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  1. AMA

    Wow! It’s been a while. HIS turned into a monster. So many branches all over the world. Had mine done in 2011. So... Ask Me Anything...
  2. AMA

    I chose to remove my pictures. I’m Norwood 3 if I remember correctly..
  3. AMA

    None. I was about to But decided too wait. That was about 4 years ago...
  4. The MHT Ball Starts Rolling !

    Can't find any pictures of your latest SMP HH?
  5. Life Changing HIS treatment in HK

    Major improvement!
  6. 1st Session @ Harley Street by Marcus

    Marcus was a former client. He had some pics one Facebook and I asked him a bunch of questions. He was one of the reasons I went with SMP and HIS. That was years ago. A while ago he did my test patch.
  7. Please help HIS

    Looks good too me. Just hang in there. Customer service is not HIS strongest selling point. They mis the "personal touch" as opposed to practioners you spend most time with. Maybe a testpatch first? Go darker on top and leave the sides alone for that fade look. Good luck!
  8. Same happend to me. It was perfect after the 2nd session, but it all disapeared after the first wash. Luckily I didn't have to pay for a third session like you will have to. What's the point of the initial assesment then? Over a year later I did a testpatch. I told a different practioner that 24 shade was used and he said that was way too light!? I advice you to do a test patch so you won't end up like most of us with multiple treatments. With the right assesment I do believe you can get the same result close to a fresh treatment.
  9. The best hairline still....
  10. Bald pill on the news

    Definitely a downer now that good hair and an even better, longer beard is trending.
  11. Is this still not sorted? Very misleading to say the least. I suggest a final assessment within a reasonable timeframe after the final quoted session to clearly determine that the client is finished with the treatment or a "possible" 3rd session is needed. Don't hold the "possible 3rd session" over a clients head for more then 6 months.......
  12. Credit? This should'nt have happen in the first place. He walked around depressed for months before offered a solution. Why go through so much bs? Don't mention money when someone has a issue with the results of SMP. Offer a solution, invite him in for an assesment. Then decide. HIS prides itself in fixing and sorting out problems. That was one of the reasons I chose HIS. But mine was never sorted. HIS never expressed any sympathie or apology or reached out to me for Aldemar messing up what was a good SMP. On top of that I have to pay to fix what a former employee of HIS messed up. I've been chearleading for HIS. Ask DHT which I ended up finding one of the coolest guys around here. I've also been on the negative bandwagon and I think I deserve the ride considering my situation. Fact is nobody but HIS knows the ratio of good and bad results and what is exceptable. Those who go by positive/negative forum threads are naive since the percentage of forummembers is very low compared to HIS clients in total. Should the OP have made a fuzz about this sooner? You have to understand the state of mind your in when you have to deal with so many dissapointments, hairloss including. Believe me it can be tiresome. At one point your done with it. And you don't want to get banned from HIS for causing problems. Where do you go then? If you have beef with one retailer you go to the next. HIS has hardly any competition yet. And yes incidents happen, but this often? The tattoo parlor I frequent has a team of ten members working 10hrs a day, five days a week fully booked for the past 20 years. 99% designing unique pieces. I have yet too see a unhappy customer apart from those regretting getting one in the first place. I realy realy realy don't mean this disrespectfully, but compared to putting dots on someones head those incidents should be none existent apart from biological reactions to the ink etc. etc. I'm going of the negative bandwagon now: I have seen some amazing results from HIS. I do mis the personal touch since they have grown. You now have to deal with a management who seems to not care at all. On the customer service side there is still a lot to improve. Zennnnnn............
  13. Could you invent a machine to perform SMP?

    Men have been doing that all the time...... Sometimes twice a day. I think "working" less on the wrist for recovery is the solution here.
  14. Shaving techniques for newbies

    Use detergent/fragrant free products if you are sensitive to them.
  15. NYC session 1 this friday the 20th !!

    Good luck to you(OP).....and Nightwood.
  16. The MHT Ball Starts Rolling !

    Hi HH. I did a test patch with nr.4. It has faded a lot, but looks ok ish and I can, for the first time since I have this treatment, distinguish the pigments on top of my head. I will go darker, but what I'm worried about is how it will look because I requested smallest dots possible. This means not only light, but equal pressure which is impossible for a 3 hour session. So how "even" is your SMP and I'm looking forward to the gradient effect from top to bottom. Good luck and thanks!
  17. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Still the best!
  18. Judging 2nd session shade / fading

    On topic: From my experience you should wait at least a month to know the proper rate of fading to finally determine shade number. Problem is the first session is a dead give away on most that something has been done to your head. Living in isolation(most of us did in a way) for a month most of us can't afford. That's why I recommend a test patch as part of the preparation you guys talking about....
  19. fade affect

    It's all about execution...
  20. fade affect

    Exactly: originator of the most natural looking gradient SMP hairline.
  21. fade affect

    @Nighwood. Broken hairlines existed way before, but they were still unnatural looking, too symmatrical from a small distance. I've been on this forum long enough to tell the difference between then and now and the so called broken hairline still looked a bit unnatural. In most cases still does, because I dissagree with harsh sideprofiles. There is still a long way to go. I have yet to see a hairline on caucasions on this forum that blows me away except for HH. Aldemar wasn't the only one who worked on HH if I recall and Aldemar wasn't always bad. At the end he slipped, I'm the prove of it, but still a cheap shot. What you just described about Shemar is exactly a (bald)fade!? FYI, I had a SMP fade, but It has faded a lot no pun intended. HH CONTRIBUTED to the evolving technique of the natural hairline which still has a long way to go. I'll use your own example: Some natural imperfect hairlines have kind of a zigzag pattern. You go to HIS with that request and end up with a questionable hairline. You really think the client wanted that? Fault in here is lack of knowledge and poor execution. If it was done right everybody would have agreed. HH didn't solely invented the natural SMP hairline, but he CONTRIBUTES to the technique of achieving it. Together with all new and forward thinking practioners it will be achieved.
  22. fade affect

    HH helpt contributing evolving the technique for a more natural hairline. Just study older pics or cases. Maybe you should read HH thread to understand. Of course most client wanted a natural hairline, but got a broken hairline instead which still looked symmetrical in most cases. The technique how to do it wasn't there yet, but has evolved and still is. Again! Yes! A straight hairline is not natural. It just couldn't be achieved. Most of us were just happy to have a hairline again. Then guys like HH come by and pushes boundaries or come up with problem solving ideas like MOM etc. I welcome those guys!
  23. fade affect

    HH helpt contributing evolving the technique for a more natural hairline. Just study older pics or cases. Like I said before. There is nothing 3D about hair that is shaved with 0.1mm clipper blade. Combine that with a modded Andis T- Outliner for the sides which cut close to the bone like a R91 and you can achieve the same fade with SMP.