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  1. Ingrowing hairs and whiteheads.

    Jayy, Where primarily on your head are you getting them?
  2. Day #1 in the bag!

    Fellas!! (American term Lacey-- I called you an author because we were talking about the fact that we decided you write "novels" on the HIS sight lol (just kidding mate, your type stories are the kind that encouraged me to do this treatment.) Cheers ceasar, it was good to meet you mate. I didn't get to see you after your treatment but I hope it went well. I am ecstatic with my new hair line as well, it's good to feel my real age. Hopefully now people in the US will decide to card me when I go to get alcohol! Adam-- great to meet you as well mate. I'm telling you, it was like meeting someone famous because your picture on the gallery was one of the two that convinced me the treatment was legitimate! I've just finished my second treatment last night, but before that all the redness had subsided and I almost didn't feel like they needed to continue the treatment because it looked so good! Ian reminded me though that I am losing my hair (it was nice to forget that, those are feelings I haven't sported in awhile) and so we should probably continue the treatment. The hairline is still doing good but the top and back of my head are both now quite red. I expect it to subside within the next couple of days but I'll be sending you an email with my finished results for sure mate. I just wanted to mention a guy who came in to the clinic yesterday from afar (I can't remember his name or exactly where he's from), but I was talking to Ian right before this guy's treatment. When I entered the room he eyed the top of my head, and once I was finished talking to Ian he asked if I had gotten the treatment. Ian and I smiled because these are the types of reactions one receives with the HIS system which are priceless. Even after I bent down and let this guy examine the top of my scalp, he was still quizzical as to whether I had gotten the treatment or was joking with him and have had a full head of hair my entire life, even though I was staying at the HIS hair loss clinic! Right then and there a person knows they have made a good decision. Cheers anyone who decides to get this treatment. You won't regret it!
  3. Day #1 in the bag!

    Today was my first treatment at HIS. I arrived here around 11am after my 15 hours of travel from the US. So far the new hairline is pristine. Ranbir is a knight, and the computerized needle gun is her excalibur: she has truly mastered her craft. So far my experience with Ian and Ranbir at HIS Hair clinic has been more than I could've asked for. I think people are more friendly in England in general than the US thus far, but the people at HIS are more than welcoming and they truly make someone who is so far from it feel at once again at home. [be nice to Lucky (the new helping hand around HIS) or she will give you the business end of her hair clippers! jk jk she told me to put this comment in here] Right now the 'ol scalp is a bit red, but that will settle down in the next day or two. Even with the redness, the new, defined hairline is exciting to look at. I was also fortunate enough to meet @Lacey earlier in the HIS waiting room! It's almost like meeting an author, I kind of want an autograph. It is so cool to put a face to a name. As he said, it is a miracle to come in one day bald and leave with a virtual full head of hair. Honestly, I was around a 3 on the scale, with the smallest patch in back. I was asked by some why I was here, because my hairline hasn't yet gotten to the point where it is super-apparent that it is "flying the coop". I will assure you, however, that I am one of the people who's trail you can follow by the stray hairs left behind :/ I was really looking for a lowered, more definitive hairline, which I believe has been achieved. Now, I look like I have a 100% full head of hair (but spent a bit too much time at the beach), and I can't wait to see what results I get in treatment #'s 2 and 3. Stay tuned! I'm going out for a pint then coming back for some sleep to get over this damn jetlag
  4. A Few Questions

    I disagree with Lacey, as I have scheduled my appointments with Ian and HIS for next week because I go to school in the US, and I am taking a maximum of a week off and having greater than or equal to 3 treatments done.
  5. Can't get into contact!

    Hi I have emailed a couple of times about some questions I have had. I can try to call, but have to wait until probably midnight or later so that's why email works better for me. If I could even get an email just to establish contact and I will reply with my original questions, that would work. Thanks
  6. A Few More Questions...

