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  1. Anyone spouse/partner unsupportive of SMP

    Support needs to be both ways. I got my SMP and i told my wife that if she ever wants boobs just let me know. Marriage is a two way street and compromise is important. Just let her know how much it means to you and she will understand. If not, just get it anyways and either way she will love you.
  2. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    On a light note now that the trolls have gone. My pepsi delivery guy came in today who I have known for a while now looked at me and said man you have your hair cut a little shorter today, how often do you have to trim to maintain that look once a week? Felt good after all the competitors on here this a.m....
  3. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    I know I could tell by his username.
  4. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    Disagree 1000 percent. But to each is own. It actually is quite broken. I have never once been called out plus that is the darkest lighting possible. To be honest it matches my sides perfectly and the back its a little lighter. I did not feel it was worth spending 6k including all the trips for something that isn't visible. Maybe later ill post more pics in natural light.
  5. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    Not at all brother. If I can get fashion advice as well as smp advice than that's a win-win in my book
  6. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    Word, I'll keep that in mind man. I guess that I'm just used to wearing it that it's just second nature now lol.
  7. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    Btw sorry bout the upside down pics. Seems to be a trend lol
  8. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    Yep I was talking about the making it darker using eyeliner. Here is some pictures of ten days out from my shade 16 treatment for reference. The not too much darker than my last treatments unlike what I was expecting. Still way better than before.
  9. Pics of Zero Guard Shaved Clients

    I actually use a shaver from walmart that is for lining your hair up. It is very nice and cuts very close and I have no problems with razor burn or anything and can get away with a day at most.Here it is http://www.walmart.com/ip/Andis-Headliner-11-Piece-Home-Hair-Cutting-Kit/9207648#Product+Reviews
  10. 3d scalp micropigmentation

    I can only see this being truly effective if you use it to enhance the smp and not start out with this. Mainly due to initial fading. I would be willing to do this as a case study in the US if HIS ever developed their own form of this. Just saying Damien, keep me in mind if it ever happens
  11. Hair loss emotions and feelings

    I remember sitting in class in high school and asked a girl to say the first thing about me that came to mind. The very first thing wasn't my eyes, my arms, my smile... it was the fact that my hair was thinning in the front.... talk about a shot to the gut. After that happened I did everything in my power to hide my hairloss and I will tell you that it can take a toll on someone's self esteem. This treatment may not be the greatest thing ever and it has it's downfalls (Bad Lighting, Still being called bald) But it is more than enough to give most men their confidence back and change their outlooks on life.
  12. Listen to HH, He knows what he's talking about. Go darker and use your warranty. I used his guide to my last session (albeit not as dark due to my ability to hold pigment) And here's to hoping that it stays dark this time. Usually after a month or two you know what it's gonna look like. Keep your chin up man, these guys know how to get you where you want to be. Also it's good to bring in a picture as a reference of how you want it.
  13. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    I had a shade 26 is what they told me two years ago (I thought I went darker but guess not) and had plenty of time to think about what I wanted. This treatment fresh actually looks about as dark fresh as the other treatments. I dont think it will fade quite as substantially as those treatments in the past though. But for those guys who have had the treatment several years ago and are thinking about going darker don't sweat it. The option is definitely out there and HIS are willing to go above and beyond for you. Just make sure you take time to think about it and weigh your options. For me it took months of the eyeliner trick before I broke down and said "dude, I need to go darker if I'm just gonna do this everyday." But anyways, I'll post updated pics as it settles down later. Oh and fyi I believe daniel is going to be in Miami for a bit and I tell you, his work is absolutely top notch. Great guy as well.
  14. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    Just had a treatment in miami with Daniel and it was awesome. My goal was to break up the treatment and go way darker. We went with a shade 16 and a jagged hairline and freshened up the profiles. I actually had to sign a document saying I wanted to go that dark but I felt comfortable because of using the eyeliner trick for months and knew how i wanted it from reading up on hating hats thread. But here is a day one pic and overall I'm super happy!
  15. Share Your Feel Good Stories Here!

    Had a customer at my work describe me as the young man with a full head of dark hair lol. My employees looked puzzled because they see me as the shaved/bald guy lol.