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  1. Micropigmentation ...any problems?

    am sure this has been answered if you have spoken to Ian already, as I dont have any follicles on my bald head this was not a concern... Also these cures about reviving follicles are unlikely to appear in our lifetime mate. I started losing my hair in 1998 and they were talking about the same cures then, it all comes to nothing.
  2. I have no hair on the top of my head, just sides and back. Its the classic horseshoe type pattern. In relation to matching pigment to hair growth- Ian always says go to see him with how many days growth you want the pigment matched to. This helps him determine how dark a pigment to use on your head. I would say it is best to match the pigment to 2 days growth as I like it darker but people are different. Now this does not mean that I only shave every 2 days, in fact I shave every day. This is because my hair grows really fast and people would notice where my real hair is. However I know a guy who does shave every 2 days so again it is different for different people. I would say book a consultation with Ian which will allow you to see him and his head. Once you see it you will want it done mate.
  3. there is no scabbing, there will be redness which will remain for a few days, maybe slightly more depending on your skin type.
  4. Will the new hairline disappear?

    Calm down mate it is unlikely the business will cease to exist, if anything it will keep growing. Also Ian has franchises in other parts of the world which will be in operation in the near future.
  5. Best Treatment for Hairloss by Far

    I believe i have answered this in my other post. Look guys you need to ask yourself are you happy bald or would you rather have this treatment? If you were happy bald then you would not be on this forum so in my opinion you should go for it as the treatment does make a difference. I know you have concerns as i did before i had the treatment but it is useful solution to combat baldness. But you do need to go into it with your eyes open and realise you will need touch ups if you want to continue the illusion of having a full head of hair.
  6. Will the new hairline disappear?

    I think you guys would be best of calling Ian who will be able to go over things with you as he is a specialist in the field. Nonetheless I will give you my opinion. You guys seem to be confusing micro- pigmentation with a conventional tattoo. The ink that will be used on your head is different from the ink used by a tattoo artist. This is because if you took black ink that a tattoo artist uses and tattooed it into your head it would turn blue and would be liable to migrating which means all the dots could easily join together and become one blob. How do i know this? Because I know people who had the treatment done from a tattoo artist using tattoo ink and have had disastrous consequences. What Ian does is micro- pigmentation and he uses specialist ink which will not lead to the problems that conventional tattoo ink does. However i must point out that you will not be able to get the treatment once and then be on your merry way for the rest of your life, you will need touch ups to maintain it. There would honestly be no point in having the treatment done and then letting it fade to such an extent that it was barely visible. In any case Ian will tell you all this if you call him.
  7. how is the colour holding up

    john u had the treatment yet?
  8. Best Treatment for Hairloss by Far

    If you want to maintain the look then I would say you would need a touch up every year. Having said that some people like it looking lighter and so may go longer before they want to touch it up. In answer to your question if it is never touched up then yes over time it will lose visibility in my opinion.
  9. Best Treatment for Hairloss by Far

    'so if you didnt mind it looking lighter then you could just leave it for 10 years '- I think the above point is somewhat misleading mate, I highly doubt that you could leave it for ten years and it would still be visible.
  10. How realistic does it look?

    Alright mate, it looks very realistic, I went back to work a few days after having it done and most people didnt even bat an eye lid. The people that did notice commented that my hair was growing back.
  11. Since boxing day last year, I had mine matched to 1 days growht in the first session and then 12 hours growth in the second. It feels to light for me though so that is why I am going to have it darkened. I am not sure whether to match it to 1.5 days growth or 2 days. I am not sure whether the second option would be too dark or not. what do you think?
  12. Hey all been a while since I posted, I am going back to see Ian/Ranbir this month and am going to have my pigment darkened, was thinking of matching it to 2 days growth. I have black hair and was wondering if anyone with the same hair colour matched their pigment to 2 days growth and how have they have gotten on? Thanks for any feedback
  13. PICS

    Hello Sheb, had my second treatment done a few days ago, feel very happy with it. How are you getting on, have you had all your treatments now?
  14. Homers experience

    Hello all, as you will see from my previous posts I was nervous about having this treatment done and then having to return to my work. I was also worried about how it would look on my head once completed. However, I took the plunge as I had enough of being bald and I am glad i did. I just had the second treatment yesterday and it looks good and very realistic. In fact a week after the first treatment I took off my hat to some people and simply said my hair was re-growing and they completely believed me so my thanks go to Ian and Ranbir for giving me the treatment. Things to note for those considering it- After the first treatment you should avoid looking at your head for a few days as it will be red and will look really strange. I say this because I looked at my head after the first day and completely freaked out and started calling Ian and people on the forum in a panic. However Ian reassured me that given a few days my head would settle and would start to look good. Indeed this is what happened, so guys give it time as it looks really good once the skin has healed and the pigment has settled into the skin. Anyway that's my experience hope it helps those considering the treatment.
  15. hello all, was just wondering whether people would not feel your head and notice that it doesnt feel stubbly? thanks for any input