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  1. Birmingham UK

    Hello mate, to be honest if you go to the clinic in Birmingham there are going to be at least 3-4 people having the treatment done which means you will see some "before and afters" in the flesh. You will also see Ian and if you can stay up there for a few hours you will get a really good feel about the company.
  2. Is it me or does the hairline

    hey ryder21, the thing is when your given the chance to choose a hairline it's hard to turn down a "perfect one". I was up at the clinic last saturday and met 4 guys there who have had the treatment and they was all slightly different but all very realistic in looks. The gallery is half the story, find the link on here and watch the youtube videos and also try and meet someone or Ian himself in person. Don't apologise for asking challenging questions because if you do go ahead it's a big decision and not one to make with doubts in your mind!
  3. Raphael

    Just to show the flipside, when i had my consultation Ian quoted me a price but when he shaved my hair he said i had more hair coverage than he thought i would and said so we will charge you less!!! Ian and Ranbir are the most genuine people i have met who do this to help people and make their lifes better, your in the right hands now mate. Best of luck!
  4. Looking for some guidance

    Yeah I think in all cases you have at least 2 treatments and in my case it was 3. I had my hairline lowered and my hair had receeded so i had that filled in as well. The first treatment filled it all in and took about an hour, then the second was just touching up the areas that the ink hadn't taken to as well and then the third was my choice and probably not needed but when your given the chance to CHOOSE how your hair looks you become quite vain about it all! ha I actually had the third treatment today so i'm going to put my story up on the site now regarding my treatments but believe me it will be all good news!
  5. Looking for some guidance

    Hello mate, welcome to the forum, i have had the treatment for over a month now and it's the best thing i've ever done! You sound like your hair loss has got you down but trust me when i say you've found a "cure" here! My advice and everyone else's will be to meet with Ian and have a consultation as he can answer all your questions and you can see his head as well (he's had the treatment). If you don't feel ready to meet Ian yet then list any questions or concerns you have about the treatment and they will get answered on here. what's your e-mail and i'll forward you the brochure.
  6. Redness

    Hey Mark, How did the treatment go? What are your inital thoughts mate?
  7. 1 month on 2 feet taller

    yeah one thing for sure is whatever hairline you want you can have, Ian well spend as long as it takes to get it on perfect!
  8. Redness

    Hey Mark, when i had my first treatment the redness was pretty much gone the next day. Straight after the treatment because of the redness your hair will look darker but don't worry cos that fades. It does depend on how much you need doing and also your skin but i went home the same day to my girlfriend and said i've had my head shaved today and they was a bit rough so my heads gone a bit red...that worked a treat, you've got to remember people aren't going to be thinking it's a tattoo so saying they shaved your head and scraped the skin should work...if that was your concern goodluck
  9. 1 month on 2 feet taller

    Yeah good point about shaving your head before but in my case it wasn't an option, i was hiding a receeding hairline before so shaving would have exposed this but now people think i have just shaved my head. I also had my hairline lowered which may have been more noticeable if i had shaved before. I was so convinced that people would notice the change to my hairline but my girlfriend, mum and family have no idea! truth is we obsess over our hairlines more than they do! I actually think it's good that your exploring possible negatives and challenging the positive forum but the truth is i've had it done and i could freely write on here it's awful or swap e-mails with other members of pictures and experiences but whatever your thoughts it's clearly been an improvement for everyone on here! HIS are even confident enough to encourage on the forum people to meet and show each other results. have you thought about doing that or meeting Ian?
  10. 1 month on 2 feet taller

    Your not get challenged for having a negative outlook on it but your main concern seems to be that there is a huge effort to shave your head once every 3 days or that a series of events would cause you to be unable to shave your head but having had the treatment, neither of these are a concern. people have spoke on here before that it wouldn't be good if it become more well known and i do agree with that but i doubt it would ever get to the point that someone would see a shaved head and think that's a tattoo!! I was lucky because i had the apearance of a full head of hair before so it just looks like i've buzzed it. If not this treatment, are there any you would consider Rudebhoy?
  11. 1 month on 2 feet taller

    Rudebhoy you seem pretty caught up on this having to shave concept but i actually enjoy it because it gives me a good look. Out of interest what made you find this website? what's your current situation with your hair? do you need to spend time to cover up etc Also you say that if people don't discipline themselves to shave they would look a circus freak...that's like saying if i don't discipline myself to brush my teeth my breath will stink...i'm aware of this so i bush my teeth and shave my head!!
  12. negatives?

    Hey Nigel, i've been lazy getting my story up but i'm seeing Ian for the last time on saturday so after that i'll put something up here...needless to say it will be a positive story!
  13. negatives?

    There are negatives and you've pretty much mentioned them, but nobody would have found this site if they was happy with their current look... i had a really decent head of hair that was receeding so i used to fashion a style each morning that hid that and i would shit myself everytime it rained or was windy etc I also used to HATE getting my haircut but now thats all gone! When i had hair i always wanted a skinhead look but didn't want to cos of my receeding hairline so for me this really was win, win!! you asked if people regret it and yet nobody has ever asked for it to be reveresed despite the option being available!
  14. My long and detailed experience

    Great story and really well written. I'm pleased that it has given you such freedom i had my treatment about 2 weeks ago and feel exactly the same, i even had the same thoughts as you straight after as my head was so red and I was thinking "you look like an idiot" about 2-3 hours later it looked great. I need to write my story up because i think some people may relate to my experience. As for you, your life has been changed for the better and I think your story above will inspire others to do the same. Well done.
  15. Had it done a month ago!

    I think it would make life easier, i just don't want it to look like a bald head. I just reckon a wet shave look would do that.