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  1. smp on t.v

    Man that looked terrible.... Proper full on helmet look!! I was round my folks while it was on and they clocked it straight away.... I was like jeeez mine doesn't look like that does it and they were quick to assure me it was nothing like his. He had no skin breaks what so ever and it was way to forward and helmet like!! Plus he was a total nob ed lol!!
  2. Where To Buy Anti Shine ?

    Lol its OK mate... Just confused me when I saw 2013 as there's been a few of these shine topics since, covering alot more different products!! Boy I'm glad you came back with that picture as I was just about to spunk £9 on the wrong product lol! Managed to pick your one up in Sainsburys for £4 though (in the women's section) I'm going to give it a few days trial though before giving an honest review. First negative I've noticed is the jar size though... Will look like I'm carrying an extra bollock in my pocket if I'm carrying that thing around... Could be solved by getting an empty travel size tub tho.
  3. Where To Buy Anti Shine ?

    Strange you reopened this really old thread but thanks for the heads up. That loreal moisturiser you mentioned has won alot of awards this year as the best new male moisturiser and I have been tempted to try it out... I will be grabbing some tomorrow now. Alot of the lads on here used to use the old loreal anti shine.... Be aware this is a totally different product to the old one... Which basically sucked!!
  4. As the topic says lads... I'm looking for a decent not to greasy sunscreen as I'm hating the fact I'm wearing a hat again on sunny day trips!!
  5. Anti shine

    Whats this secret new product then lol?? Just to let everyone know I tried the bodyshop primer and I didnt rate it that well (Not on my skin anyway).
  6. 15 forum members upgraded to VIP

    Why Thank you Kind Sir :-)
  7. Daniel's treatment

    I wouldn't concern yourself to much with the shade others have had...... This is because one shade will hold and look darker on one person yet may fade and need a darker shade on somebody with exactly the same skin tone and hair colour. It all depends on the person and the practitioner. I' am very light and needed to go as dark as a 30 yet others I have seen that are darker than me have been fine with a lighter 32/34
  8. I'll have what he's having

    Love it mate.... That's going to look spot on when it's finished!! Personally I think you would get away with an r91 everyday or something similar!! Good luck pal!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Took The plunge today with Paul C :)

    Thanks Nick.... Yeah it has definitely restored a lot of confidence In terms of my overall appearance and putting hair loss behind me!! I know exactly what you mean by the going to clubs and stuff.... I literally hated going to clubs as I felt so old and ugly and lacked so much confidence to even approach a girl, just Incase she turned me away due to my baldness..... Even though that probably wouldn't have been the case!! Smp is a great head start to boosting your self esteem and gaining the confident young man back.... The one that doesn't shy away from social gatherings and chatting up women!! Don't piss away your days, months,years wondering "what if"...... CHOOSE LIFE!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Feedback and how realistic

    Some good anti shine will improve the look!! It does look really good though and it still has fading and softening to do even after 2 weeks! Maybe making the hairline less "perfect" would help but I wouldn't say it was too sharp!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Took The plunge today with Paul C :)

    I use the Remington R6150 it's pretty good actually but like all Rotaries it gets blunter over time!! I go against the grain but I do concentrate on getting closer where the real hair blends with the smp!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I'll have what he's having

    Lol I've dated 3 different hairdressers since having this done... 1 only once and the others quite a few times on and off.... Morning noon and night they have never questioned a thing!! One did ask why I shave my head so close and I replied it was because I started receding and thinning and she just said well you still have a great hairline lol .... Bonus!! Ohh yeah and one of them knew me before when I was bald and still never said a thing after!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. What Do Women Think?

  14. Best Matt Sunblock

    Links not working BT
  15. Best Matt Sunblock

    Could do with some advice on this myself... Caught a bit of sun today so getting worried for the summer now!!