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  1. As some of you may have noticed, we are putting steps in place to improve the quality of the before and after photographs on our website. As a business that has always aimed to be as honest as possible about what we can and cannot achieve, the purpose of this exercise is to show as accurately as possible what our clients can expect their treatments to look like in the real world. What are the issues? Although this process should be straightforward, this project poses a few very real challenges, as follows: Most of our photographs are taken immediately after a treatment session. Thats why the treatments you see in our gallery and case studies section often look over-defined, the dots look too big and the skin appears red or pink. The treatment simply hasn't had time to settle When photographs are taken before and after each treatment session, quite often each shot will have been taken by a different practitioner in a different room from a different angle under different lighting conditions, and often with a different camera. Trying therefore to make all our photos appear in a uniform fashion is almost impossible Our practitioners are not professional photographers Artificial lighting used in our clinics (and most offices, homes etc) are not conducive to great photos Often the client lives too far from a clinic to return at a later date for retrospective photographs showing how the treatment looks when it has settled We are limited to how much we can edit our photos to compensate for any inconsistencies, as manipulation of any after shot is strictly against our code of ethics How about an example? One key issue is varying lighting conditions - i.e a photo taken at 9am will always look different from one taken at 3pm, even when the photo is taken indoors. The following shots highlight the issue: The photo on the right shows considerably more detail than the photo on the left, purely due to differing lighting conditions So what is the solution? Clearly having great after shots of our work, showing as much detail as possible, is important to our clients so that they may gain an accurate idea of what MHT is actually capable of achieving. High quality photographs are also important to HIS from a business point of view for obvious reasons. We are therefore undertaking a number of changes as follows: We offered an incentive for our clients to return to their nearest clinic for photos, in return for a free touch-up session. Details here We are incorporating a number of guidelines to all our practitioners, in an attempt to standardise our photos. Hopefully this should result in more photos being taken in similar lighting conditions, from the same angles etc We are in the process of extracting still photos from some of our high definition videos Our photographer Andrew Bainbridge will be taking a greater proportion of our before and after photos. To date Andrew has produced all our videos and all our modelling shots, but only a small proportion of our after photos. This should result in a vast improvement We are looking at ways that some of the photos on this forum could be incorporated into our gallery and case studies (with the clients permission of course). This is work in progress. As you can see, we are putting a few changes in place which should make a difference, however please bear in mind that these changes will take some time to be noticed by our site visitors and forum members. We will keep you all updated. Regards Damien
  2. We've been promising a new forum for some time. In truth, its been a herculean task on the part of our web design agency (LHM Media in Birmingham), however everyone including our clients, forum members and our own team appear to be united in praise for the new forum. Some of the new features were required simply to bring the forum up to date with some of the functionality that has become standard issue in recent years. This includes features like reputation scoring, fuller profiles, proper avatar support, forum search and an effective quoting function. Other features were on the wish list, and although not absolutely essential, have provided this forum with some excellent functionality that we hope make it a much more interesting place for our members to hang out. Being able to send friend requests, write your own blogs, create your own galleries and just having a much more straightforward and modern user interface all make a huge difference to the usability of our new forum. As with everything at HIS we are always looking to make improvements, so if anyone has any comments or suggestions please feel free to post them on this thread. The best way to learn about what our new forum can offer is to dive right in and have a good look around. If you want a jumpstart, I suggest you see the following: The "View New Content" tab (top right) for the latest threads and posts The forum member blog area The reputation league The main common room On the main site, our gallery and case studies Find out more about MHT