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  1. Cold called by a rival company

    Dont tell me there gonna start phoning our mobile phones..???? I also got yet another email pinging up on my do i block the emails on an iphone anyone..
  2. Skin Care Range developed by HIS

    This was discussed years ago..i think the estimated year of his hair skin products is the year 2024.
  3. Celebs

    Yes ive been watching ricky in american gods on amazon..fantastic series.. i also have a suspicion hes had something done..they may apply makeup to him on set or hes had smp,i was watching american gods over the weekend..
  4. first procedure down!

    To be honest your hairline is lazer straight and needs breaking up to give it a natural appearance..
  5. Im used several over the years but finally sellled on men u matt moisturiser.. Men-U Matt Moisturiser DUO PACK 2 x 100ml
  6. Andros Townsend

    Oh deffinatley.suits him perfectley..
  7. Best matt moisturiser for a decent cost?

    I've tried many over the years but settled on
  8. New pic of my SMP in natural light outside.

    Have you got any photos of the strippers for comparison please..
  9. Updated thread Houston HIS Hair Diary

    You look great cant really go wrong with this treatment..the result is a sure thing with this company..good luck..
  10. Ian Fue combo

    Yes giraffe i think alot moore detailed info is needed including price..i mean they are advertising the hair transplants on there front page after whats the big secret..
  11. Ian Fue combo

    And david1969 ive just read that youve had 3 failed fue transplants..flipping hell thats put me right off this thead now.. As long as your all sorted now dave..
  12. Ian Fue combo

    Ian hair does look great in my eyes.. But ed tell us how much is cost for gods sake,the suspence is killing me..
  13. Celebs

    Good spot.. Ive seen his cod videos alot..
  14. Ian Fue combo

    I think he looks fantastic,and his hairline is phenominal..question is how much did this it premier league cost..cos im from a council estate and it might be out of my league..????
  15. Andros Townsend

    Townsend looks good,it suits him.. There calling him out about it,they think its a hair transplant..
  16. Andros Townsend

    Good find.. Hes had something done deffinatley..
  17. Ian Fue combo

    Ok fair enough he looks good.. Thats an ideal progression for alot of us.. Id be interested in that. But me/we would need a shed load Moore information.. Prices/cost..where did he have it done. Does he have to take medications to back that up/the same medications i/we have been steered away from by this very forum over the years? Can the do that with chest hair because i personally wouldent have any surgeon touching my head.. So many questions So little time Weve got the money Were do we sign..
  18. Check up..

    I had mine done in Birmingham harbourne about summer 2011.. Ive next week off work and was wondering what would the chance of my booking in for a checkup short notice next week in brum..just asking..
  19. Celebs

    Yes we think he has has smp.. Your seeing him under seriousley harsh tv lighting ,spotlights etc,which is not the best stage for smp.. I personally think he looks great.. Hes happy with it.. Under normal lighting conditions he look fine..
  20. Top up

    I had mine done in summer 2011,still looks great but may get a little bit done.. Is there a 3d topup section on this site,probably not..
  21. Sun lotion may affect smp?

    This sounds good but this company has been promising these products for years..quotes 2014 post..
  22. Sun lotion may affect smp?

    Yea that looks good but is it matt or glossy thats the question..
  23. Celebs

    That kid alexandr magala on britains got talent saturday night looks like hes had something done i think..
  24. 24 hours in --- before and after

    Looks great mate.. Your hairline particularly looks good..
  25. How does SMP look on pale skin?

    The owner ian watsons got pale skin..smp looks great on him..