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  1. Took the plunge pt2

    hi guys, sorry I've been out of touch on this, but the treatment was done intensively over 4 days.. almost consecutive days, hence the results. see latest image which is about 11months old.
  2. how is the colour holding up

    Hi John, Mine faded in about 3 months, but when I said faded, I mean it dropped shades of black but didn't disappear or anything. I am of black origin so need darker shades, but I think for white guys, they could keep it even longer btw - this is only a 1 treatment result, so I know a 2nd treatment would give me the colour I want on a longer term basis.
  3. New here

    Hi Jade, The forum is precisely targeted towards answering your question. Ian is not involved in it, so you can see all the information here is mainly from his clients. Does this work? well, see if there are negative experiences on the forum. I think you will find zero. So as long as you're happy with a shaved head look (Which is very fashionable nowadays) this is for you. I would recommend calling Ian or even going up to Birmingham to see and talk to them directly. There are no obligations and it's up to you to decide when you want to do it or "if" not to do it all. Price is relative to how much of an area you have done, so can't help too much with that. Ian would be able to tell you once he can examine the scalp area though. Hope that helps.
  4. very satisfied customer

    very nice mate. it actually looks like 3/4 days growth.. how long after treatment was this?
  5. Has anyone matched pigment to 2 days growth?

    I got mine really dark (I'm black btw) and i seem to switch between 1.5 and 2 days - but my skin colour helps to get away with that - although i think it's faded a bit so stick to strictly 1.5 days. how long have you had yours for?
  6. Took the plunge pt2

    sure I remember you dude. Yours looked very natural mate. I think with mine, I'm still playing with the colours esp cause I still grow loads (and I mean loads) of hair still, so I have to shave everyday but with a clipper at "1". I might go see Ian again, but for now, I'm good and it's such a relief to get up, shower and take off to work without fiddling with the hair. Good luck mate. All the best.
  7. Took the plunge pt2

    Following "took the plunge", I have had 4 treatments so far. 2nd treatment to touch up 3rd treatment to dilute the colour and thicken it to go with black skin 4th treatment to completely forgo the dilution and just go for a plain black colour. I intend to do a 5th treatment later on, maybe a couple of months to retouch the non-diluted treatment. The # of treatments is down to my colour. Ian says I'm the darkest he's had to do, so mine was kind of an expirment to see how dark we could go - and it turns out the answer is "as dark as possible". For now, I'm quite pleased with it - and even though I want to go darker, at this point in time my hairline looks so much better than before. I have loads of hair on my head but it's receeded, so my aim was to improve the hairline cause my face actually looks better with the flatter hairline. I occassionally compare the before and after look (with hair and shaved look) - however if you are completely bald then the choice is a non starter. You shave your head already, so what gives... Anyway, until they find a cure, Ian will do very nicely.
  8. Took the plunge

    I'm actually in the middle of a potential 3 phase treatment, so I'll keep this like a diary. A bit of background information, I'm black and according to Ian, the darkest skin he's had to work with. So I pull up at Birmingham New st. straight into the car, met the lovely Ranbir [everyone says she is - and she is] and guys you'll be glad to know she's the one performing the treatment. lol Anyway, straight into the shop, chatting like mad (probably cause I'm a tiny bit nervous), look at pictures, the marks are made on my forehead to pinpoint areas to work on - at this point Ian is totally focused and I notice he's not responding 100% to the chats anymore - which to me is the mark of a professional. In fact they only break into their hospitable nature when they take a break. Ian shaves my head completely, [i have receeding hair and haven't gone completely bald], and then Ranbir is in there... and at first I'm like "this is so going to be a breeze" but then Ouch! She's delicate but I have a fear of needles and very irritable person, so the constant intrusion of the needles slowly got to me. It varies from person to person apparently as some clients have actually fallen asleep during the procedure - so I've just realised that my "big black man" image is actually more of a "big girl" one. Anyway, morale of the story - if you have sensitive skin or you're a big girl - ask for a rub in anesthetic before hand - tut tut tut - you big girl. Anyway it goes on for about an hour half - cause I'm dark, and probably cause I've been crying inside it's not so easy to see the outline of a perfect hairline - but then my head's buzzing and I just want to lie down. Trying to retain every ounce of dignity I have in front of Ranbir at this point. One good thing - my head didn't bleed at all - so maybe I am made of stern stuff afterall. Ranbir drops me off, I get on the train in a daze. Get home, straight into the mirror and ........................................................ WOW! its even better than my natural hairline. my dark skin suggests I may have 3 treatments, but who cares at this point. Today, I actually casually walked into a shop caught my reflection in the mirror (okay okay - I was looking) and the hairline is actually getting darker and more pronounced. It just looks like the real me is actually starting to want to come out. So bottom line is I'm really looking forward to the next treatment and the one after that??? - but 3 words for y'all - JUST DO IT - and I'm not talking about NIKE. just don't forget the anesthetic....... Big Girl. ps: Ian/Ranbir - keep doing what you do best ............. in my case with anesthetics
  9. hi homer, this is a difficult one to say. I visited Ian on Tuesday and happened to bump into one of the guys he'd done the day before - It was a genuine work of art and skill. Without claiming to know the technical know-how of all this, I think what you need to do is decide what you want - communicate that to Ian and he'll let you know what can be done. he even recommends how/when to cut your hair, which clippers to use and what to use for the basic minimal care. so decide what you want cause that will be a bench mark to work from - otherwise you'll get so many varied answers from as many people, because peoples' hair pigmentation, rate of growth, shaved shade and size of head all come into play here. Good luck.