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  1. If a person has BALDNESS issues, yes, this solution can banish them. If a person has self-esteem issues in general, no cosmetic treatment will make that go away. Even men who look like Channing Tatum can have issues with confidence. SMP helps you to stand tall and proud, and not worry about one particular aspect of your appearance that you're not happy with.
  2. A few questions

    This is the same scenario as mine. I have blonde hair, but if I wet shave it you can barely see anything. I went for a darker shade than my real hair, so my 'hair' now looks much darker than what I was born with. Works well.
  3. this doesn't look realistic....

    The hair on his sides is brown. When it is shaved down you can clearly see it appears grey. All hair appears a shade of grey when shaved
  4. Smp improvments?

  5. The same discussion is taking place on two different threads. Responses here please forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6237-getting-a-little-worried-looking-very-dark-and-unnatural/
  6. Duplicate post. Responses here please http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6616-do-you-think-this-procedure-is-really-worth-doing/
  7. OK, I understand your frustration. Please can you send your details to damien@hishairclinic.com, and I'll flag your case with the senior management team for a response.

    I've closed the thread. Best way is to redirect members to your new thread. Comments here please guys http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6602-bald-spot-fixed/

    Thank you for your email. If you check, you'll see I responded with the information you asked for. Lets cool this down a little guys. No-one needs to argue here.

    Fire over an email to me at damien@hishairclinic.com with your real name, treatment location and dates, and I'll give you his mobile number.

    I think you need to share a photo to explain what the problem is
  12. Hair Transplant

    Because he's a spammer
  13. Fraxel can sometimes help with indented scars, however you need to see a specialist before you make any decision. They may recommend dermal fillers instead. There is zero information available about the effect that fraxel may have on an existing SMP treatment. The worst case scenario I guess is that the pigment may appear faded and require a corrective SMP session.
  14. SMP Commercial

    His initial treatment was at HIS. Personally I think it looked awesome when it was finished. He then had further sessions somewhere else, and to be honest I think those sessions have been detrimental. I know I'm biased, but that's my honest opinion
  15. I often forget about my hair

    Thank you for the positive feedback, but have to close thread to keep this discussion all in one place. Comments here please http://forum.hishairclinic.com/topic/6558-im-glad-i-chose-his/