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  1. 2 times ten plus one

    Hi Robby. Just to let you no that #### and his good lady wife had a baby girl Ellie who weighed in at 8lbs 9oz. Congratulations #### mate.
  2. Happy Christmas everyone !!

    Happy Xmas Damien to you and your family. Have a good one )
  3. Damien's Diary Thread With Photos And Videos

    All the best with the treatment Damien. I think its really going to suit you. D
  4. Practitioner Simon - A very personal story

    Emotional and inspirational story. Proud of you mate. D
  5. Damien

    Hi Raymond. Have sent you a PM to your inbox.
  6. An observation of Matt (NY clinic manager)

    Matt is a top guy and runs the New York clinic brilliantly. Having the treatment himself he fully understands what everybody goes through and its great to hear your experience Northpole. Pleased for you.
  7. Inside the Swedish Clinic!

    Looks fantastic Sam.
  8. Moisturiser with SPF

    I have used that one Damien and it is very good. I also found one that has 30SPF as well as Anti Shine with it. Recommend it highly. Its ROC Minesol Sun Cream and is selling on Amazon at only £2.62 reduced from £14. Have just ordered myself 3 bottles. Link:- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Roc-Minesol-Sun-Cream-SPF/dp/B003R0GXC4
  9. Billy in Hong Kong!!!

    Excellent thread Billy and knowing Johnathan it's no surprise you have been treated well. The pictures you have attached look fantastic and you should be smiling from ear to ear. Good luck with the rest of your treatment and keep us updated.
  10. HIS Hong Kong's up and running

    Hi John. Congratulations on the opening of your HIS Clinic in Hong Kong, really pleased for you. Wishing you all the best for your future out there. The treatment you have done for William looks fantastic )
  11. London or Birmingham clinic

    Both London & Birmingham Clinic practitioners have the same experience and quality.
  12. HIS Brochure with Prices

    Hi Joe. brochure sent mate. All the best.
  13. For someone a little older??

    Shuldrz - I was a NW7 mate. Basically a horse shoe with the odd hair sprinkled on top. SC & CK - Cheers for the comments. The treatment has certainly knocked years off me and will for anyone who decides to have it done. Shame nothing can be done for my bones and muscles as they certainly feel over 40 ) Mike of Portland - Don't worry too much that you are in your 50's. HIS have treated men of all ages and there have been many men in there late 40's early 50's have successful treatments and have looked amazing. I cannot answer what it would cost you as that would have to be assessed via a consultation with Ian/Ranbiar. The pain is a personal thing and in my case there were areas that were tender but it was bearable. Healing time is normally between 3-5 days but again will depend on skin type.