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  1. Hair Piece to SMP

    #### Rodgers, Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger's (to name but a few) don't look ridiculous, but are obvious wigs! on the other hand, Jimmy White and Chris Norman's do look ridiculous!
  2. Alex Beresford

    What may be good publicity for HIS is bad publicity for existing customers !
  3. Hair Piece to SMP

    A completely natural looking hairpiece...? is there such a thing ? pretty sure I've never been fooled by one yet!
  4. Alex Beresford

    Would seem our UK national weatherman has had the treatment - this is potentially band news for those who fear being 'outed'
  5. Do i have to wet shaved for smp to work???

    So you only wash your head in rainwater ? just becuase your paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!
  6. Thoughts on tipping?

    IMHO tipping is an outdated principle - would never tip anyone for simply doing the job for which they get paid
  7. Canceled my SMP (nervous) Need advice

    Someone is able to give you a full head of shaved hair and your undecided....? it's a no-brainer man!
  8. Have had FUT but considering SMP

    No offence efa, but what you have at present looks awful! smp is the only way to go - don't delay buy today
  9. SMP 'reduction'...anyone ever tried it?

    Blimey - next we'll have turkeys voting for Christmas
  10. Shaving for really light hair (with pics)

    It was for the benefit of Patrick and is not in anyway related to Dashers treatment by way of comparison. BTW it's real hair - how we would all love to be told that our full head of real hair looks awful! I'm guessing not much happens out there in Iowa!
  11. Shaving for really light hair (with pics)

    Try it and see - like I say I wet shave (against the grain) every other night (sometimes every night) IMHO that is the only way to fully match SMP - shaving before bed and giving your hair the night to grow stubble works fine for me and I'm a nw7. However a darker top and lighter sides is still a preferable look
  12. Fading and how to prevent it....

    Some good pointers and in particular the sunscreen as Baz Lurhmann once said 'always use sunscreen' - however the shaving, bathing, and moisturizing does not (as far as I'm aware) follow and recommendations given by HIS in regards to aftercare!
  13. pics attached would value some comments

    Don't want to 'piss on your chips' but you did ask for opinions... From what I see from your pictures you still look like a 'bald guy' - IMHO what I would want to achieve is a 'hairline' and the look of a guy with a full head of shaven hair! However, if you are happy with your treatment then really that is all that matters.
  14. Shaving for really light hair (with pics)

    As a NW7 wet shaving is the only way to go - I can get away with it every other evening, but ideally every evening is the way to go!