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  1. Piperz Finally Booked

    I think it looks decent Piperz. Front looks very natural and if you were to shave your head to this short level in real life that's how it would look.

    Great story to hear BC. By the way I don't think being a canary you will ever win the premier league so nice for you to have a similar feeling
  3. 2 times ten plus one

    Thanks for the update Robster. I think this is the great thing about this treatment, that if there are any issues, problems, or like you Rob that you just want to change something it can be sorted no problems. By the way looking great as always.
  4. Looks good and its just the start. Nice one.
  5. Non-HIS Smp Turned Bluish After Only 10 Days

    The pictures aren't great so its very hard to tell. With it not being HIS no one can tell you because no one will no what ink was used. If it was HIS I'd have said the blue maybe bruising because you have only recently had it done.
  6. For The Guys Still Debating

    Rob it is frustrating but its well documented on here than most people will need on average 3/4 treatments to get where they want. Some may even need more than that, so you do have to be patient. All I can say that its well worth that patience

    Looking great as always BC, and like Robby loving the lyle
  8. What Do You Think Of The Cost?

    Worth every penny.
  9. Big Dots

    When its on your own head the dots will always feel exaggerated because you are looking so closely. Others won't notice like you do. Everybody takes the ink differently and like a few of the guys have said, give it a few weeks to settle down more.
  10. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    Great to hear that you are happy YBG but alarmed to hear your accommodation story. Look forward like the others seeing your transformation.
  11. Fatbob's Update.

    Looks great on the front/top but the crown area has faded and you can see the horseshoe. The crown is the area most likely to fade if you don't get the required number of treatments for your skin. You need another session for sure on the back area. Don't worry tho Bob, you have only had 2 treatments plus they were months ago, and its normal that another was is required. You can see above that MaxG has required 4 treatments within a month and that's normally the average people need. All the best.
  12. Needs To Be Lightened :(

    Like the boys have said above you are in a privileged situation position if the colour after a couple of weeks is just slightly darker at this stage. No one other than you will notice this. There are many guys on here who have faded quickly and have needed 4/5 treatments to get there because the skin hasn't taken well. Looks like you are on the right road.
  13. Piperz Finally Booked

    Looks great Piperz. Take no notice of people's remarks.
  14. Appearance Of Smp

    Shine is the main factor under heavy lighting. Reduce the shine and it improves the look.