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  1. Need feedback

    Damn that shaved head looks good. What Norwood were you?
  2. SMP turning blue after some years

    wow this is amazing... what Norwood WERE you?
  3. AMA

    I was on these forums back in 2011 too! Haven't been on in ages! Do you have any pictures of your treatment and what Norwood you were?
  4. Treatment In London

    You were a norwood 7!! wow that is shocking! i was looking at your picture and thinking "damn id say this guy was a norwood 2" but to hear you had no hair on top at all is great news for us balding guys lol congrats enjoy your new look!
  5. Thanks guys i guess its just something silly that kinda gets on my nerves you know! and thanks Damien I've been real busy but a day doesnt go by where i dont think about HIS haha, and busterblood27 what you said is so true you really cant win haha. Thanks for all the replys guys!
  6. Im the same! so many people telling me to grow my hair back had me thinking that i was the only person in the world that thought i looked good with the buzz cut as vein as that sounds haha.
  7. For the people that have had this treatment done. When you're talking to a friend, family member or girl (or guy) and they see the stubble on your head, do they ever say "you should grow your hair back".? i haven't had this treatment yet but i do still shave my hair down to a zero and when somebody says this to me it REALLY bugs me. Any of you guys feel the same?
  8. hate to tell you buddy but noway are you slipping under the radar haha your hairlines too good now
  9. wow.. mate this has easily taken 10 years off u already
  10. wow... in your old pictures you looked like an old man and in your new pictures u look like a stylish guy in his early 20's haha the transformation is incredible like 2 completely different people. congrats mate on your new norwood 0 head!
  11. Pics update thfc

    badmadt said: i was very skeptical about your final treatment but now i like it , not 100%like you said but they fixed really nice.. i really dont know what your expecting? like his treatment turned out flawless i couldn't spot a flaw if i was paid! his head now looks a lot better than if a person without any balding shaved his head such as his perfect hairline and density, people need to stop scrutinizing.
  12. Will this make my life easier??

    this treatment has already made my life easier and i havn't even had it yet! just the fact that i know its there for me when my receding gets to a certain stage, absolutely amazing.
  13. Pics update thfc

    i am actually speechless.. this is just miracle work right here. amazing.
  14. just a thanks.

    Wow words from the big man himself! haha that's after making my day, i just thought that i would express my gratitude for this treatment and all the people at HIS because people are having there lives turned around and pointed in the right direction, and i can look in the mirror now and stop scrutinizing myself because i now have a solution! thanks again guys!
  15. Oh is this another treatment to regrow hair or something?