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    Finished 3rd session in early 2015, still the best choice I have ever made in my life, I can honestly say I prefer this look over when I had hair lol, my girlfriend of over a year haven't even been able to spot it, and she touches my head every day! Honestly if your on the fence, this goes for the young people as well, get it done. Male pattern baldness have no cure, accept it, because you are fighting a battle that you are not going to win. Get fit, and get a tan and your good!
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    Hair line is too dark.

    I jumped the gun on my initial thoughts. My hair is on point. After the 2nd session, the blending is flawless.
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    I had mine in 2014 with a top up in '16 on the hairline. Mine In my opinion has got better over time. That's with about 3 days of not wet shaving
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    Hairy Again

    Session 3 finally under my belt. Quite pleased with the results — Ian Dennis, the Houston practitioner, continues to be a master at what he does. Redness faded a lot quicker this time as he was really just adding in darker dots for variation and blending into the sides. I'm hoping I can let this grow 3 days now before it's noticeable and I need to shave. Of course, I could probably go a week and no one would notice — if this experience has taught me anything it's that people's eyes just want to see things that make sense, and the idea that part of my hair might be fake just doesn't compute. So, if anyone's on the fence for reasons of getting called out, you can put that fear to rest. One mid-session shot and a few pics from yesterday (these are only a few hours after shaving, for the most part). Those two pics in my car are taken right after each other; one with sunroof open and the other closed to show that even some lights will still totally make it disappear. I expect the same would happen on someone with a short buzz as well, though. I guess I'm off to go live my life now, I suppose. Hasn't really sunk in yet that going bald isn't something to worry about anymore, but I know that's to come.
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    Doesn't last

    I have had mine from 2014. It hasn’t faded at all apart from original fading. Its half way into 2018 I may go to his just to have a check up but it’s more brecause of routine
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    Hi, you are in my opinion the perfect candidate for it. You have a hair and a hairline that enables you to hide the treatment very well once done as you still would have a shadow on head and with the smp it won’t be as drastic a change. But a big enough change for it to have an awesome effect you could get away with a tiny bit of Growth good luck
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    Just stopped in on a whim seven years after having smp...still rocking the look. Smp still looks fresh and no one ever knows its a tattoo unless I tell them. always around for coffee or drinks in case anyones ever interested on how well this look ages on. Im still digging smp and glad i did this treatment. happy holidays guys and thanks for your fine efforts. JB
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    I have fun with this one: "I have loads of grey hairs" "I'm a Buddhist" "I go to the gym a lot and it's just easier this way..." "I love Vin Diesel movies" "I lost a bet" "It makes me more aerodynamic" "Because I'm bald and I had a tattoo to replicate real hair" "Why do you ask? Don't you like it?" Some people ask you this because they already know you've had something done, well I've 2 people ask me that in 7 years. And those 2 people would have only said something else to try and annoy me if I had a full head of long hair! I think, for me, you'll feel much better with HIS when you accept that you might get called out at any minute – and so what if you do! I think I've only had 2 people ask me that because I went with a high hairline. (I'm aware this might sound like strange advice from someone who has been asking in the forum about tattoo removal photos!)
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    Hairy Again

    Hey all, wanted to give an update: I actually went back for a session 4 in May; the treatment looked fine but my practitioner Ian in Houston saw some photos and thought we could go a little darker and still look natural. Very glad we did - it gave it even more texture, and still blends great whether its day 0 or day 2. Trying to think back to what I would have wanted to know pre-treatment... it really has been a seamless transition and no one's ever called me out. I've gotten a few "why do you shave your head, you have hair" which always makes me feel great. Honestly the best part is feeling like I can look sharp again, and that my appearance is intentional. It's so much better that I can talk about being "bald" and it's not awkward because it seems like I'm shaving on purpose. Some pic updates... these are just pics I've taken in everyday life that I grabbed off my phone. Lighting does definitely make a difference and there are a few lightings where it really doesn't show up well, but that would happen with a naturally shaved head too, I think. Good luck to @JohnathonNY and anyone else on the fence... you'll be glad you did
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    My hair loss was extensive, similar to the OP’s. Initially, I opted for a higher hairline and temple recession for the same reasons that he stated. But after adjusting to my new look, I realized that I’d been overly cautious. So I went back for some further blending (i.e., integration) of a more-lowered hairline with far less age recession at the temples. The masterful artistry of my “up-for-a-challenge” practitioner made ALL the difference when pushing the limits of what was possible. Check out my temples to see some superb blending work by Zang. Bottom line: Don’t be overly afraid to tweak your results, bit by bit, in order to achieve your best ultimate result. There’s a very fine line between being too cautious and too bold; the trick is finding the right balance for you.
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    He got called out!

