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  1. Kudos to HISHAIR

    Hello all, I would like to say thank you to the HISHAIR staff... What a great company, they put the clients first. Ian and Ranbar who developed and market this fabulous innovative product. The procedures have changed my life....Confidence is at an all time high! So many companies make promises, but when a problem arises and the customer contacts them they don't support the customer. So many people ask where I get my hair cut and or lined as they say. They don't have a clue, because it looks as if the head has a very cleaned shave, I love it!!!!! Thank you Ian and Ranbar
  2. Hey all, I scheduled my fourth treatment for Sunday January 22 in the LA clinic. The ink has lightened up and I still receive compliments about my hair cut and the perfect hair line....very funny, however it does make me feel more confident. I keep thinking imagine everybodys reaction when my head is spot on. Special thanks to Damien for your support and assistance in my journey to a more confident me.
  3. @ Damien, I have come this far I can't turn back now....I'm awaiting a response for a treatment in January in the LA office.... @Scarredup, I have confidence that HIS MHT will camouflage the scars after another treatment...possibly use a darker ink in the scar.
  4. @ Warrior, my apologies for misspelled words I was rushing. The scars are 20+ years, I have attempted to schedule an appointment many times. Head Quarters (UK) is telling me they don't have practitioners in there LA office. After the initial treatment I suggested they should use darker ink. The practitioner explained why that probably wouldn't be a good idea. So They used the ink they thought was a good choice. My scars are white and very visible from a good distance. As for the number of sessions.They said it would take three maybe four sessions, but as you can see the scars are not camouflaged. In the forum I have seen great scar bad for ranting...
  5. Hey All, This is a pic of my dreaded hair transplant scars. I have had three MHT treatments with HIS. The scars are very noticeable and white.The scars make me really self conscience. I still find myself looking for a hat before leaving the house.
  6. Here are my hair transplant scars. I've had three MHT treatments at HIS clinics. They're still really noticeable and make me very self conscience.
  7. Natural Moisturizer

    Hey all, I'm looking for a good natural moisturizer for the scalp. I live in USA on the west coast. The water is really harsh in this part of the country. I would like to use a product that doesn't clog the pores. Any help would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks
  8. Well, here are some pics 3 weeks post 3rd treatment. These pics were taken in natural light. It has lightened considerably. Which in researching the forum I know this can occur. The scars are still pretty white. I don't know, but IMO maybe they were being a little to conservative. I do understand that every body's skin reacts differently to ink, however you can see my scars from across a room. (after 3rd treatment) I'm still very aware of the scars particularly, not to mention the lightening of the ink. I've seen HIS MHT camouflage scars very well on this site, and in person. That being said, I have no doubt that HIS can camouflage my scars. IMO they should have went darker after the second treatment. At least in my case the ink does lighten considerably after each treatment. Does anybody know what's going on with the LA office? I've emailed the main head quarters at least three times to schedule an appointment, but there response is we have to finalize our January schedule for the LA office and we'll get back to you....I've talked to clients who are scheduled for their fourth treatment at the LA office in January...what gives...? On a side note, I saw JB YouTube video...his head looks great even in very bright lights. The color looks flawless from front to back. The density looks great too!!!! That's what I'm looking forward to...
  9. JB's video back on YouTube

    JB, you look great sir....and the MHT treatment took years off your face.... You go, confidence must be off the charts.
  10. LA Clinic Experience... All Is Not Good.

    @ twinspartwo, Ian seems like a really stand up guy... and we shouldn't forget, Ian is not just the founder he's a client. I've met Ian and many of HIS models in person. Their heads look flawless. I don't expect any less for my head... I'm sure there was some communication issues here. I've had three treatments so far, and the scars and crown area need more work. So I'll need a fourth treatment for sure.Matt and Ian told me up front if it takes more than three treatments their will be no added cost. So far, I have no reason to doubt them. HIS has a one year guarantee on there treatments which is very good... HIS has stated that if a costumer is not happy with the out come, they will make it right. As Damien has said, contact Ian I'm sure he will resolve this. HIS has done very good work for so many men around the world. They have a great reputation, and are not going to let a client leave unsatisfied. I will say this; I've had some problems trying to setup an appointment in LA as well. I would like advance notice so I could make flight arrangements. All in all ,HIS has great costumer service, but I'm also wondering why we as clients don't receive any form of paperwork. This forum is great, it gives us all a chance to voice our experiences good and bad. I want to take my experience back to so many men who at this point are on the fence about HIS MHT treatments. I want the HIS MHT to be a game changer... So many of us have been looking for something like this to materialize. I hope all turns out well....
  11. 5 treatments. should it be darker? pics

    Jon21, I two need 4 maybe 5 treatments to achieve the look I would like. My hair is light in color. If you could take pics of the crown area and post them...I have had three treatments, and the crown is still thin in any light. HIS backs there work which is great. You have had 5 treatments that's awesome. In the pics you have provided the color is spot on with the sides of your head. I have said it before the large HT providers will not back there work in such a way....I'm trying to setup an appointment in LA in the first week of January for my fourth you wet shave? Try using an electric razor every other day. Don't be discouraged....
  12. 11 Days Post 2nd Treatment (Pictures)

    Stevebald, I agree with the guys you need more density. It's really hard to be patient through this process. Especially when you now can see the huge difference in your look. I feel the same way, I can see what I will look like when all the treatments are completed...
  13. 7 days after 3rd treatment

    @ DHT thanks, I took these in natural lighting...I will up load some pics with higher resolution in a few days. I'm still shaving and wiping my head with wipes, no shampoos or water yet...
  14. North pole, the HIS organization backs up there work as far as I can see. So when you return for the next treatment let them know how you feel. You will probably need a 4th treatment. I too need a 4th treatment. My treatment has lightened a lot as well. Don't get discouraged yet. Remember how long you have been losing hair...It's a process...I agree with DHT when you upload pics we can better assess the look. Good luck....
  15. 11 Days Post 2nd Treatment (Pictures)

    Steve, looks good, I like the way they lowered the hairline. good luck on the 3rd treatment....I've tried to get an appointment for mid December. They don't have any openings....