    @Vince Thank you that information is helpful. I will definitely be reporting soon! I still am searching for people in the U.S. who have had this treatment done-- if you could send me a message or an email that would be great! Thanks
  7. That is great that you are so happy about your treatment! Did you get the sides done? Could you send me pics? Thanks
  8. A Few More Questions...

    Hi HIS forum-- I recently had my Skype consultation with Ian, and it went well. However, I have a few more questions as I was a bit hung over being as I am in the U.S. and our meeting time was early , and I forgot a couple questions I was going to ask. I have already emailed these questions on this website, but received no reply as of yet and that was 2 weeks ago. 1. What is the shortest number of days in which I can get the full 4 treatments? The longer I stay the more it would cost me. 2. If I need a touch up later down the road are they complimentary by HIS? I don't want this to be a black hole of spending if it starts to fade or something. I thought I read something about this on the website but I just wanted to make sure. 3. Ian told me that there were some people who have had this done from the U.S. whom he would put me into contact with, although I never received any word from him about this matter. If you are from the U.S. and have had this procedure done, it would be great if you could send me a message on here or reply on this thread-- I have a couple of questions for you personally and would like to see as many pictures and success stories as possible. I'll have you all know that I have put the funding for this procedure in the works! I am so excited to get this done, and each post encouraging me to do so makes me that much more anxious. I will be updating my entire experience with the HIS website to this forum-- I assure any skeptics that I am no spokesperson for anybody. You will get the actual low down: if its good and I recommend it, I will say. If I feel I have spent one penny that I shouldn't have, I will update. Stay tuned! -dt15
  9. Some preliminary questions...

    @aaron I am inspired and would love to see some pics of your finished result! @sundayhd Yes! @DieselVan Ok. Do the sides look tacky when they are done with the treatment? I don't know if there are any before/after pics where the sides were done as well, other than the front hairline profiles. Is there any way you could send me pics of your final outcome from the treatment? And how do you think the HIS treatment would look if it went all the way to the start of my neck at the back of my head? Hopefully not tacky. I realize that the only maintenance to this treatment is to not let your hair grow out, but this is no problem for me because I have cut my own hair ever since I have started a trail of hairs behind my path throughout life . I have since been cutting all of my friends and family member's hair. Isn't it weird how once one starts balding their fascination with a full head of hair skyrockets?
  10. Hello all I am brand new to this forum. Before I registered, I read pretty much every post on here, and it all got me pretty excited to try this treatment myself. But before I do, I have some questions: First, I have a lighter color of hair, I have been told it is red but it's more brown in my opinion. But when I shave it, you cannot see the follicles underneath the skin. This poses a problem for HIS, because I know they fade your top hair with your existing hair. Is this a common problem? And what methods does HIS use to make their treatment look natural with my hair type? I have seen the light natural looking hairlines on the Before and After pictures on the website, but I don't really want my hair to look like that, I would like it to be darker. Second, how long is the shortest time period in which I can complete this treatment? I am from Oregon in the USA, so the time I could spend in the UK would be limited. Third, I am 20 years old. In fact, my 21er is on Saturday. I am a very self aware person: although my hair loss isn't quite visible yet (I'm about a 2 on the scale sent by the brochure) I know that this treatment is what I desire more than anything because I love the whole "Not needing to mess with it" hairstyle. I buzz my hair now, but I can map definite raising in my hairline. Fourth, I requested a Skype consultation a few weeks ago, then again recently, and never heard back. After I requested my online brochure, the email said to "reply with times that I would be available for a Skype chat". I replied with my times, Wednesday 2pm-12am, and Friday 12pm-12am. I haven't heard anything from HIS since. Obviously I am really wanting to get a quote on this as I am much more than serious about nipping this 'going bald' problem in the bud and getting the HIS treatment. I would much appreciate the feedback and support that I have been reading about on these forums to be show towards myself as well. The people who have been talking on this forum speak of "life-changing" and "what they have been waiting for". I would like a chance to be one of those people. So please PLEASE reply to this and help me to not only be one of your customers, but one of your friends. Thank you very much,