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  1. Brian's work (Chicago)

    Not quite sure how you can draw that conclusion seeing as Damien has mentioned that less than 5% of clients actually post on the forum and probably 20% of them bother to post up their pictures. So that’s a total of 1% of the work done by HIS that you get to see on here. What about the other 99%? Btw, so out of all the work you have seen which clinic/practitioner(s) are these great examples coming from, in your opinion?

    I highly doubt anything would have gone wrong. If that were the case don't you think these guys would be on the forum posting and warning everyone? Or if HIS had anything to hide don't you think they would have removed the videos? It's more a case of what Nightwood says in his post.
  3. So in that case will HIS be taking a refundable deposit on the day of the free treatment? As otherwise whats to stop me, or anyone else, coming in for the free session and then not being bothered to return for the photographs to be taken?
  4. I want NO Hairline! Any examples??

    Daughtry mocked up so looking slightly less receded in the 1st pic. The 2nd pic the original Daughtry.
  5. I want NO Hairline! Any examples??

    Below you can see all the different stages of hair loss, so which of these looks are you after with the 'no hairline' look?
  6. I'm sure you could and I'd imagine that HIS would make you sign some additional disclaimer that you are requesting something outside of normal procedure. The only danger with going darker is that if your in the small percentage of clients where the treatment does not fade as much as expected, then what are you going to do? Sit under a sunbed reading a book till it fades to match :-)
  7. Rza, in the last year or so that you have been looking into this treatment how many real people have you met in person who have had MHT done? And if you have met any people, what was your view on their treatment? Was it detectable? Let's face it you could spend another year or two analyzing the pictures and videos posted here, however that will not show you what it looks like in real life. In pictures/videos you may see things which you think are imperfections however in real life the naked eye does not see this.
  8. Hello From Australia!

    Aaron, there were two brothers who posted on here who had made the journey from Australia to the UK to undergo MHT. Here is the link to their story: Re: Staying in London hotel for 2 weeks, should be sufficient time for 3 treatments. First one on the 1st/2nd day. The second one around the 7th/8th day and the third one around the 13th/14th day.
  9. I'm not sure how much weight I'd give an article which has 4 referral links to expensive skin care products being sold on Amazon, ranging in price from $21.95 to $52.00. Thus anytime anyone clicks on one of the links and purchases the product then John Su (the write of the article) earns a nice commission.
  10. Body hair to scar transplant

    You may want to take a read through madeofscars thread as I recall him having used body hair in his scar(s) along with fraxel and then completed with MHT.
  11. Payment plans

    Why don't you just get a loan from the bank, get the treatment and pay the bank back monthly? If your credit worthy then you should have no problem getting the money from a bank. If you not, then it's unlikely you would have been offered credit anyway.
  12. The oldest case study is that of Ian Watson himself, who had the treatment done close to 11 years ago. Below you can see a picture of what he looks like now (taken from the HIS Facebook page)
  13. Practitioner Jason in London

    Robby, to find Thfc's thread(s), just under his username where it says what type of member he is 'Junior Member' in his case, simply click on that. Then scroll down to the bottom of that page to where it says 'Topics Started'. The links Thfc's threads: "My results with pics" - Where he was not happy with the initial result: "Pics update thfc" - Where he had more work done and had a major transformation:
  14. Scarmageddon

    Damien, in a case like Warriors where the pigment appears darker and does not look like its fading (or as fast as usual), could he not use a tanning booth to 'help' the pigment fade a little as opposed to going down the laser route? So in a nutshell rather than follow normal protocol when using sunbeds (cover up MHT, wear a cap etc), do the opposite and expose the MHT to the rays to speed up the fading process.
  15. Growing Hair out with MHT

    Yonza, the guy who had it done as a shade and keeping his hair at a 6 guard is going to be in trouble when his hair recedes further. His only option then would be to remove it ALL by laser and then have it reapplied as dots.