everyday right? Just shave under it, it takes 2minutes...
  9. Thanks for the update. But im disapointed that theres no pictures I understand your decision! Must be a great feeling to swim in the ocean! Ive been avoiding swimming in the past 7 years because I wear concealer ???? Cant wait to get smp!
  10. DermMatch vs. Scalp Micropigmentation

    You're welcome! The setting matte is definitely a must. With it I can even wear a hat without ruining my "hair". Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!
  11. DermMatch vs. Scalp Micropigmentation

    I have black hair and I use the black Dermmatch. I tried the grey one and it doesnt work well. I'm wet shaving. It only last 2-3 days with the matte i've mention, if not it last only 1 day in my case. No, dermmatch itself doesnt help for the shine. Only the matte does. So yes I recommend the matte if you plan to use dermmatch. As mention by another member, it doesnt work well after a shampoo. So I wash and wet shave my hair the night before. I think its because the natural oil helps. If you got a very oily scalp I suggest to use a dry towel to take off some oil before applying dermmatch. Too much oil aint good either. The applicators that come with it work well. I'm not using water at all as mention in the directions. Keep in mind that originally dermmatch is for people with some hairs. So we're using it differently. Lol Be generous with the applicator. It need to be cover in black. Then, just punch ur scalp all around till your satisfy with the result. The most difficult part is the hairline. You need to be a little bit of an artist lol But I like I said with a lil bit of practice it become easy. All this sound like a pain in the ass. But when you master it it takes like 3 minutes every morning. I will attach a pic to show you how it look under very bright light. Keep in mind im a NW6-7 so all you see its dermmatch. I hope it helps. Sorry for my english, its my second language. The matte I use:π=SY200_QL40
  12. DermMatch vs. Scalp Micropigmentation

    I'm completely bald and I use dermatch to create a 5 oclock shadow. The result is quite good but ive been doing this for months so it takes practice. Also i'm using a matte finish by NYX which is originally for make-up but work very well with dermatch. It can last 2-3 days and wont come off easily. It also gives an anti-shine look so its even more realistic. I think id use that matte by itself if I had Smp. But no way id use dermatch combine with Smp. Which is my ultimate goal. I'm currently saving
  13. Spot that won't be covered!

    Hi Caillou! I remember you, you're from Montreal right? Me too Can I ask where did u get the treatment?
  14. Celebs

    Im stalking Fousey Tube on snapchat and I gotta say his treatment doest look really bad after all! Take a look
  15. Celebs

    The guy Fousey Tube posted a picture on fb and a lot of people are laughing at his head shining. But just a few called him out for smp!