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  1. Just stopped in on a whim seven years after having smp...still rocking the look. Smp still looks fresh and no one ever knows its a tattoo unless I tell them. always around for coffee or drinks in case anyones ever interested on how well this look ages on. Im still digging smp and glad i did this treatment. happy holidays guys and thanks for your fine efforts. JB
  2. I'm in Bergen county NJ..anytime your passing by feel free to contact me ...I'll meet up..I'm six years in with smp.....and it's been a great experience ...life's is good... Evan feel free to hit me up if you want to come by... Cup of coffee or a cocktail ..lol standing offer...
  3. Is HIS clinic in NYC closed?

    Rent in manhattan is insane ....come to beautiful Bergen county NJ...rent is cheap and parking is easy...fort Lee would be smart...or Hoboken... Newark is such a shithole ...nobody wants to go there...not a fan of jersey city either... JMO I love having my HIS done 6 years ago this oct 3rd ... Looks real..no one could ever tell I was a Norwood 5 if I remember correctly.. I'm empowered by what HIS did for me... For the past six years..I am a guy who looks like I have a full head of hair and chose to shave my head and the HIS shadow makes it look real.. I'll always have a fond place in my heart for the cool people at HIS.
  4. 58 years old next month. Smp rocks guys...I look ten years younger and it's been six years since I had this done. Still looks great. No one ever knows I had this done unless I tell them for a few laughs to freak them out

  5. 58 years old next month. Smp rocks guys...I look ten years younger and it's been six years since I had this done. Still looks great. No one ever knows I had this done unless I tell them for a few laughs to freak them out

  6. Anyone in NYC want to meet up?

    In the tri state area with a six year old smp ..still looks dam good and I still get a lot of compliments. Your welcome to contact me if you haven't had the service done of if someone else sees this they can contact me as well. Just on a lark I'm on a cruise and was talking about how great smp is...so we just went on line during a cup of coffee an hour ago.. Great service guys...just do this smp thing...it's been that good ... Nobody ever knows or even believes it's not just me making the choice to shave my head ...as a guy who has a full head of hair cut down... Offer stands for anyone who wants to travel to northern Bergen county and buy me either a cup of coffee or a martini..
  7. touch up / long term results

    Oct 2011 I had this SMP done the first day HIS opened their office in NYC. It's six years in. If I remember to put my sunblock on as I tan by the pool all the time, Still holding strong. I highly recommend his and smp. Transformative would be the word I'd use. Life is very good. If your in the tri state area and if you want to see how this looks or want to talk about anything six years in...feel free to contact me.. Always good to help a brother out who needs an question answered.
  8. Few questions about SMP

    had mine done in 2011 and if I remember to use sunblock it's a good day. This revive has 6 years under my belt and it still looks awesome. When I decide to be entertaining I tell people that it's a tattoo and no one believes it. Great service guys. Two thumbs up from me. Good luck moving forward
  9. 2 Years Post SMP Reflection

    Had my amp done by HIS in oct 2011. Been great and I also ok ten years younger than before HIS. Anyone on the fence I fully recommend
  10. 3 1/2 years now and going strong!

    Congratulations...I've also had this for I think four or more years... I know I was the first person in the NY office to have this done.... Been great and I just stopped in to say hello. I'm 56 years old myself. I was a Norwood 5 or 6. Life is good. Smp or mHT whatever it's being called is awesome.
  11. Does SMP really look like hair?

    I've had this for quite a few years. No one has ever figured out this is smp.. Move forward with confidence.
  12. I wouldn't get to caught up in which practitioner is doing the his process...the reasons why this is the best way to go is because it's a three step evolving process that delivers excellence. I'm i think five years with smp or mHT or whatever it's called now and I still love it. Good luck and have fun.... Life is good ... Just get the smp process done and have confidence you ll look great when it's finished... Remember it's a three stage process for a reason... It's so at the end of the treatments at his your totally satisfified.
  13. I'm usually available to meet for a cup of coffee so you can see this in person ....
  14. Swimming with SMP

    After the first month..swim all you like. Hth
  15. On the fence and need to be convinced.

    Ps..I'm hungry right now so to make it even easier.....if you are within a half an hour of me...and you have a japanese restaurant near where you work...I'll travel at lunch time and you can buy me a 10 dollar chicken teriyaki boxed lunch..lol For ten bucks you ll know over lunch..LOL... I'll leave the tip for the waiter.. Hope this helps.