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  1. Toronto clinic

    I got a touch up after 5 years. Originally I got mine done in New York but chose to get the touch up done in toronto Since getting it done I deployed with the army in “difficult” conditions. The treatment looks just as it did when I got the touch up
  2. Foil or rotary?

    Rotary for 6 years
  3. TORONTO Clinic

    Great to hear I had my treatment done nearly 6 years ago and I live in Toronto
  4. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    Hey Sgt. Pepper Give me a shout PM me
  5. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    Hey ed Your are right these are some critical eyes that the treatent has fooled. I would still say the most critical eyes have been mine though
  6. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    I'm gonna throw this out to anyone. Want to meet someone who had the treatment over 5 years ago? Want to see how natural it it and how I have even fooled the fashion industry
  7. Toronto

    Hey man of course brother Hit me up
  8. Toronto

    Hey man of course hit me up
  9. How much difference will the third session make?

    I think it depends on many facts Did you have your treatments in a way that would be gradual so no one will know you had the treatment done or did you plan to have them so that between 1 and 2 you are done? Also I think of the 3rd treatment as an opportunity to make those subtle changes to perfect you look.
  10. Toronto

    The 3D procedure approach is not new. When I got my treatment done over 4.5 years ago I went from shade 28 to shade 16.
  11. Toronto - I'm available for SMP Live meet

    Just pushing the threat. If anyone wants to meet up in Toronto please feel free to touch base
  12. Toronto anyone?

    Sent you a pm dude
  13. Toronto anyone?

    you bet. message me
  14. Toronto anyone?

    Gents, If anyone wants to meet give me a shout. Want can I say, I'm the Northpole. Nearly 4.5 years later with the treatment. I can answer any personal questions you want and you can inspect my head too
  15. interested in meeting some people in Toronto

    Hey bud I'm a light skinned brown dude if you are interested. I've met a few folks who have ended up getting the treatment.