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  1. waterproof shaver like R91?

    Hey guys, it's been a while.. think it is my 1 year anniversary of getting this treatment done in a week or so if I remember correctly. Amazing how something so simple have changed the way I am and feel? I totally forget that I am bald now when I am out and never worry about looking down without thinking people will see my badly receding hair/horse shoe. I won't lie, shaving every day is getting a bit annoying.. specially because the R91 seems to be hard to use sometimes as my hair is getting thicker with each shave. It always shaves better and less painful when I wet my hair with hot water but what I'd like to know is if anyone knows of a good shaver that can shave as short as the R91 and is water proof? It would be SO MUCH easier to shave it while I shower rather than having to shower then wet my head a few times to get it all shaved properly. I'll add some recent pics of how my head looks now as well for those who are curious what has happened to me.
  2. SMP removal - recommended clinics?

    Strange...very strange. I agree with the above
  3. Do i have to wet shaved for smp to work???

    When i first had it done I used to just use a shaver and be able to leave it for 2 days or so now i wet shave every day, sometimes if I am feeling super lazy I leave it for a day but feel like crap when I can feel my hair coming out on the back and side but not top.. just keep rubbing my hands on it and it annoys me.
  4. hair pics

    pics of hair
  5. I wonder how much it would cost me for a little top up? My hairline is still there after 4 years now.. but I do miss the nice dark shade you have for the first few days after you get it done. Shame it doesn't stay that way. I suppose it isn't too natural if it was dark though but it is hard to judge. The hairline and hair in general looks different under different lights and weathers. Are there any clinics in Cambridge or Cambridshire area from anyones knowledge? The guy who did my one was really good and a nice guy.. tt was the London clinic in Harley Street. Some pics I just took now with different lights.
  6. Considering SMP, have a few questions.

