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  1. 3 sessions and still looking bad!

    Gentlemen, if I could put my views forward (based on my own scar SMP treatment) with HIS. I think it's important to remember that this treatment 'helps conceal' the scar area, HIS would never claim this treatment will make it invisible, which of course is what we all want. I was told concealment would be up to 70% on my 2 HT scars and I would need 5 sessions. I would say obviously the more sessions you have the better the end product so to speak. Every scar is different, (with my 2 HT scars after 4 sessions, 1 is almost invisible, but the other one is still visible.) In my opinion, this is the best option out there at the moment for scar concealment, and you have to be in it for the long run, it's no good having 2 sessions, spending money and giving up. I understand travel, time and cost all come into it, but you have to see it out. I live in Australia and my nearest clinic is in Hong Kong, which is 9 hours flight time, and a pain in the ass, costly etc etc, but I've been 3 times and will go back again soon for my 5th session because I believe in SMP being the most beneficial alternative to anything else. My scar area is not perfect, and needs more work, but it's got to the point where I'm happy going out without a hat, sure it's noticeable, but it's better than it was before, which was a real butcher job. Things which help concealment (for me anyway:) Shave scar area as close as possible in the morning or before you sleep. Use anti shine One thing which really helped conceal my scar (I found out by accident) is a skin colored sunscream (I'll post some pics of the product) I use this in the morning after shaving scar area, then I put Anti shine on top of the sunscream and it helps big time. Good luck
  2. I was told you wait a week after your last session until you shave again.
  3. I would suggest shaving your hair down as close as possible to get the maximum effect. May not work for you, but for me, my scar looks less obvious the closer I shave it down. Good luck.
  4. Larry, I don't understand your comments about not being able to afford fraxel, but yet, your paying to have SMP done, which is a lot more?! First off, I have had 4 SMP sessions on my 2 HT scars and I'm satisfied with the results so far, looking at your scar, I would hope the same could be achieved. Your scar in my opinion looks good as scars go, only the "one" scar and it looks quite smooth and 'clean' if that makes sense. I have 2 fraxel sessions prior to SMP, because i was told fraxel helps smooth out scars that are bumpy, and certainly in my experience of fraxel that was the case, also it reduced the redness in the scar. I only had 2 fraxel sessions because that all that was needed and I noticed the difference instantly after only 1 session. In summary, fraxel is a good idea prior to SMP and helps the end result in terms of camouflaging. I am not a expert and am just telling you about MY experience of fraxel and SMP with scars. It's important to know as well, that all scars are different and will react to SMP different than someone else's scars, to illustrate this, with my 2 scars, one is better camaflaged than the other, even though they have BOTh had fraxel and the same amount of SMP on them. Get as much advice about fraxel before you commit, I don't think it's that expensive, and talk to more people on these forums before you do anything. Research research research. Good luck
  5. 12/13 sessions!!!!!! That must have cost you, and you still have to keep going back for more sessions!!! I..... I don't get it. Why get a temporary solution when you can have a permanent solution with SMP? I had 4 SMP sessions on my 2 HT scars 2 years ago and I've not noticed any fading, that's not to say some time in the future it will fade, my practioner said Fading is normal to some degree. You would have to go back to HIS at some point in the future to get a top up.
  6. The "Shave -> Fraxel -> SMP -> Work" timeline

    I'm lucky, I have my own business, work mainly on my own, or would wear a hat. A possible option I can think of is if your not able to wear a hat at work, is to take as much time off at work as possible, grow your hair and possibly put some make up to cover up (as I used to for years) There are some ok products out there to help cover the scar, in saying that, I was always shaving my hair short most days to see the progress of the SMP in my scars. It's a tricky one, you may well have to bite the bullet and expose the scar for a while..
  7. The "Shave -> Fraxel -> SMP -> Work" timeline

    I'm not a expert, but I'll try to answer your questions based on my own fraxel/SMP experience. 1- I don't know, but some people me included have stated that the scar is less red after fraxel. 2- I shaved for fraxel to give my practioner a good idea of what the scar looks like when she did the fraxel treatment. 3- I believe you have to wait 4 weeks until you can get SMP after your last fraxel session. 4- Session 2 of SMP can be done 1 week after your first SMP, thereafter you have to wait 4 weeks for the procedure to settle.
  8. My 2 HT scars where reasonably "bumpy". Fraxel seemed to be the only option available to smooth scars out, I thought I'd need 5/6 sessions, but only ended up having 2 sessions, and was pleasanty surprised after only 1 session, how smooth the scars were. In my experience fraxel has helped smooth the scars. I can run my fingers across scars without feeling any bumps, and has certainly helped with the overall SMP procedure. Good luck
  9. Micro needling

    Norm, Is Lisa single ?
  10. anti shine

    Manx, I've tried heaps of different anti shines and they were all shit, except the one I use now, called Mac Matte Matifiante. A little more expensive than other anti shines, but this stuff WORKS, as soon as you apply it, you see it kill ALL the shine instantly.
  11. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    MTS, I only had the scar treatment, happy to send pics if required. Jonathan is one of the longest serving most experienced technicians at HIS and definitely knows his stuff. Message me if you need more info about my treatment or any advice on HK where to stay etc. Happy to help
  12. Micro needling

    Great news Norm. Feeling better and more positive about the scar area is key in my view. Really pleased for you. Can't see you needing any more sessions after next one possibly? Keep us updated.
  13. SMP in Toronto - My Experience!

    Blue Smurf, I have tried a few anti shine products and they were all crap!! The Mac I mentioned is by far, the best, ok it's a little expensive but as soon as you apply it, you can see it dull the shine immediately!! If you want more details about the skin colored suncream let me know. Not sure it sells in the UK I, but is sold over here in Australia. I seriously don't go outside without these products on my scar area. Good luck
  14. Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

    MTS, I'm from Oz and went to HK and saw Jonathan on 3 separate occasions. Highly recomended with Jonathan your in good hands. Try to stay in Mong Kok where the clinic is located, lots of cheap accommodation options and your in the main hub.
  15. SMP in Toronto - My Experience!

    I have had 4 sessions with HIS on my 2 HT scars. What has helped camouflage my scar area greatly after SMP, is a product that is a skin colored sun cream invisible zinc!( I live in Australia so suncream is essential) I found this works by accident when I applied it one day to my scar area, then I applied some anti shine on top and it works a treat. So in essence, the product not only protects the scar area from the sun (which you need to do anyway) it helps camouflage the scar area, just finish it with some Mac Matte Creme Matifiante anti shine ( the best on the market) and I find it helps the overall appearance of the scar. I will post some pics shortly to illustrate this.