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  1. Following unprecedented demand for our scalp micropigmentation service in NYC, HIS Hair Clinic is pleased to announce that we are moving from our existing location on 5th Avenue, to new and substantially larger premises on Broadway. New York was host to the first HIS Hair Clinic location in the United States, and remains our busiest American clinic. Following a steady increase in awareness and referrals, and the subsequent and inevitable uplift in demand that followed, HIS Hair Clinic is moving into a new, much larger location on Broadway. Our new Broadway location features no less than five private treatment rooms, making this our largest clinic of all and by far the biggest scalp micropigmentation clinic in the world. Our new clinic is led by newly-promoted Clinic Manager Greig, and staffed by his team of four dedicated, highly skilled SMP practitioners, ready to offer our clients in New York City the ultimate scalp micropigmentation experience and service. Important information Please note that the last treatment day at our old 5th Avenue premises will be Friday 29th August 2014. Treatment schedules will resume at our new Broadway location on Tuesday 2nd September 2014. Our new clinic address is as follows: HIS Hair Clinic Suite 403, 4th Floor 568 Broadway New York City NY 10012 We have attempted to contact all clients booked between these dates to offer alternative arrangements. If a member of our team has been unable to reach you, please call us on 1-855-447-4247. Both locations will be closed on Monday 1st September for Labor Day.
  2. Dear all, I am pleased to announce that Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson will soon be available for consultations in Miami and Boston, on the following dates: Miami - Monday 1st April 2013 Boston - Friday 5th April 2013 A consultation with Ian and Ranbir is the ideal opportunity to see an MHT treatment for real and up close. As the pioneers of scalp pigmentation as a solution for hair loss, there is no-one anywhere in the world more qualified to answer all your questions. As always consultations are free, informal and without any obligation. Those who are interested should email our US administration team at usa@hishairclinic.com or call 1-855-447-4247
  3. Hi all, Katrina, our resident laser removal guru, would like to join this forum to offer answers to questions and general advice regarding the removal of SMP pigments from the scalp. As the foremost expert on SMP removal techniques, there is no-one in the world more qualified or capable of answering your questions, so if there is anything you'd like to know, I urge you to post those questions on this thread. Most removal-based questions tend to fall into one of the following camps: Future hairline adjustments and other alterations The ability to remove a full SMP treatment, should you change your mind The ability to remove treatments not carried out by HIS Hair Clinic It is important to mention that (to my knowledge), only two clients have ever requested the complete removal of a treatment applied by HIS. Questions around removal are usually asked for peace of mind purposes rather than actual intent. In the case of alterations however, it is likely that at some point in the future you may want to appear more receded, or change the shape of your hairline (for example) in order to appear more age-appropriate. For this reason, questions about laser removal are relevant to a lot of people here. Katrina will post on this thread in the next few days to answer any questions posted below. Please do not ask Katrina questions via private message. We would like the Q&A's to be posted publicly so that everyone here can benefit.
  4. Reposting as a reminder guys - our Glasgow open day is taking place RIGHT NOW until 7.00pm tonight. Our open day in NYC is this Friday 17th April. Call us to reserve your FREE place Hello everyone, There are TWO forthcoming open days taking place very soon in NYC and Glasgow. Glasgow - Wednesday 15th April 2015 - 11.30am until 7.00pm 496 Argyle Street Glasgow G2 8NH New York City - Friday 17th April 2015 - 12.00pm until 8.00pm Suite 403, 4th Floor 568 Broadway Manhattan New York City NY 10012 IMPORTANT (NYC open day) - To confirm your attendance, please call us on 1-855-447-4247 or email usa@hishairclinic.com. IMPORTANT (Glasgow open day) - To confirm your attendance, please call us on 0845 6044618 or email info@hishairclinic.com. For insurance reasons we cannot always permit access without confirmation in advance. HIS Hair Clinic open days are provided free of charge and with no obligation. The environment is relaxed and informal, and provides an ideal opportunity to see SMP for real and up close. As with all our open days, we make every effort to ensure that at least one treatment is taking place at all times, so prospective clients can watch a real treatment in action and talk to the recipient before, during and after their session. For those who would like a consultation and/or quotation on the day, this option will be available but entirely optional. Here are a couple of videos from past open day events in Manchester and San Francisco:
  5. Dear all, I am thrilled to announce that HIS Hair Clinic now offers finance packages to customers in the UK, and in the US. This is in response to extensive client demand, and is offered to make our scalp micropigmentation treatments more accessible to all. We offer credit in the United Kingdom via First Medical Loans, and in the United States via United Medical. We offer two types of credit: 0% finance over terms of up to 12 months A competitive APR for terms of up to 60 months The criteria for offering credit in the UK are as follows: You must have a clean credit history Full time employment with a minimum net pay of £1000 per month Aged between 21-75 Loan amounts of £4000 or more are offered to homeowners only Self employed applicants must be homeowners Clients can apply online via this link: https://apply.firstmedicalloans.com/fml/ClinicStart.do?clinic=231 Or by calling First Medical Loans directly on 0845 6341199. An immediate decision is given on application. To apply for finance you will need a quotation from HIS. Customers paying on finance are not required to pay a deposit to HIS Hair Clinic, however please be aware that due to the statutory 14 day cooling-off period that apply to all finance agreements in the UK, your first session cannot be scheduled until at least 15 days after your finance has been approved. Please note that your relationship with the finance company is independent of your relationship with HIS Hair Clinic. Upon commencement we are unable to answer any finance related questions or queries, and likewise First Medical Loans are unable to answer any treatment related queries. The above terms apply to UK clients and are set by the finance company. We are unable to negotiate terms or appeals on your behalf. Similar criteria and terms apply to our American applicants, however I will clarify these as soon as possible when I have more details. If you have any questions prior to application please call our team on 0845 6044618 or email info@hishairclinic.com.
  6. Following many years of requests, approaches, pitches and partnership offers from interested parties around the world, HIS Hair Clinic is proud to announce the launch of its Global Franchising Programme, effective immediately. The official news release can be found here: http://www.hishairclinic.com/his-hair-clinic-launches-global-franchise-programme/ From my own point of view - HIS Hair Clinic has grown beyond all recognition in recent years. The days of the company operating out of a single location, with just Ian and Ranbir at the helm and myself and one other marketing guy pushing the business forward, are long gone. This is now a multi-million dollar company with more than twenty clinics located across four continents. We launched a Training Academy to develop our own team of practitioners, highly talented individuals who help make the company the success story it has become, and we now manage all manner of back-office departments and procedures from Client Services to Accounts, Health & Safety to IT Support. The business is at a crossroads. Either we continue to expand as we have done in the past with wholly owned clinics, or we franchise the operation into new territories. We have chosen the latter because we want to partner with people who are not only passionate about SMP, but also have extensive knowledge of their local market. This is a hugely exciting development, as we are on a mission to make high quality SMP accessible to more people in more countries around the world. All franchisees will complete the same intensive training as our own staff and will be expected to deliver results to the same high standards as a condition of the franchise agreement, therefore the quality of treatment delivered at our franchised locations will be the same as at any other HIS clinic. If anyone has any questions, I'll do my best to answer them here, however due to the commercial nature of this development, I cannot answer questions relating to costs or the monetary structure of the franchise package. For questions like these, please email franchising@hishairclinic.com.
  7. Hi All We speak with a lot of people who have scars on their scalps. These scars are usually the result of hair transplant surgery, although there are exceptions such as Ryans story here: http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/my-hair-loss Do you have scars as a result of Strip, FUT or FUE transplant surgery? I'm sure that others would benefit from seeing your photographs and learning about your experience. If you are willing to post a photo or two, or just talk about your scar story, please post on this thread.
  8. If a person has BALDNESS issues, yes, this solution can banish them. If a person has self-esteem issues in general, no cosmetic treatment will make that go away. Even men who look like Channing Tatum can have issues with confidence. SMP helps you to stand tall and proud, and not worry about one particular aspect of your appearance that you're not happy with.
  9. A few questions

