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  1. 24 hours in --- before and after

    That looks AMAZING, especially for only one treatment. The hairline already looks nice and feathered but you'll see it look even more natural once it's done settling. If you're looking at it only 24 hours after treatment, there's still a "blob" of redness on your head which somewhat obscures the individual dots and gives a dark, shaded look instead. Once that settles down you'll really be able to see the full effect of the hairline feathering in which there's considerably less density in the very front. I went through the exact same process where I thought my hairline looked a bit too sharp at first but then it looked much more natural in a few days. And if you're going to be lowering the hairline anyway then you've got the option of requesting an even more "broken" effect next time around if you want.
  2. Microskin - Anyone Try It?

    It would necessarily end up covering up the SMP and rendering it pointless. And there's no way that it's going to be able to replicate the appearance of follicles like SMP does, which is what's necessary in order to achieve any kind of realistic scar concealment with a shaved head. If I were you I'd just book in for a scar-only session with HIS and take it from there. It's going to be a massive improvement for you and there's no daily maintenance except sunscreen.
  3. 4 year reflection

    Hey North. Good to see you're still enjoying the SMP. It is a game changer for sure. Looks definitely matter ALOT...not only for your own personal confidence, but for how other people perceive you and treat you as well. This treatment does an excellent job at mimicking one of the most important features on a guy - a full head of hair. You're yet another prime example of SMP being a life-improving treatment.
  4. Thinking about a 4th procedure

    Looks a bit sparse. I would definitely suggest taking advantage of that touch up before time runs out. Who did you first 3 sessions?
  5. SMP King

    ^Yeah some pics would be great to see
  6. my results

    Looks nice! Who did your treatments?
  7. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    Hey Landlord, things are going great and I still love my treatment. No hats unless I want to wear them. Good to see you're in the same boat.
  8. OMFG Whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

    Looks amazing. Another great treatment by Jonathan.
  9. Very satisfied with the treatment

    Awesome. Yet another HIS success story. Do you have any pics of your treatment?
  10. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    Very impressive. If I saw you in real life I would probably not have even noticed them at first. They just look like normal skin folds, not scars. That's a lot of work you had to get done in order to reach this point, though. I think this is a very clear indication that FUT transplants are not something which people should ever get done to their heads.
  11. Last minute nerves

    100% completely normal. I researched SMP and was on this forum for almost two years before I even got mine done, I had gained full confidence that HIS was going to make everything perfect, and yet I still found myself extremely nervous on the day of my first treatment. This is what usually happens whenever you're about to do something really big. I'll tell you one thing...I couldn't possibly be happier that I went through with it. I used to never leave the house without a hat, and now I only wear them when I feel like it. As far as negative reviews go, you have to keep things in perspective. People are naturally much more likely to write reviews when they've had a bad experience, and so that means you're a lot less likely to hear from the multitudes of people who had great results. A lot of people who get SMP done, don't even know about the forum...they just want to get their treatment done and then move on with their lives. In the rare case where someone has issues, you can bet that they're going to create an account on the forum and start posting about it. But for every positive review you see, there have got to be at least a hundred clients who are satisfied. No exaggeration. And despite all this, the overwhelming number of threads you see on here are positive. So that kind of gives you a bit more perspective on the sheer number of people who are really happy with their treatments, versus those who are not. FWIW, a lot of the negative stuff on here is from people who are in the "panicking" stage where the treatment has either faded from the first session or is temporarily dark-looking after their last session. HIS works in stages and it's important to keep in mind that you can't really judge the product until it's been finished. It's very rare that you'll see a case of a genuine mistake on the part of HIS (ink too dark, patchiness, etc.), and in those very-rare cases they have always ended up making it right. The absolute worst-case scenario would be laser, and that's a quick and easy process. Worry is understandable, but at the end of the day just remember that you are very clearly making the right decision by getting a treatment with HIS.
  12. As shocking as it may seem at first, a high level of fading after the first treatment is not going to result in the finished product being any different. The finished product is ALWAYS going to have to come from at least two sessions. The only thing that changes in your case, is that now your practitioner knows to go significantly darker and add a ton of density during the second treatment in order to get you to where you need to be. No big deal. The practitioners have to start conservatively with the color, just in case you end up with very high retention. Ink retention can vary greatly between people, and part of the purpose of the first session is to see how well your skin is going to hold it in. During the second session they can then evaluate how it looks, and determine what they need to do in order to finish it off. Usually they end up going somewhat darker during the second session, but in your case they will just have to increase the darkness more than usual.
  13. Excellent post, good to hear it worked out so well. Was Zang your practitioner?
  14. Horrible provider review ????

    I don't understand the company name. Maybe they will be able to improve your "aesthetics" if you happen to be a Smurf, or a member of the Blue Man Group...but for those of us with normal skin tones I don't think the blue pigment on the head is going to look too good.
  15. Bad His Experience

    ^ If you do that, you will draw much more attention to yourself than your current treatment ever will. Of that, I can guarantee you. A much easier solution would be to use some concealer on top of your treatment, which will give the illusion of it being lighter. HatingHats goes into detail about it in this thread: As far as laser goes, that certainly is an option (if you can find a competent clinic that is willing to do it) but you can also experiment with using alcohol-based topicals to cause the treatment to fade. After it has lightened up you can go back for a touch up in order to improve the blending without making it darker. To be fair, your previous treatment was visibly lighter on top than on the sides and this is probably the reason why the practitioner compensated with a darker ink. A standard SMP treatment is supposed to be somewhat darker on top. Some of the dots do seem to be a bit large, but not to an extreme degree. Nothing to panic about, HIS will get you sorted just fine. Remember that you are dealing with a highly reputable company that genuinely cares about its clients, unlike many of these fly-by-night competitors who will show you what a REAL "bad treatment" looks like, if you ever have the misfortune of being one of their customers.