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  1. Smp just for camouflage FUE

    Yes this is definitely achievable, if you have the right practitioner who has experience in scar repair. I have had two linear scars blended in over 3 sessions (2 first year then a touch up 2 years later). I only had my scars covered and am not concerned about being bald on top. With a linear scar they had to fade/blend into the existing hair to get the look just right. I am 3 years into having the scar covered and am very happy with the results - not 100% invisible to me but no one has ever mentioned anything. After 2 years with shaved head and no hat I am to the point that even if it fades and becomes more visible it doesn't really bother me anymore - it was the mental hurdle I had to overcome to get my confidence back. My advice is research to find the right practitioner and only accept being done by them. Also try using a foil electric razor, the longer I let my stubble grow out the more noticeable the scar and the horseshoe looks. Good luck.
  2. Scar and length of hair

    For the best effect you have to shave your head with an electric razor or wet shave. Making dots in the scar area will not blend in with the "lines" of real hair. Also, the color of your grown out hair is a different color than how the shaved stubble appears - which would probably match the ink dots better. I suggest shaving with a foil razor or blade to see the difference. I had my scar filled in 5 months ago and shave with a braun series 5 every morning. The dots match my stubble perfectly but after 24 hrs a line is more noticeable which is a void of hair that appears shinier than the rest of my scalp after the growth. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Luck with Scar creams?

    Beast, How did your appointment go in November and how do the scars look after the treatment?
  4. SMP on fut scar suggestions

    The condition of your scar is as good as you can hope for, thin and flat. There is no reason why you couldn't put more grafts into your scar after - although I haven't seen any success stories with that method. If you have your scar properly camoflauged with SMP there will be no need for more implants. Be sure to have your scar done by a practitioner with proven results with scars. Scar work is absolutely an art and with the right hands amazing results can be achieved!
  5. The last comment is BS. Only doing the scar is the most cautious approach for people who have been burned by getting a HT, especially if you don't care about having hair on top - if you are unhappy with the scar coverage regrow the hair back and other than $$$ your situation is no worse. Larry32 - with only having the scar done you have the option of playing around with the length you keep your hair. does it look any better using a foil razor or 0 guard clipper cut rather than wet shaving? It may blend better.
  6. Luck with Scar creams?

    What the hell happened to the scar repair section of this site??? Years ago this section would get dozens of posts everyday, I've watched off and on over the past year go from minimal posts to zero in the past 6 weeks. This is very unfortunate as this site was an excellent resource for us "scarred" brothers to research and discuss solutions to this life problem. Hopefully more of the old posters will chime in help bring this section back to life.
  7. TDstrip, How your scar holding up? Any chance of getting some pics to see your progress? I shaved my head over Xmas and was blown away by how my wife could improve my scar by 75% just by dotting it with a makeup pencil then toning it down with a foundation powder. Not ideal but I could get away with going out in public in a pinch if I had to. Where did you see the greatest improvement with the fill in session or the blending session? Scarredup5
  8. Living with ht scar exposed???

    And back to the original post, has anyone had any luck with creams, strips or anything else in improving scar appearance? I am aware that smp would be the ideal solution but that isn't what I am asking about.
  9. Is anyone going on with a shaved head and leaving their scar exposed? Would love to get the treatment on my scar alone but living 10hrs from the nearest clinic, can't justify making 3, 4 or 5 flights to get it right - the flights alone would cost in the thousands. Considering shaving it all off and living with the scar if it's not that bad. Anyone have any proven tips for minimizing the appearance of their scar - creams, strips, ect? Would like to hear feedback from anyone in the same situation and that has accepted the fact that there is a big scar on their head and said to hell with it and shaved it all off anyway. Feel free to send me a pm.
  10. I think you scar is about as good as they come from what I can see, very thin. Are you considering shaving your head to the skin? It would be easier to assess you scar completely shaved, if you do please post pics.
  11. show me your finished scar!

    msh89, What does the maybelline concealer stick do, blend the scar with the surrounding skin (cover the whiteness of the scar) or cover the scar to blend in with the color of the surrounding hair?
  12. SMP in Toronto - My Experience!

    Have you tried shaving with a razor? I think there is too much contrast between the buzzed hair and the ink dots. If you try it can you post the scar pics right after a shave?
  13. SMP in Toronto - My Experience!

    Scarwork looks quite impressive after only 2 sessions, hope your ink holds up. Would your scar look even better if you completely shaved to the skin rather than buzz it? Your hair looks longer than I would expect for this treatment.
  14. Has anyone had significant improvements on their scar using scar creams like Bio oil, Scar zone, Maderma or any other creams on the market?