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  1. that is for anyone who is doubtful or skeptical of SMP…. i went for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon about 10 years ago, before i had heard of HIS or SMP…..and i asked his advice about getting a permanent make up artist to put dots into my scar. he looked at me as if i was bonkers and said ……"that will never, ever work, don't be stupid" or words to that effect…. ehmm i think it does work
  2. Fix Ma Heed's Story (with pics)

    looks great…..a shaved head is hair nirvana compared to the transient nature of hair loss
  3. Scar Concern
  4. Scar Concern

    i think there are a few examples of people who have worn hair pieces and have multiple transplant scars, the one that springs to mind is #### who is one of the most regarded practitioners…..ill try and get a link to his diary. i would say it usually takes a few sessions over a period of a few months to get the desired result but its dependant completely on the individuals scar. i have seen hundreds of cases and whilst there are obviously similar traits in covering scars, you are dealing with a few anomalies based of factors like how well the scar takes ink and each individuals skin tone and hair density. Ultimately you should reach the desired result you want but be prepared for a roller coaster journey
  5. New Daily Mail SMP Article

    strange article…..a bit of a non story, man who is not famous goes through some bad things, still not famous and no pictures…….it must be a quiet day in news world
  6. definitely need more coverage in the scar itself…..the practitioner should then blend out right up the back of your head you will need at least 2 or 3 more sessions in my opinion. scars are always going to need a lot because of all the different factors involved, i would show these photos when you go for your next session, a satisfactory result would be the same camo out doors as you have indoors at the moment. its a roller coaster but keep going I'm sure you will get there
  7. Should I be considering SMP this soon?

    you don't need to get the full head done, just some small cosmetic work to blend into the hair you have….. you might get away with a clipper cut because you still have some hair left, especially because you have the hair at the front of the hairline. you may of course need to get further work done in a few years time but thats no problem
  8. exactly…….its a fine balancing act and thats where personal opinion comes in i disliked the whiteness of my scar and the harshness of the line, so thats my preference to eradicate these elements as best possible……the trade off being a darker area around the back of the head which hopefully is not too noticeable some people want their scar to blend as seamlessly as possible with the rest of their head….the trade off being in certain lights the scar may be more visible keep trying to get the scar in the condition you are pretty happy, then its more of a psychological battle, you will get there I'm sure
  9. with regards to blending the darker line……….. i would say it maybe comes down to the choice a more visible scar…….or a "darker" area around part of the back of your head……i agree that its very difficult to achieve without looking "off" too much in daylight it may look undetectable and in artificial light it may show more, i prefer to go darker and blend out, but i also just buzz my hair and have no SMP on top so thats what works for me but maybe not everyone
  10. i bought it direct from their uk website, it makes a bit of a difference, i just dab a little on my personal belief, with scar repair is that you have to get enough pigment in to the scar, now that "may" cause a darker line in some lighting but thats where the blending out with the scar area should come in, my own theory with how to cover a transplant scar is to disrupt the linear shape, first and foremost because thats what the human eye picks up on. i would say that you will still need at least 2 sessions in and around on the scar... its also best being conservative and building up layers of treatments, hence needing 4-6 sessions for some scars. i think the ultimate goal is to make the linear scar, look just like a regular skin "blemish" that doesnt shout out "hair transplant" in my opinion you are half way there at best…….but you will get there, keep persevering
  11. keep going with the scar work, it may take a few attempts……the point with the scar is not getting it perfect but getting it to where you are happy with it. i also think the more times a needle goes in to scar tissue, the better…..other things... really experiment with your shaving gear, i buzz cut but then use a facial hair trimmer over the scar area, that works best for me, but every scar is different. i also use mac mattifier and use a kohl eyeliner pencil (if wanting 90% undetection), more treatments needed and experiment, experiment, experiment
  12. Shampoo

    I'm using this at the moment, pretty good
  13. looking very good…..maybe just a touch up in and around the scar, but looking great
  14. Pics of Zero Guard Shaved Clients

    it depends on your type of hairloss, a very subtle/small treatment of mht can work well with a 0 guard, but the limitations depend completely on how much hair you have. i could be wrong on this but i think matt (ny practitioner) originally had a small amount of mht around the hairline and matched it with what looked like a zero guard and it looked very good. now though he seems to have a wet cut and a fuller looking mht coverage, and still looks good