    Read the comments..people are right..his hairline is too defined..though if I didn't know I probably would not have noticed... As a side topic, why is it that women can do all this shit, IE wear wigs (Amber Rose), get eyebrows tattooed and no one bats an eye but if men do it, people call it out!!!?? What actually inspired me to go the SMP route was a friend of mine had her eyebrows done and she was talking about it and telling everyone and all the girls were like "yeah I am gonna do that too..." including my wife. It was then that I decided to tell all my friends about my hairpiece and told them I was going to go the SMP route.. PS Someone in the comments wrote that Ricky Whittle had SMP. Is this true? I have seen pics where he has grown a mohawk. TBH I wanted to get SMP so my hair could look like his - lol!
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    What does an SMP head feel like?

    Well I quickly realized that most people that comment on SMP don't actually know what they are talking about lol. Even if you have a little tiny stubble on top, it will feel like a full head of hair cause nobody at all touches our head with just their fingers, they would use their whole hand and therefore any stubble feel will feel like a full head of hair.
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    SMP progress

    Mine hasn't changed in 5 years. Thats with a couple of days not shaving In my opinion it gets better over time.
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    Saw my name mentioned in another thread, so thought I’d add a recent pic with the family dog.
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    Yours is typical for a 3 session client bobobaldy. In just about all cases the third session would be chargeable if needed, but if you pay for a third session you trigger a free touch up anywhere within a year of the first treatment. The exception is In extreme, rare, cases where the client's system eats the pigment beyond the third session, HIS would see the client right and offer additional treatment so that the desired outcome is achieved.
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    We are all the harshest judges. I've had my SMP for almost 5 years now and I've never been called out but I wouldn't say it looks 100% convincing to myself either, and I do use concealer at the hairline to improve the blending (considering getting my hairline redone but this is an ok solution). In fact it gets a bit annoying dealing with all the "why don't you grow your hair out?" "you would look good with X hairstyle" comments.
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    SMP turning blue after some years

    Hi Vinc 2097! Bad SMP's are blue at the very first moments, but not after years. I had mine in 2015 and I am also still super happy! Believe me, when I informed myself online about providers, I also saw some really bad pics...! And then I chose HIS, because I wanted to minimize the risk. They are the longest on the market, have the greatest experience and in 2015 HIS were the only one who used different color depths for the 3d-effect. But I must also say, it took me exactly 24 months to do this, because I was scared. So, I know exactly how you and the others feel about. And when you read all comments here from the people, that have pulled through you will read some times the words " new born" and this is just as I feel now! Good luck mate! (sorry about my bad english, I am from Germany)
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    Its important to distinguish between a bad SMP treatment with the wrong pigment, or technique, that can result in an outcome that is distinctly blue.. and a recognised visual illusion that can see even a real shaved head, or chin, appear to have a faint shade of blue in some lighting conditions.
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    Hello all! I just wanted to share a funny story. My background is 3500 grafts FUE and now two sessions of SMP, the last one 10 days ago. I was at a party and was chatting with a group of people, one of which a hair dresser, and the subject of hair came up, surprise surprise. I actually told them my head was tatooed, but they wouldn’t believe me. I tried to convince them, they looked up close and felt my head but they wouldn’t believe that it wasnt just a shaved head. I’m not saying it’s undetectable, I can see my own scars and dots, but for people not familiar with it, it looks pretty damn natural ?
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    Some clarification. As I understand it at the moment.. Aboot was treated by a practitioner in continental europe who does have a connection to HIS via a training course. But Aboot is not a HIS client. It is now a bank holiday weekend so clarity beyond this is unlikely before people get back to their desks on Tuesday.
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    Doesn't last

