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  1. Hey mate, Use a Wahl Trimmer with no attachement, Just the blade. I use it everyday and it doesn't nick at all. Hope this helps
  2. So I purchased the Remington R91 and....

    Hey Guys... It's been a while since I got joined the forums again. Just been so busy living life after my MHT treatment in Hong Kong (thanks again Jonathan ) I just skimmed over this thread lightly. All I want to say is that I had my hairline lowered by an inch and I can easily get away with a wahl trimmer on zero. In fact I only need to cut it every second day, but prefer to do it everyday as it gives me something to do in the morning lol. In the end you need to experiment what length of hair looks best for you MHT. But in my opinion a zero with a wahl trimmer looks best. Anything shorter wouldn't look great on me. Thats just my 2 cents. Billy
  3. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hey Warrior, I had my hairline defined so therefore needed my hairline defined around my ears as it was not as strong. So far Im very happy with my results Feel free to ask me any more questions you may have.
  4. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hey Magic, Dart nailed the question, you can adjust the 0 down with the two screws. Personally I like to keep it as short as possible. Just be careful around the ears and you will be fine. I like how I only have to trim every 3 days or so which saves me even more time. ####, Thanks for the feedback, I believe Damien will be making a case study of me. At the moment, im using my left over dermatch to cover my HT scar which is doing a pretty good job. May as well use it for something useful Also if anyone is planning to go do MHT in HK in Feb let me know as Im heading down there myself then. Oh btw thought I would mention when I headed back to the gym, no one really noticed that I had MHT done. Everyone thinks I just had a style haircut. Also the lady at reception actually had a long conversation with me for the first time and I've been going there for a year. Must be the MHT and my new Confidence. Guys don't waste your time reading this, Go and get it done Many Thanks to Jonathan once again for doing an excellent job! Thanks Guys for the Feedback.
  5. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hi Dart, Same here, I use a wahl. My pigments used are a slightly darker shade then my a clean shaven look. I was also concerned at this and pointed it out. He told me not to worry as it would blend in with my existing hair nicely. Also if I do lose more hair in the future (hopefully not so soon), and worse case scenario need to wet shave then I can have MHT done throughout my head. Hope this helps
  6. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hey Guys, Thought I would show you the final result. If anyone is planning to go in Feb to do MHT let me know as I'm going back to do my HT scar. Well I'm extremely happy with my new look and if anyone wants more photos just PM me. ThanksBilly
  7. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hey Damien, I don't mind being a case study but the photos I will send will have the faces blurred out. If your ok with that then let me know. DHT - Thanks for the feedback, I prefer having sharp temples but everyone is different. I will post some updated photos tommorrow, the pigment has really settled in now and is looking flawless Hi Top Fade - I was surprised that it blended in with my norwood 3 hair extremely well. Thanks for the feedback. BusterBlood27 - Thanks mate for the feedback. Don't worry if you don't have much hair left, MHT works just fine on almost anyone at any stage of hairloss. Worse comes to worse you can get your whole head done Will have updated photos tmrw. Once again thanks guys for the feedback and Thanks again to Jonathan for doing a great job. Can't wait to get my HT scar done in feb next year as well as check out Disneyland while im up in HK.
  8. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the positive feedback so far. Im back in NZ and have some photos before and after 3rd session. I will also post some photos end of this week so you can see how it looks once its faded. Enjoy! I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to Jonathan for doing an amazing Job. It's looking really awesome and my whole family is impressed. Will definately be back next year for my HT scar.
  9. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hey Damon... Thanks for the feedback. Will keep you posted. And Hitopfade... it was painful... but only at times and nothing too unbearable. No pain no gain haha. I will keep you updated with my progress. Most likely will have to come back in Feb next year for the scar but at least I will be returning home with a full head of hair. Yeah I decided to do the side profiles... I like the defined yet natural look. Im so happy with my new hairline... I use to dream of this day and I can't believe its actually happening. Well I will keep you all posted. Many Thanks once again for your kind words... really appreciate the positive feedback. -Billy
