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  1. Hello,

    I saw that you had LPP and had SMP   I have it as well and am considering SMP.  My confidence has taken quite a hit from this disease as I've lost quite a bit of hair.

    Can you share who did your procedure and if you'd recommend getting it done, now that several years have passed?   How has it stood up to the test of time?

    Was your LPP still active when you had the procedure done?






  2. After 3 Years

    I'm at 3.5 years going on 4 years. I still don't need a touch up. I need to take new pics to back this up, but that's honestly where I'm at.
  3. First treatment in NYC complete...

    First off, your after pics look amazing. I just popped in and saw your PM and will respond to it, but wanted to congratulate you for going through with it. I have to take new pics of myself - I'm now way past 3 years (4 years this November) and still no fading and no touch ups done and couldn't be more satisfied. So far it looks amazing.
  4. Total alopecia before pictures

    Looks great man! Very happy for you.
  5. First Post

    Hi Ninnot, I do recommend it. It's the only solution unless he wants to wear a wig/hair system. To put it succinctly, it's freed me from the Hell I was in watching this disease take my hair. What I would suggest is getting your boyfriend to a HIS clinic and having them look at his scalp up close and see what they are dealing with. They've worked on people with this condition with myself and I believe a few others have had it done. It just looks like I shave my head to people which is the truth. Everyday I wet shave, moisturize and go out and live my life without any fear of people seeing my head/scalp. I swim. I go to the gym. I go out without hats more than I wear them. It's really made the best out of the worst. I didn't ask a doctor for an opinion on the treatment. They probably would've thought I was crazy. I just went for it. I couldn't keep living the way I was combing over and hoping it didn't rain or the wind wouldn't blow. I did go back for a checkup and the doctor thought my hair suddenly regrew. He couldn't tell what I did. When I told him he was amazed and impressed with the way the treatment fixed what LPP did to me thus far. He kept asking me if it hurt. It hurt more losing the hair than getting back what HIS gave me. Depending on how patchy the hair is on your boyfriend he does have the option to laser off what is remaining and do a whole head treatment. HIS will go through options with you I'm sure. If you have any other questions/concerns don't hesitate to private message me on here and I'll get back to you. Just tell your boyfriend not to beat himself up over this happening. It's happening more and more to men and women out there and it's not his fault he got this. That said, HIS is a good solution to moving on from it. I'm thankful I had the courage to go meet Ian & Ranbir and then sit in the chair and have this done. It's changed my life for the better.
  6. HIS...ahem HerHair

    JuJu - You are totally rocking that look! You look great. Be happy. It works on you perfectly. I think your bravery here is going to help a lot of women out there.
  7. First Post

    Hey guys - Just wanted to pop in and give you the 2.5 year update pics. Still not ready for a touch up. This is about 13 hours after wet shaving.
  8. First Post

    Thanks guys. I'm hitting my 2.5 year mark and still don't need a touch up. Will post pics one of these days to update.
  9. First Post

    Hey guys, I didn't even realize I had already passed the 2 year mark at the end of November from when I had my first session with HIS in NYC. That's how little I think about my hair loss these days. Here are my latest pictures. I haven't had any touch ups in 2 years. I don't think I need any. I think my treatment looks solid and very natural. These pics were taken 15 hours after a wet shave. I just shave 1x day with my headblade, moisturize and go. I work out in the gym and sweat a lot. I go in the sun. I go under water. I work in an environment with bright lights at times. I socialize regularly. I don't wear hats. No one has asked me if this is a tattoo. Not once in 2 years. The dots haven't bled together. They are all still distinct and look like hair follicles to the naked eye. I wish I had something bad to tell you about this but the only negative thing is it's not real hair. Other than that, this treatment has given exactly what Ian & Ranbir promised my wife & I a few years ago in the lobby of a NYC hotel..."freedom". I don't really think about my hair loss or my condition any longer. And to be honest, I don't come back to the forum much anymore unless someone PM's me which I always respond to. We'll see what happens as year 2 goes into year 3 this year. Right now though, I'm quite happy with the end result and how it looks. Thanks again to Ian, Ranbir & everyone at HIS! Happy New Year everyone.
  10. Can't get my pictures to post

    Ok. Thanks Robby. Thought it was odd that I couldn't get them to post through any method I was trying. I'll wait until it gets sorted out.
  11. Hey Damien (or anyone else out there), I've been trying to post my pics with an update since I've passed my 2 year mark from my first treatment. Whenever I try the advanced uploader (I have the latest version of flash) it crashes and the page goes non responsive forcing me to close my browser. I've tried that in both chrome & safari. When I use the basic uploader the pictures just don't attach. If you have a solution let me know. Thanks!
  12. Over 4 Years Later with Pictures

    Vince - You still look great man. Your treatment has held up so nicely for 4 years and doesn't look like it needs a touch up yet. It's very natural to the eye for me. Looks awesome. I'm coming up on 2 years in November so your case study gives me a lot of hope of longevity. Thanks for sticking with the forum/posting.
  13. A bit of a confidence blow

    I agree with the guys on letting the length get too long makes it an easy spot. You've got to be careful because once that hair starts growing out too much, it can get obvious up close. That said, it's not an easy spot from several feet away even in a well lit environment and the people you think were criticizing you could very well have been complimenting you or wondering why you shaved your head when you have all that hair. In any event, I think you have a solid treatment. I might think about taking the beard down a bit and trimming it, but that's a personal thing. I had grown out a full beard during the winter months and I ended up preferring the look with stubble than the full beard. The stubble, for me, seems to match what's going on up top nicely and blend a bit better. The longer beard with the perfectly maintained/detailed scalp looked off to me in the mirror. But that's a personal thing.
  14. My Experience in the London Clinic :)

    Ray, Congrats on your engagement! You still look great. Someone recommended on here Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel. I think it was Born Receded. That stuff is excellent for reducing shine and I stopped using the Milk of Mag trick it's worked so great for me. You should check it out. It's pricey and it's a small 1oz bottle, but it's lasted me a few months now. You just rub a little up top after moisturizing. I've noticed when I look in that dreaded awful reflection of car windows, I can see the treatment whereas before I'd look like I had no MHT in that odd reflection. It's great stuff.
  15. First Post

    Glad you figured it out! Don't hesitate with questions and go get a consult so they can assess your head. They've (HIS) done wonders for me and I hope they can do the same for you.