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  1. Considering SMP, have a few questions.

    Ray, a bit of talc -be careful as you're quite dark skinned- or a bit of antishine cream and the "shiny" problem is gone.
  2. Why we do not allow the naming of individual practitioners

    Ed, don't take this personally, but with these policies you've closed 5 locations yet, and 4 practitioners you ha've had left HIS -not because they are on holidays, as HIS said to his clients- and have opened new clinics, first in Spain, then in the UK. If I had closed 5 of my clinics, and my most experienced practitioners -one of them recognised as the best practitioner- had left I'd give a second thought to my actions. I know them four practitioners personally -one Spaniard, two Brits, one Latin - and... wow, you've let them leave... ok. In my case I'm having my treatment with one of them.
  3. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    Do you mean you're fading?
  4. Concerns with mismatch shade, redness, PICS included!

    Use a good antishine cream.
  5. Thankyou Damien thread

    Thanks Damien. If Ian reads this... I think HIS is loosing its best. Damien, Birmingham guys, Virginia from Marbella... you're doing something wrong.
  6. Work on these insecurities. Go to the gym, get muscular, find a hobby... being muscular is one of the best things you can do if you're -phisically- insecure.
  7. this doesn't look realistic....

    This is Hector. Best treatment ever. I know the guy personally. Done in Marbella.
  8. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Hey YBG, after 2 years, has anyone discovered you? And now your treatment is more like a shadow or individual dots like when it was fresh?
  9. How close till you are rumbled

    If you go light enugh you won't have defined dots BUT the treatment will be less visible.
  10. SMP Commercial

    He needs two things. Antishine and a broken line.
  11. Deleting threads- continued

    Pics are not HIS propierty. So the HIS' policy against a European Law -personal information protection -which includes image rights- it is not even competence of the member of the Union- means nothing. Even HIS can host the image, HIS has no positive rights about it. I'm telling you, you may get some serious trouble.
  12. How's life going Winter!!??
  13. PalomaNegra's Journal

    The third of your pictures is awesome to see how some guys have "dots" -and quite big- naturally.
  14. 2.5 years on

    Headlube has nothing to do with a proper antishine. Talc + Peter Thomas Roth, and you will understand why I say you need antishine.