  10. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Forgot to post what my scar looked like before the laser treatment.. not sure why my posts are getting all the extra bits of random 'php code'. So yeah leave your comments and let me know what you all think.
  11. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Well guys. It’s day 3 in Hong Kong. I’m on the 10th floor of the YWCA – Anne Black. Free Internet is on the ground floor and there are no power sockets down there for my laptop… so I only got 10min intervals to write up my stuff… Will look into getting a new laptop… Can’t complain as this one was free lol. Anyway my MHT has really faded well (see photos). Well I met Jonathan today at HIS… he took me out for lunch and also booked me in for a Sonic laser treatment for my scar (many thanks again Jonathan!!!) I was immediately impressed with the results after the sonic laser treatment… I didn’t even feel it at all. (It uses high powered sound waves to break up the scar tissue and the old ink pigments) You can see an immediate improvement (see photos). I will definitely comeback to get my MHT done on my strip scar in Feb next year. Well afterwards, Jonathan took me out for lunch to a sushi bar. It was very delicious… it was the first time I ate at a sushi train (I think that’s what its called anyway). He then showed me around some Malls, they were massive! There is just so much to see and do in Hong Kong, not to mention food and clothes are dirt cheap but high quality. Honestly if it weren’t for Jonathan… I wouldn’t have a clue where to go or what to do. I have never met someone so professional yet caring for their customers. HIS Hair clinics really raise the bar when it comes to looking after their clients… how many HT doctors will take you out for lunch following a treatment or check up on you to see how your doing?… not many, if any. By the way I recommend staying at the Anne Black… The prices are reasonable, $80NZ a night. You get your own bed, TV, Air Conditioning, fridge. (I am sharing a communal bathroom, but it is kept very clean). Well guys.. will keep you posted.
  12. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Hi all! Well I made it. Im in Hong Kong! Before I begin, I would like to thank Jonathan for everything so far. He is such a cool dude and his MHT looks so natural. He was more than helpful, he picked me up from the airport, shouted me a free coffee (trust me I needed it, I had slept for over 24hrs) and got me started with MHT at HIS clinic straight away. Well what can I say, it was painful at times, especially around the temples but nothing to unbearable. Jonathan was impressed I managed to keep still the whole time, especially since I was so Jet lagged. The whole session took about 3 hours, and we had a small break halfway and he bought be some chocolate so I could keep awake lol. I was really impressed when he had finished, I couldn’t even see where the transplanted scars where at the front of my head. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to work on my scar as it was still too dark… but as I write this he is actually sorting me out with another clinic that specializes in ruby lasers, this will remove the pigments out of my strip scar from my previous treatment, without actually burning the skin. I have already had two laser treatments in NZ but with CO2 laser, and trust me they hurt extremely bad, its like putting your head on a hot frypan. Not to mention the downtime…. 10 weeks. So yeah, I’m pretty excited to try out this new laser… might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Anyway you guys must be all dying see some photos. Well here you go... immediately after my treatment, just to note again… Jonathan did not work on my strip scar yet. Guys, the internet is really slow and my laptop is old. You may have to wait until I get back to NZ end of this month for all the photos....
  13. results for MHT and scars

    Hey Truthseeker, I will tell you my experience once I come back from HongKong. I fly off next tues and will be back on the 28th of Oct. If you can hold on until then I will share some before and after photos.
  14. clipper grade 1

    I think you hit the question spot on Nvr2late, it all depends on how much hair you have left and if it looks natural
  15. Hey Nvr2late, I hear what your saying, I'm getting mine done next week and my family all think I'm crazy. They all say the same thing... "you look fine the way you are". Ok fine, maybe I do, but deep down I'm extremely conscious of my HT scar and receding hairline. So much so that I'm in an extreme depression. Go and do what YOU want and don't care what others say. Also Toronto, I hear what your saying about HT... my scar is always on my mind... it's very depressing... sometimes I feel like ending it all... not healthy living like that everyday. I'm hoping that my MHT will improve my life. Also to JB.. your posts have been extremely helpful to help me get out of the gutter. Your results must feel amazing. I can only imagine how you must feel. Anyway guys I have my fingers crossed for next week. Good luck Nvr2late!