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  1. Best lotion for your head

    By far, Biotherm's T-Pur matyfing moisturizing gel. It costs about 25 euros
  2. first treatment

    Thanks Damien, I hope so. I have never meant to be rude
  3. First Post

    LPP, check your PMs
  4. first treatment

    I 've taken some pictures of the back and the scar. I think I shouldn't post them here because it's only the first treatment. I think I should listen to Damien who says that it's nothing out of the ordinary. More or less they look like Dannylongisland's pics after 1st treat., or even worse I'd say. But I hope that at the end it will be ok, although I can't see how. Danny went for 4.5 sessions, maybe I'll need 10. I hope not.
  5. first treatment

    Ok Damien, I'll PM you the details. But let me tell you about my experience. The practitioner is a marvellous guy, very kind. I practically see him everyday because we have something to settle. The whole shaven cut looks fine, the practitioner and I both agreed to this. The problem is that the overall look is light and I was used to seeing myself with something dark on top, and now I see a suspicion of grey. There is no contrast. If this design could be a lot darker, I would be very happy. I can't imagine how this can be done. Although my hair are pretty dark, when we shaved them they look almost white. So, if it is to match the sides as they are shaved to the bone, I find it impossible to go a lot darker. This is why I've freaked out.
  6. first treatment

    3 in total. But I can't stand it. I don't see any contrast, I look older and not framed after shaving to the bone
  7. first treatment

    Everyone who can shere his experience after 1st treatment is more than welcome. I 've just had the first one and the whole thing looks too light. I can only see an outline of the shape but I don't like what I see because it's just like a shadow all over. How dark can they go?
  8. Post 3rd Treatment- LA Office

    It's great!
  9. DHT, I'm going to London I'll pm you the name of the technician.
  10. Hi DHT, I had a "HT" 3 or 4 years ago. I say 3 or 4 because it was such bad a decision that I don't even want to remember it. I think it was in 2008. Anyway, I hadn't cut my hair short just to hide the scar. Until a few days ago, I didn't know how long or wide it was. The results of the procedure are poor. So, as I am about to have MHT treatments next week, I cut my hair short to see its actual shape. I can tell you that its almost identical to yours. I would gladly punch the guy in the face if I had the chance. Now, I really understand your skepticism about all these. The point is, that I can only hope HIS do something about my scar. Two days ago, I was thinking about shades and shapes. Now, my only concern is how it can be covered. I'm flying to the other side of Europe with the hope that something can be done about it. I don't know, I 'm kind of confused and disappointed right now. Will they be able to hide it somehow? What other options are there? I 've heard that some people have mini FUEs to treat the scarred area, but just the idea of having a procedure of this kind again, makes me sick. I just hope that these guys do their best.
  11. Jon, Are these pictures taken on the same day?
  12. Steroid Creams

    For me, even nasal corticosteroids have a bad effect on my hair. The only thing I've found to be helpful is to increase the amount of testosterone in the body by bright light therapy. I don't know how it works but I suppose that by increasing the overall testosterone, not all of it is transformed into DHT which the primary cause of hair loss.
  13. After Pics - 2nd Treatment LA - Nov 24

    *note I'm not going to wear my hair as long as it is in the before pics, I just didn't want to shave before session #2. Why not? It seems that you can really get away with this length. What number is it?
  14. JB video now on YouTube lol

    Jb, I can't find the video. Any links?
  15. Damien, can you please upload a h/r photo of the second case? It is the crown I want to see. Thanks