    This is the same scenario as mine. I have blonde hair, but if I wet shave it you can barely see anything. I went for a darker shade than my real hair, so my 'hair' now looks much darker than what I was born with. Works well.
  10. this doesn't look realistic....

    The hair on his sides is brown. When it is shaved down you can clearly see it appears grey. All hair appears a shade of grey when shaved
  11. Smp improvments?

  12. The same discussion is taking place on two different threads. Responses here please forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6237-getting-a-little-worried-looking-very-dark-and-unnatural/
  13. Duplicate post. Responses here please http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6616-do-you-think-this-procedure-is-really-worth-doing/
  14. OK, I understand your frustration. Please can you send your details to damien@hishairclinic.com, and I'll flag your case with the senior management team for a response.

    I've closed the thread. Best way is to redirect members to your new thread. Comments here please guys http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6602-bald-spot-fixed/

    Thank you for your email. If you check, you'll see I responded with the information you asked for. Lets cool this down a little guys. No-one needs to argue here.

    Fire over an email to me at damien@hishairclinic.com with your real name, treatment location and dates, and I'll give you his mobile number.

    I think you need to share a photo to explain what the problem is
  19. Hair Transplant

    Because he's a spammer
  20. Fraxel can sometimes help with indented scars, however you need to see a specialist before you make any decision. They may recommend dermal fillers instead. There is zero information available about the effect that fraxel may have on an existing SMP treatment. The worst case scenario I guess is that the pigment may appear faded and require a corrective SMP session.
  21. SMP Commercial

    His initial treatment was at HIS. Personally I think it looked awesome when it was finished. He then had further sessions somewhere else, and to be honest I think those sessions have been detrimental. I know I'm biased, but that's my honest opinion
  22. I often forget about my hair

    Thank you for the positive feedback, but have to close thread to keep this discussion all in one place. Comments here please http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6558-im-glad-i-chose-his/
  23. Life is beautiful

    Thank you for the positive feedback, but have to close thread to keep this discussion all in one place. Comments here please http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6558-im-glad-i-chose-his/
  24. Any Personal Laser Experience?

    We recommend this company to clients quite often.