    How??? I dread to think. But surely the question is why? @Trendy... get back in the swimming pool. The chlorine is only an issue during the healing phase. Your pigment is now settled and beyond reach. The exercise will do you good and you must miss it.
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    Hi , I'm what you call the first generation His devotees.I had mine done 10 years ago and have had a couple of top ups in between.Last top up was around 4 years ago when I wanted my hairline to be be totally feathered as it was too sharp as I'm white. For Asian or black then you can get away with a more square hairline. The hairline did not look natural to me and Ranbir and Ian who did my initial treatment did not offer the feathered look which His now do. I think it was down to a great tattooist #### Clarke ? who was a professional tattooist before he joined His to offer that at His. I had to laser NY hairline off from London Harley street clinic and #### gave me a new feathered hairline . Overall it has lasted all of 10 years and I don't think I need another top up for a few more years or maybe never again. . I think then the ink was meant to last ,I'm not sure about the ink they use today. . I hope that helps. I must add Ian and Ranbir are total professionals and are there to help. I also have to mention before I went to His 10 years ago I went to another practioner not His and destroyed my scalp with massive dots that Ranbir had to disguise and use her skill to give me that Natural look . Even today I really do suggest that you check out who you are going to get your treatment with as there are many charlatans who will destroy your look. Please tread carefully. ,I would gladly go back to His if I needed further treatment
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    Getting smp was the best thing i did 5 years down the line its still looking good hope that helps mate get it done you wont look back
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    Turning 64 next month. Almost two years after SMP... best thing ever...
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    Should I or shouldn't I?

    Shave that off, man. It looks terrible to be honest. A few thin strains combed to the front along with Toppik. That can not be the solution for you. Get a SMP and forget about all your hair problems.
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    Where is the social media?

    Social media is the devil. I’d rather none. Less advertising about this the better. I don’t think it’s a service that takes well to social media All the info you need is in here. It’s the best place and usually Everyone is friendly :)
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    Everytime I read about people being called out, or see it in the media it's always someone with a really optimistic hairline and dark treatment. I haven't been called out in the 5 years I've had my work done. But my treatment is very light in sunlight and I have the temples that someone my age should have. If you do get called out, rather than look a fool by denying anything I think it's best to massage the truth and casually say you had some hairline work and just shaved down the rest to match it. If your friends, colleagues or family are that much a bunch of c**ts that they would still give you a hard time over it then just don't get it done but I think that signals a big problem in receiving basic respect from your social circle.
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    What does an SMP head feel like?

    If a smp is done to a high standard it is pretty much undetectable. I have seen some of the video's on youtube on smp where a troll or assholes decide to make fun of the process and results even when the smp looks absolutely fantastic. Not everyone in life are assholes like this and rate people based on their looks. To get this procedure done it should always be done for yourself first of all and not to please others in my personal opinion. If it makes you happy f*ck what everyone else thinks about it!
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    Hairy Again

    Quick shot at work... about a week out from the treatment, and this is with nearly 3 days growth. I can definitely notice the difference between top and sides if I'm looking for it at this length, but doesn't seem like anyone else can.
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    What does an SMP head feel like?

    It is always head thing - before SMP and after SMP. We are individuals and therefore we react differently. I was always ashamed of my baldness and scars. And now with SMP, I feel like another person and I do not care at all, if someone recognize my SMP. I am absolutely sure, that for the public in some years the handling with SMP is normal as wigs in woman...!
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    the bald ego

    Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    100% dry shaving. In fact, I make sure that I shave up **before** I shower, to get a more friction-free glide. Make sure that you clean your razor’s chamber of stubble after each use, and run it under hot water at least once a week. I use **slow** light passes of the razor head on my skin, and initially orient the length of the blades to get the longest contact patch of scalp. Then I turn the razor head 90° to pick up residual stubble. The reason I think that using pressure is inefficient, rather than letting the blades do their work, is that pushing the razor head into the skin may cause a poor hair contact angle and/or incorrect lift from the blade guard. Just guessing, but definitely relaxed, light, slow, and dry makes for the quickest and most comfy shave. It’s not a woodshop sanding project, haha!
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    Andy Stewart