    I had mine done around September 2011 so it's been just over 4 years for me now and i have joined a new job recently, people keep asking me why I don't leave it grow because they can see i have a hairline and that I am not properly bold like the other properly bold guys in the office.. which means it must be still very good for people to think that? My only issue after those 4 years is the level of shiny/greasy head I get. I normally shave every day now because i am used to it and because if you pay good attention you can spot that hairs are growing on the side and not the top after just one day when before when i first got it done it I could get away with longer than a day! I still am happy with my decision to get it done but it will never be a substitute for hair sadly so there are always days when I wish I had hair to style it and do different things but you have to understand that you're stuck with that look for years.. not that you have many options if you've gone bald. I have never really thought about it much but you raise a good question about removing it because in 5 years time I am assuming my beard will start going white and it'll start to look a bit strange that my head is still black so I was hoping with time it will fade. I can't see myself being bothered to shave my head every day when i reach my 60's or so if i live that long. I am 33 though right now so still have 30 years to enjoy this treatment. To be honest I have considered doing a top up in the last year or so and might do so next year..
  7. Hello everyone, I thought I'd put my experience down for who ever has not done this and is thinking about it but is unsure. I only found out about this last month and as you could tell I did not waste a lot of time before I decided to do it. I looked at the pictures on here, read a few posts, went for my free consultation and saw people in person who had done this and was impressed enough to go for it. I just had my first session today and already feel like a different person although it's still a bit sore and red, plus need one more session to complete it but just having a hairline again makes such a huge difference. I thought I'd include some pictures, the first ones are fresh off the clinic when i had a little break and the ones following it was on the train on a very sunny day and at home so you can see some redness still and obviously it looks thicker in the dark like any normal hair. The pain was ok, It got a bit painful when it was on the temple and hairline bit but if you are good at ignoring pain then you'll be ok. I had a tattoo done on my arm but this is a totally different pain. It however, as you can imagine, is worth it at the end so don't let that put you off. The person that did it for me was amazing, the name escapes me now as I am too excited and feel a bit tired but he was helpful with making me decide my hairline and other issues as well as keeping me entertained with conversations and so on. The people that work there are super in general, even my consultation with Ian was fantastic and what made me make up my mind 100% about doing this. I will post some more pics in later stages and after my final session and then after that. So far I am very very happy. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of my hair before, not proper shots anyways so you can't compare but I did have a horse shoe (with very little hair still on the top thought but thinning badly.) Any questions, fire away. Ps. Excuse the cheesy pics, it's 27c out today and I am trying hard not to sweat as instructed lol.
  8. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    I did not have a clue what I was signing up to and what the final look would be like. The gentleman that worked on my HIS was really good at what he does and I trusted him so the answer is no, I did not ask for anything! Hope that helps.
  9. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    So to those that have followed my story. My first child was born on Saturday! This is a picture of us and you can see how my hair still looks so far since I had HIS done Probably won't be posting much or at all after this on here so hope everyone has as much of a great experience as I had since I had this done.
  10. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Nope, I have had people ask why I don't let my hair grow and my answer was that if I do my hair is thinning so I prefer it shaved. People have other important things to worry about than you hair! trust me. I suppose being married now etc.. does make it all easier, when you are single and worry about what every female will think of you it's a bit daunting and stressful.
  11. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Why did you decide to get this done when you still had so much hair? I had nothing much left from my front hence why it worked for me nicely. I do agree that it is annoying that you have to shave every day but its still better than not having a hairline in my opinion. I remember when I first got it I'd be able to get away with 2 days sometimes but now i find my self shaving nearly every day!
  12. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Really? How come you got this done when you have hair still? I pretty much had no choice. I was already left with a horse shoe by the age of 24 or so.. and was badly thinning around 21. Got this done when I was 28 but still think i could have done it way earlier.
  13. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    For those that enjoy following stories of people on here and how their treatment is going, I am now an uncle for the first time and my wife is due to give birth to our first baby (son) in April! The hair is still good, I think anyways? I haven't noticed any major fading now that it has been 3 1/2 years since I got HIS done. In a way 3 1/2 years do not even feel like a long time ago to me because of so much happening in my life since I got this done. I always say that if i had the choice I wish I had normal hair because the truth is it gets a bit annoying and a bit of a chore to shave every day and also after working with people for a while, they tend to ask why you do not grow your hair if you have a hairline etc... Plus It would be nice to try a different look every now and then... however this has been the best thing I have done for my confidence boost. If I knew about this earlier or if it existed earlier when I lost my hair back in Uni when I was 21 years old.. I always wonder how different my life might have been? Losing my hair around that time played a massive part in making me feel depressed, unattractive, old, shy, not wanting to go out, always wearing a hat etc... but every since I had HIS done my confidence rocketed so high it's amazing and I had a good run with the ladies and in general up to the point of settling down now and growing gracefully... so to those who are not sure and can not afford to pay 30K like Wayne Rooney did to get a hair transplant you should give HIS a go it's definitely better than being totally bald.
  14. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    To be honest, yes. I think hair is great for self confidence.. we live in a world where image matters a lot but the reality is that there are women out there who really do not care what kind of hair or no hair you have. One of my dads cousins who I used to hang around with when I was younger used to get all the stunning girls and he was balding and on the chubby side.. What this did for me was make me more confident and less shy/insecure. Before I used to wear a beanie hat or a hat all the time or never look down so no one would see my bald patch but ever since i had this done I do not even think twice about where I look or what I am doing. It has done two things really, made me confident and made me look younger. I am not 32 but a lot people still think I am 25. I remember a month after I had this done I started going out on a lot of dates and went a bit wild! I still would rather have hair if I could, just for those lazy days or weeks when I can not be bothered to shave my head but oh well.. this has done the job. I am now married and have a kid on the way so having hair or not does not matter as much. I am not even sure if I will bother getting a top up... however, i do remember that first feeling when I had this done and I miss that feeling! It felt damn good having a hairline again after years of depression and insecurity.
  15. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Cheers chaps. That sounds about right I guess... I can not remember for the life of me how much I paid for my 3 sessions. It feels like years ago now although I only did it in mid 2011 I believe. Do you or anyone know someone on here who has done a top up? Just wondering if there are any benefits or if it's not worth it because that's a lot of money to waste.
  16. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Hey all, I was just wondering the other day. Was there some sort of a deal that if you get a HIS treatment then the next time you top up in the future you pay a cheaper price? If so, does anyone know how much? I have been tempted to possibly do a top up next year to get it slightly darker again.
  17. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    to be honest I just have the attitude of not really caring what people think. I used to at one point and it made my life miserable.. so now that I do not have to worry about feeling so bold, i am not fussed how i did it and don't mind people knowing. People who have not been through my experience or anyone on here who had to do this will never understand anyway so who cares.
  18. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    I could do with a touch up however I'm not desperate for one or think that it is necessary at this stage. My Mrs knows about it, I told her very early into our relationship and it didn't make a difference to her which is nice. Most of my friends know as well.
  19. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    So as I normally do, this is an update of my life and hair! I can not even remember how long it's been since I had the tattoo on my head.. it feels like I've had it forever as it become a normal formality to shave now and think I have a hairline. I think it was in 2011 that I got this done so it's coming close to 3 years.. so here are some pics from my wedding and honeymoon Hope everyone is doing well and happy:
  20. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Thanks again here is a picture from yesterday with my usual weird facial expressions (carrying a christmas tree back home), i shaved that morning. Still looks very good after 2 years now. I wonder if I'll have to top up when I hit my 40's, before or not bother at all.
  21. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Thanks LPP! To those who have been following my post, I am going to be a married man if all goes to plan by the 31st of May We decided to tie the knot in Verona, Italy where I proposed to her. We also moved into our own house last month and settling in nicely. It's all happening, can't help but feel that I owe a little thank you somewhere to HIS. I have had decent luck since I got my confidence back after finally having a hairline again. Amazing how such an insignificant thing to this universe or life can make such a big difference. Since I had this done, I have had quite a good run with the ladies as a single man on the dating scene and found me an amazing woman. Thank you all for the great feedback as well, which helps.
  22. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    haha, I sure do. I think ever since I had my treatment done I've been to Portugal, Spain twice, Italy, Slovakia, Scotland, Ireland, Turkey and Philippines. I've got Germany booked for Christmas as well. Looking into booking a long far away holiday for next year sometimes possibly to Cuba or Thailand