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  1. DIY SMP?

    Scalp is good and I have only had one top up !
  2. DIY SMP?

    Clearly we are dealing with a neanderthal!! .I have had treatment done you have not !!! I have seen this clinic flourish ,why ? Because they are good at their job and are genuinely trying to help with a caring ethos without monetary gain being the driving force!! I know as Ian helped me out personally.. In its current form I cannot comment but in its former years as a leading specialist in this field they were great and totally accomodating.. You have the audacity to come here anonymously and try and discredit those around including HIS with your ridiculous DIY SMP rant .. Come on do a favour max and do a DIY SMP on your head for us to see and have a good chuckle!! Evidently u don't have an artistic streak within you .. Stop undermining a founding organisation that has helped tens of thousands+ around the globe with a debilitating condition .. It irks me terribly when internet warriors like u come on board without experiencing this treatment firsthand and try and discredit this treatment!!!
  3. Stop being incognito!! Show your real identity if you have nothing to hide
  4. I think this max b is an imposter!! Look at his other thread on DIY SMP!! He's trying to be negative about SMP !! I think admin should block him as he's not a real member
  5. DIY SMP?

    I'm one of the original SMP candidates that was personally done by Ian and Ranbir 10 years ago in a small,cold room in Birmingham!!! They had to rescue me as I didn't trust Ian originally as I had never heard of SMP and when I saw Ian's head I thought he was lying to me that he had been bald as it looked like real hair stubble on his head . I opted to go to a so called SMP practitioner who only really did eyebrows!! She assured me that she was well qualified to do SMP on my head .. It was a disaster , my head looked like leopards spots !! Big and inconsistent . I was traumatised after having 2 treatments with her . I went back to Ian who skills with Ranbir managed to save my head and perform a really good SMP. .. The woman in question paid me in compensation 1600 pounds 10 years ago as I threatened to take her to court . I think Ian has the original photo treatment I had done by this charlatan and I give Ian consent to publish it on here to warn potential candidates of the hazards of laxk of skill performing this intricate artistic work ... This max who posted about self DIY SMP I suggest you seek help , clearly u are devoid of any real intelligence. I'm a fashion designer/tailor and make hi end bespoke designs and Savile Row style suits .. it has taken me many years to develop my skills and I'm still learning new things. Go on utube max and watch a tutorial and let's see u make a suit ;!!;. Your comment on here about DIY SMP is stupid and absurd !!!
  6. Fue with Smp

    Well ,I have not seen ranbir and Ian for a few years now but from knowing them for so many years from treating me with the original SMP with ,they are the ones to trust with your head and SMP.. It's a pity I can't get hold of Ian as I would like to see this combined treatment of fue with SMP firsthand..I do hope either ranbir or Ian contacts me .. If you are thinking of getting this treat done with His ,I definitely would recommend them. . I'm not too sure who the main practitioners are in His today but I'm sure they must be very qualified as his were the original Innovators in this treatment.. My head has barely faded so I don't think I will need another top up !!
  7. Fue with Smp

    I'm one of the original SMP candidates from 10 years .. when I had my treatment done in a really cold bleak single room in jewellery quarter in Birmingham!! Ranbir did my treatment whilst Ian's role was being the artistic director.. My only gripe back then was the too sharpened front hairline that for me was too outlined. About 4 years ago I had the feathered look which looks great . I personally feel thar feathered look looks more natural Now I'm thinking of implementing my smp with fue as I read that Ian had had this procedure.. I contacted Ian to set up a meeting but to no avail. Be good if Ian gets back to me on this .Does admin know approximately the price of combining fue with SMP and are there photos of clients who have had both procedures on here . Also I read about micro blading as another treatment that SMP practitioners are employing which makes head more 3D . What's HIS's view on this ? Thanks
  8. What's happened to the social media updates?

