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  1. Hi everyone, it’s been a little while since I’ve been on here so just a quick update into what my SMP is looking like since I had it done. Next month will be 8 years since I had my SMP treatment done (back in May 2009). Just a recap showing what I looked like prior to SMP (back in April 2009) I took some pictures earlier on today (with my camera phone – in selfie mode). Unfortunately I’m unable to capture the detail but you can see how it has fared up over the years. In person it looks miles better and you can see the individual dot's if you look close enough. I had my hairline broken up around 2.5 years ago, details here: Still to this day I’ve not told anyone that I’ve had it done and neither has anyone mentioned anything or picked up on it. It’s the best thing I’ve done, no regrets whatsoever. If you’re on the fence or think the pictures/videos look un-natural then go and see it in the flesh. Any questions, ask away and I'll do my best to help
  2. Not shaving to skin

    I've had SMP for 7 years now and I wet shave to the skin, with a razor, daily and it matches perfectly. I had the hairline broken up around 18 months back and the 'after' images below are from a few months after that. For larger images see here:
  3. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    I use the pink one. I’ve pretty much stopped using all the other anti-shines and just rely on the talc which does a fantastic job.
  4. SMP Spotted!!!

    I've had SMP for nearly 6 years and until very recently my style was very sharp/defined and I've never been spotted. I've got some friends who would not hold back if they thought anything was amiss and not a single one of them have noticed anything. In reality, all people with full heads of hair and ones who do not shave/buzz their hair will not know what SMP is, unless you have really gone for an un-natural, dark look against your practitioners advice. Or they think they can get away with a few extra days growth, and this is where the difference between SMP and real hair can be seen. You have to be realistic in regards to the length you can get away with. In my case a daily wet shave gives me an undetectable look. There also seems to be quite a few armchair 'experts' saying how unnatural it looks, how big the dots are etc and yet most of them have never seen SMP in the flesh. They are basing everything on what they see in pictures/videos (most of the times these would have been taken immediately after a treatment or the dots have not yet fully shrunk - it can take up to a few months to see the final effect). Also what one may consider flaws in pictures/videos, the naked eye simply does not see these in person. If you are on the fence and not sure if SMP is something for you or not, then you need to see it in the flesh on a few people. No amount of pictures/videos will help to convince you if it's for you or not.
  5. In total I’ve had 3 different practitioners work on my head and I can’t fault any of them. From what I’ve been reading of late, HIS are not too keen on practitioner names being mentioned so I’ll refrain from doing so. I live in London if that helps in any way
  6. No laser at all. I initially did think I would need to have some SMP lasered off as my hairline and side profiles were quite sharp, but I was told it's possible to break up the hairline without having to resort to laser. Just for comparison you can see how extremely sharp and defined my hairline and side profiles looked after my 2nd session on my initial treatment nearly 6 years ago. I did have the edge taken off the side profiles at subsequent sessions, however the treatment as a whole was still very sharp and angular. May 2009 - After 2nd Session February 2015 - After having broken up the hairline and side profiles
  7. An update 2 months after having had the hairline broken up (2nd session). I went back to the clinic for an assessment and asked them to take some pictures to show how it's looking now. I did try taking some pictures myself but I was unable to capture the detail/quality of the treatment. The cost was 2 hours work (the hourly rate I was quoted when I had my initial treatment done) + consumables. Daily wet shaving against the grain gives me an undetectable look for 24 hours. I can get away with (just about) leaving it for 2 days without shaving however the difference between hair and SMP becomes a little more noticeable, hence shaving daily. The pictures below were taken around 7 hours after having wet shaved, against the grain.
  8. The plastic/glass scalp effect

    What I've noticed is that if I shave my head and then have a shower straight away, my head shines like a bowling ball. If on the other hand the shower and shaving are a few hours apart (usually shave and then shower later) then the effect is drastically reduced and in most cases hardly noticable. And then I'd simply apply some Pinaud talc to my head to give it the total matt look.
  9. Just a quick update. When breaking up the hairline and having a sprinkle all over, shade 18 was used and unfortunaltey the pigment did not hold too well, especially at and around the hairline. I went back for another session and this time shade 16 was used and the hairline and side profiles were broken up even more. Fingers crossed it holds this time and I will post update pictures. Below you can see how it looked immediatley after the 2nd session (a fair bit of brusing and redness) The changes over 5 and a half years
  10. Life changing 1st And 2nd Session in HK

    Looks fantastic Makes you look at least 10 years younger
  11. Question For The Wet Shavers!!!

    I'm a Norwood 6 and always wet shave against the grain. I've been doing this on a daily basis since I had SMP (and prior) and this gives me the best look and the treatment looks 100% undetectable for close to 24 hours. I've just recently had a touch up (change of style) so will see how long I'll be able to go without shaving, however I still feel a daily wet shave will give the best look.
  12. I'm doing it! -- Will_montreal Journeys

    Will, I personally think you can still go a little lower on the hairline, but it's all down to personal preference and what your comfortable with. Once you get used to your SMP, you may at a later date decide to drop your hairline. When I went in to get my hairline changed last week in Birmingham I saw Lara treating a guy and the results looked fantastic. Lara herself reminded me of Kat Von D
  13. Michael, you have nothing to worry about. I first had SMP done over 5 years ago and only last week I went back to change the style and break up my hairline. In all honesty if i did not want to change the look I may not have needed to return for a touch-up for a good few years still. If you have not already seen the treatment in person then that is the first thing to do. In my opinion the pictures and videos don't do it the justice that seeing it in person does.
  14. I finally took the plunge after debating for so long as whether to change my look and defined hairline and go for a more natural looking softer hairline. No laser removal, just 2 odd hours in the chair to go from before to after and all I can say is, I wish I had done it sooner. The "AFTER" pictures were taken immediately after the session so some areas are still a little red. I only had the one session and not sure if I'll need another, guess time will tell. Will take some more pictures again in a few weeks time. BEFORE AFTER What I used to look like before I had SMP (pictures from May 2009)
  15. It has been over 5 years since I had the treatment done (back in May 2009) and now it's time for a change. The plan is to soften the hairline (and side profiles) and I've been told that this can be achieved without having to resort to laser removal. When I had SMP done I wanted the freshly shaved look and for the best result I have been wet shaving with a razor against the grain daily. The pigment colour used on me was 16/14. The treatment has advanced greatly since I had it done, what with broken/soft hairlines and now talk of 3D SMP. I took some pictures earlier on today with 2 days of growth and directly beneath that you can see what it looks like freshly shaved. So looking at my pictures below, what do you think is possible? And would you stick to a freshly shaved look (wet shaving daily) or go for a buzz cut look? 2 DAYS GROWTH FRESHLY SHAVED