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  1. Camouflage with longer hair?

    whats been done here have they done very short hair stroke like pigmentation?
  2. no respnse from HIS

    I was going to ask if you could send me the scar pics from my diary but i've taken some more and now worked out how to store them myself thanks. And yes TP i've had a couple of chats with the online staff and that seems quite good.
  3. no respnse from HIS

    In the last few weeks i've emailed HIS office about 3 times and Damien twice i think it was and i've not had any reply. Is there a problem with the contact addresses or something?
  4. what about just dabbing on fake tan lotion you could just try a small patch using a cotton bud or something.
  5. Landlord1 Scars and Ink- update

    that looks really good, the uninformed would'nt have a clue about the HT scars. I really think that the pre smp laser treament plays a huge roll in achieving the best aesthetic results. Unfortunately where i live in Devon/SW UK no one seems to use the Fraxel dual laser. I really think His are maybe missing a trick not having there own operator???
  6. latest video case study

    is it possible to know who did Arri's head?
  7. last minute wobble

    Sugar ray, is that mock up an actual treatment that HIS have carried out? as its a great example of a soft/faded/uneven hairline. Its got to be the best one to have, not to attract any attention and for longterm suitability
  8. Landlord1 Scars and Ink

    Hi Landlord, out of the 3 scar treatments what would you say gave you the best results ?
  9. Scars on top from old plug transplant

    Normguy1954, my scarring and hair situation is almost exactly the same as you and i'm also the same age (i'm 61) i'm looking to have the same level of treatment as you and was all set to book it when i found out the guy i wanted had left HIS. I was really unhappy about this as it had taken me so long to decide on who to go with. So any way i'm now trying to see who else i would like to do this at HIS but am not having much luck at the moment. I will probably go up to Birmingham on the next open day, and hopefully meet and talk with some of the newer guys. And see some of their work. If you look at my diary there was some pics on there showing my situation.
  10. new practitioners reviews?

    Are there any reviews on the work of the new guys at the Birmingham clinic?
  11. brutal honesty, side profiles

    I would agree with HBK maybe just a little bit of a faded sprinking at the hairline just to soften it very slightly. Other than that the sides look fine nice and soft..........dont over egg it less is more most times.

    I'd be very subtle with it if i were you...............less is more
  13. His and Fraxel

    Damien did you ever make the announcement re fraxel that you talked about?
  14. can you choose your practitioner

    I'm hoping to have it done by #### Clarke. As i met him at my consultation and patch test session, and having seen the different examples of his work on here. I'm sure that all the others are great but because of the cock ups that happened to me in the past, with HT's i really dont want to take anymore risks with anything concerning my scalp.
  15. can you choose your practitioner

    I couldn't agree more manx221. as someone that has had their scalp completely scarred up by the HT industry, the last thing i want is someone working on my scalp, that i dont feel comfortable with. At the moment until i can get some sort of reassurance from HIS, this is what's stopping me having work done.