    Hi , I'm what you call the first generation His devotees.I had mine done 10 years ago and have had a couple of top ups in between.Last top up was around 4 years ago when I wanted my hairline to be be totally feathered as it was too sharp as I'm white. For Asian or black then you can get away with a more square hairline. The hairline did not look natural to me and Ranbir and Ian who did my initial treatment did not offer the feathered look which His now do. I think it was down to a great tattooist #### Clarke ? who was a professional tattooist before he joined His to offer that at His. I had to laser NY hairline off from London Harley street clinic and #### gave me a new feathered hairline . Overall it has lasted all of 10 years and I don't think I need another top up for a few more years or maybe never again. . I think then the ink was meant to last ,I'm not sure about the ink they use today. . I hope that helps. I must add Ian and Ranbir are total professionals and are there to help. I also have to mention before I went to His 10 years ago I went to another practioner not His and destroyed my scalp with massive dots that Ranbir had to disguise and use her skill to give me that Natural look . Even today I really do suggest that you check out who you are going to get your treatment with as there are many charlatans who will destroy your look. Please tread carefully. ,I would gladly go back to His if I needed further treatment
  9. Hi Synchro,thanks for your kind words.i had my second laser treatment with Katrina nearly 2 weeks ago now and all the original pigment has now disappeared from my original hairline so im very happy .#### Clarke who did my amazing feathered look commented that he needs to do a final 30 mins of a touch up just to create a little more density even though it looks great .#### Clarke pioneered the feathered/jagged look so i was in great hands !!!.I will put up a photo of my new jagged look soon for everyone to see (maybe a full photo as i dont mind about my anonymity anymore) im totally happy with the outcome of my hairline now .Good luck to uou synchro and never despair like i did for a while as HIS are great at what they do and they will resolve all your issues and take care of you .The paractioners are great and Ian Watson the founder is there if you have any doubts or concerns about His or smp.
  10. Ok Guys ,Im booked in with Katrina tomorrow at 1 30 pm in London for a few seconds of lasering off the remaining stubborn dots at the front of my new hairline (the original hairline from 5 years ago) .Hopefully within a week or 2 the great #### Clarke will just touch up a few areas to create a little more density then im done and dusted for life!!! Will post the photos after #### has completed my look .If im brave i may even put a whole face photo up for the world to see!! God help them .I have come to a real realisation that if people find out about my treatment i dont really care anymore and thats from you guys on here .. I should never hide from what i have had done ..It has given me a new lease of life.. As a fashion designer/tailor i meet cute and beautiful women all the time (one of the perks of my job) and up until now i have always been conscious about my hairline and smp.#### Clarke has put a stop to that and i have a really natural hairline that i believe no one will ever notice that i had had smp done.
  11. Hi Damian ,Hi Katrina . I had my hairline removed bY Katrina nearly 7 weeks ago .I think Katrina took off 3/4 -1" which is quite substantial for a hairline .I have had a new feathered look and it looks great .As Katrina rightly pointed out it takes 6weeks plus for the treatment to work so you need to have patience . I have a few stubborn dots still remaining from my original hairline so Ian said i need one more laser removal treatment with Katrina which im booked in on Monday for . Its the most quickest option for removal and Katrina put me at ease so she is the great practitioner to see guys. You can see my lasered look by following my thread and see the before and after photos of my head..... Yoyo Continuing Have You Been Discovered Using Smp...
  12. Hi all,ok my new update on my journey to get my hairline that was too straight created to a jagged feathered look. Im sure you guys are all aware by now of my journey so far ... I had my hairline lasered off and the great Maestro #### Clarke created an amazing feathered look which i totally love and has given me confidence i have never had in 16 years .2 weeks ago for the first time in so many years i did not wear my hat and it was strange at first as my hat was my confidence so being without my hat i felt exposed ..naked !!!! but after a few days of wow you have shaved all your hair off,it looks cool etc.. i have worn my new look with pride. My only gripe now was that the lasered off hairline has not completely vanished so you can visibly see the original outline .I have used concealers to cover up the few stray dots so has not been too bad .I visited Ian to get his opinion and he really liked the feathered look but did say i would need another laser treatment session to get rid of the stubborn dots. I have now booked into Harley Street on Monday to blaast away the few remaining dots .#### Clarke did say i need another quick session just to go over a few bits as he said to me that he is a perfectionist and even though he loved my hairline he wanted to create a little more density .So hopefully after nearly 5 years of my original hairline i can safely say i am nearing the end of this journey to an amazing new hairline. Enclosed are the photos and if you look closely you can see my original lasered hairline.I will put my completed new hairline after my final session with #### Clarke in a few weeks
  13. Thanks Roby,Phil and Berlin.Will put another photo up next week of my finished look i am so happy but as you said Robby its hard to break the cycle of not wearing hats for 16 years because i feel naked. Its a psychological issue which i need to address .I suppose the weather helps as this is my 3 rd day without a hat if i venture out of my business during the day or evening so i need to gain my confidence which i do have in ample amounts with my hat on.. .Im nearing the end of my journey so only a few faint dots of my lasered hairline remains which i think will go within next few weeks .
  14. Yankee, no my new hairline has not been affected by the laser as the laser has only taken off the original hairline so any smp that has not been touched by the laser will not be affected. My new hairline is higher up anyway as the jagged look would have been too low if it had been placed on original hairline . Well yesterday i ventured into the city without my hat on which i have worn constantly through rain or shine for nearly 1 and half years .It did feel strange not wearing a hat as i use my hat for my confidence ..I felt naked and very aware that i was open to the elements!!!!! After a while i just forgot about my hat .. I went to work for my friend who owns a bar as he was short staffed..I was in a predicament shall i put my hat back on but it was so hot i did not have that option so i just went in ..Another friend who has never seen me gasped ...wow he had never seen me without a hat on and was stunned that i had a shaved head ,a few more comments where was my hat and that was it .. I think from today i am reborn and will not wear my hat and venture out on my second day without my hat .. My only concern is that my lasered hairline is still slightly noticeable but i have put a concealer on ..im just praying that it will eventually disappear as it can take up to 3 months for the laser treatment to take full effect and im into my 5 week since my hairline was lasered off...Patience is a real virtue here ..i know it will take time for me to feel and look comfortable without my hat but i also know with the great #### Clarke who has transformed my look totally i know that i will be looking as best as i can be with my new feathered look
  15. Thanks for your advice phil and skinhead boi .Yes but my friend is a distant relative of one of the HIS owners ,i cant divulge too much here so he know about the technique as he showed me HIS website last week and i know if i tell him he will show all his staff the website of HIS . So i dont think i could trust him and i would be scared to take off my hat in front of him\!! I really want to scream and tell the world but i have always had a hangup about my baldness and depression as a result .. Now i have the new feathered look i really want to emancipate myself from the shackles of those bloody hats of mine !!!! I went out today for the first time in over a year not wearing my hats as it was sunny and hot and i felt really insecure and weird as if i was totally naked!!! But i went to visit a friend to pick some stuff up and covered my hairline with my sunglasses positioned on my front hairline where the laser has not completely got rid of my original hairline ..its faint but i think noticable but i put concealer there to hide it so no one can notice !!!! i really want to discard the hats but everyone who knows me has never seen me without a hat even though i have had my treatment nearly 5 years ago. Half of my mind wants to tell everyone but the other half of me is so insecure i just cant tell anyone !!!! i think i need therapy ,,,...nbut then i couldn't tell my therapist why im depressed !!!!!