    I have had same many time but stick with his because Danny in Manchester is in my opinion the best there is.
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    Sananthony is correct, IMO. I’m a Norwood 7, and yet the tiny amount of stubble on top is still able to provide enough scratchiness so that any casual “head rub” is perceived as real.
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    On my experience of my smp. I can go about 4 days without shaving. When lazy a week. My other replies in threads have photos showing not shaving for a few days It looks best a few hours after a wet shave but I haven't had a word said to me after even a few days. As for people who you tell. Be wary only for sure tell people on a need to know. My wife and my mother knows along with 2 friends. My children didn't even notice. I'm in a circle of people who have no problem ripping anyone to shreads over something. A another factor to think about is after a period of time people get used to what you look like and forget what you used to look and it all gets accepted if that makes sense. I had some hair and probably went to His very naive and on a wing and a prayer with not much or hardly any research. I didn't over think it and kinda just said f**k it and done it. It was such a good time in my life and I hope anyone else thinking about smp with his has the experience I have had. There is somethings I would have done differently looking back but all in all it was life changing for me
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    Yes a bald friendly grandfather not someone they want to have sex with. First one got 3 votes from girls and the second one 4 votes. You really need to get back to school. These "statistics" are not relevant at all. Btw what's wrong with looking like an inmate? Girls love bad boys.
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    first one looks like a guy in his 50's , the seconds in his 40's.
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    Don't sweat on it too much hairisgoingaway, the difference between having it match three days length and freshly shaved is in reality not that much... However having said that I would definitely go in, if proceeding with the treatment, to the practitioner with three days hair length and ask him/her to match with that. Then you can foil shave at night so that the next day you will have eight hours growth which with the amount of stubble you appear to have will solve the mental gymnastics you are giving yourself over this. In fact I would recommend you have a variety of shades in your treatment, maybe a 36, 34, 30. But really, if you are happy having your hair shaved short then having smp will just add volume and reinforce what you have.
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    Post first session - underwhelmed.

    The first session is to try and see how your head absorbs the pigmentation and dialing down a proper shade for the next session. Everyone's head absorbs the pigmentation differently. After my first session my smp was extremely light and looked awful so do not panic. It takes multiple sessions to finish and tweak this procedure.
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    I'm getting the idea this was not done under HIS supervision as the answer to the question seems to be getting dodged. Its very misleading against HIS. and not at all helpful for those starting out.
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    At this stage I can share that I was previously told by Aboot in a PM that he was treated in Belgium and by HIS HQ yesterday that there is no record of the email address he is using. So I was surprised to read the post that says he was treated by one our technicians. I have written to Aboot to ask for clarification.
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    Looks fantastic. Great job, you had the perfect hair line for it. I wish I could of went back 20 years and told my younger self about HIS and smp. The amount of worry I put myself through over hair loss. This isn’t a cure but when done properly it’s pretty near perfection.
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    Toronto clinic

    I am almost done with my procedure and it looks very natural at this point but just needs some minor tweaking and a slightly darker shade to bring it to the proper His quality finished result. His has worked with me every step of the way to make sure that I am happy with my results and communication has been great on their end. I know this is a procedure and everyone takes the pigment differently than others. The pain and process of this procedure is totally worth the end result and peace of mind it brings to people that suffer from hair loss.
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    I do remember somebody used to sprinkle hair from his shaver on his head, with moisturiser/sunscreen helping to make it stick. If they got dislodged or noticed he would say his shaver must have been full, helped confirm he was shaving his head.
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    That’s a great start, looking fantastic. I’m sure you are happy with that result so far
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    Head shine

    no such thing as perfect mattifier , its trial and error and what works best for you in my opinion
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    Anyone For Spam?

    Just a quick note to acknowledge the issue, which raised its head over the last 3 days, with spammers. A new step has been added to the sign up process which, we hope, will fix the problem. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience... unless you actually needed an essay written for college, in which case we hope you found one of the many offered links useful. Cheers Ed
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    Maintenance after SMP

    yo dude.....maintenance after SMP is pretty simple man....after the "curing" period, what I mean is after 30 days, all you need to do is shave your head on a regular basis, and put lotion/moisturizers on your scalp after shaving and you're good to go. There are guidelines on maintenance within the first 30 days which you can find here: https://www.hishairclinic.com/treatment/knowledgebase/aftercare-guidelines/
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    And here's the photie's i took fresh today! 1 / 10 / 17 exactly 5 days after my 2nd Session. Really pleased but also really worried about it fading a lot?! My scar at the back of my head needs to settle down more and obviously will probably fade more so just so anxious to see how that appears? Although i am going to have to go for a 3rd session. Just really worried about my Scar being reasonably camouflaged? and also the plug scars on the top of my head! Hope the quality of the photo's are ok? Would love some feedback ?
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    Second session done today with Danny at manchester. What a talented top bloke he is. I am forever in his debt for the work he has done to my hair and cannot recommend him enough. Great banter and his work is spot on. Im looking forward to goin to a mates stag doo on sat and sporting a "full head of hair look" few pics to follow, head is still raw as only done a few hours ago so will post some more pics when redness has settled down. I ended up drawing the hairline in which i mastered in the week ive had from my first session with lots of trail and error lol! And dropped to shade 22