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  1. Ed, photos that I would like deleted quoted above. Thanks a lot. just a word to everyone else to explain. Not been on much for a while. I’d contacted Ed to request removal of a lot of my photos from the thread. Although my face is blurred in them I still feel that to people who know me I may still be recognisable. At the time of posting I wanted to share my treatment to help others see the process. They’ve been on here a few years now and the thread has a lot of views so I feel like I’ve done my bit. For now, I value my privacy more and would like to move on with life. I’ve missed quite a lot that aren’t really recognisable so there is still some photos in the thread. I may also post updates further down the line but any photos will be very closely scrutinised to be absolutely sure there is no chance of being recognised. Cheers.
  2. Andros Townsend

    Strip scar?
  3. Celebs

    ITV weather man Alex Beresford.
  4. Nice work mate. I've not been on here for a long time now so completely out of the loop. Is that the same Ian Dennis who used to be a regular poster on here? I'll not mention his username out of respect for his privacy. Just recognise the name from exchanging emails a couple years ago. Sound guy and wish him all the best in his new career if it is him!
  5. Celebs

    Ex Rangers football player, currently with Bradford, Nicky Law has had SMP done. Would post a pic bit the only one I've seen has a HIS competitors logo plastered all over the background so I'd imagine that's not allowed. Looks like good work.
  6. Hard to find much about SMP for women :(

    May be a mock up but I think it would be a bit strange to use one. Surely there are real photos available to choose from. All the ones of men with treatment on the site are real photos and not photoshops. Also if it was a mock up then why crop the edges for the 2nd photo. Who in the world would be sold on the idea of getting permanant ink on their head based on a computer generated image.
  7. Hard to find much about SMP for women :(

    Sorry to say it but that photo looks extremely suspicious to me. Looks like the exact same photo, touched up with the edges slightly cropped. Not a single hair out of place between before and after. Always found HIS to be a stand up genuine decent and honest company during my treatment and in any dealings I had with them so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but that photo would have alarm bells ringing if it was me.
  8. Celebs

    Wow he's made an arse of that. He looked better without it to be honest.
  9. Fading touch ups and future

    Alright folks, it's been a while. I spotted a guy down the park today with what was an obvious SMP at least to me so I suppose that's why I ended up back on here. It was the hairline. The guy was at least 40 but his hairline was really sharp and defined and at its most dense at the front, although he had kept it high to be age appropriate. Just looked like a poorly executed job. I had as good a look as I could without being obvious and the rest of his head looked fine. No smudged helmet look except the front. For me the hairline and first inch or so back are critical. From certain angles and lighting this is the area which is easiest to spot it. Keep it sparse and even with signs of recession / thinning and you're fine. That's certainly the way I'd go if I was doing it all over again. If I was ever to get a touch up I'd keep it as sparse as possible at the front and miss out the temples completely.
  10. Seeing as he was used at the start of this thread as an example of an excellent HT, here is Anthony Stokes during yesterday's Edinburgh Derby...
  11. 28 Days To Go

    Glad it went well max. Any pics?
  12. No disrespect but I think you're making that up buddy. He only got it done last summer. Can take up to 1 year to see the results.
  13. Thanks for sharing Ian's words Ed. interesting to see what develops with this FUE combo.
  14. Found Out...Again

    Good... I hope! Haven't actually looked at them in a while so that says it all really. Needs a second mirror to check which I don't have as the last one broke ages ago and hasn't been replaced. Haven't had them touched at all since my last session of treatment before any laser, not sure exactly when that was but must be about August / September 2014 I think. I'll maybe upload a phone pic later on
  15. Never knew this and quite surprised to be honest. Would be good to see some photos Ed, if hes ok with it and if it was done by the same people who will be working for HIS. Tend to agree with David though. For a company who spent so long advertising their product as something to right the wrongs of the HT industry, to get into the business themselves now seems like they've sold out to me.