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  1. What's the likely cost of a fue smp combo for a nw7. How many hairs are transplanted to give reasonable coverage?
  2. HIS Hair Clinic launch temporary SMP

    If you had this option and later decide to go for the permanent option would that be offered at the usual hourly rate or would you have to pay the full amount again?
  3. HIS Hair Clinic launch temporary SMP

    Great news, what are the costs of this? I've been sitting on the hence with this treatment for a couple of years now but I feel a lot more comfortable with this option.... good move His.
  4. Thanks robby, what's the travel situation, I guess you don't just drive straight there and park outside?
  5. Is this available at the Birmingham clinic or only London?
  6. Damien, have you had chance to watch the program? Would be interested to hear what you think.
  7. doubts result until now

    I'm not sure how this would be rectified as the treatment is already extremely dense. I don't understand why the dots have been packed in so tightly regardless of their colour. Natural follicals have some skin colour around them when viewed closely.
  8. On the program they did a 2 month on follow up with him, it still looked really dark given that he was a fair haired guy to start with I don't know how they came up with that colour ink? There are so many stories on here of nobody ever noticing or commenting on their treatment but this case really scares me, there is no way I could turn up in work looking like that and expect it to be undetected.
  9. I was looking forward to seeing it on tv, but it looked like it was spray painted on, way too dark and the lighting was shining off of his head. It was far too dense and too defined at the hair line and temples. Just did not look real at all. He was really happy with it so I guess that's what counts?
  10. TLC at 8pm, did anyone else see it?It featured the guy in the daily mail news the other day. I was certain I would go ahead with this treatment but not so sure now. It may well have been the lighting but it did not look good.
  11. Thanks again robby. I want to go very light and low density so I want to know if the dots are spaced out and once they have settled, would they ever spread out under the skin and look like bigger dots? I had a look at Vince diary, looks good, very subtle.
  12. Thanks robby, will have to look at home rather than on my phone. How precise would you say your dots are now? I'm probably over analysing it but nothing new about that I have been for a couple of years!
  13. When the dots are new and fresh I can see skin colour between the dots as long as the density is not over done and to me this looks very realistic. I've asked before but I'm really interested to know if the ink holds like that as the years go by? I know the dots are supposed to shrink over the first months but what about beyond that, does any spreading occur as we and the treatment age? It's been discussed before but I think his needs to show this type of photo rather than those freshly applied. I can get some idea from the various diaries but as we know most people move on after a while and don't update so much, I believe they are happy customers but those are the photos i would most like to see.
  14. Hi Damien, how is it settling now? I would be interested to see any dot shrinkage at this stage. How long would you say it takes for the dots to get to their final size?