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    Hi Genetics, Thanks, yea it's good advice not to over-analyse etc, and I think I need to point out that despite my earlier posts I'm not actually worrying about this. Looking at some of your other posts it seems you aren't terribly thilled with your SMP, just want to point out that's not where I'm at, or (I believe) where I'm headed. I'm still very happy with this and don't regret for a moment the decision to go ahead with it. That said, I think I have experienced a tiny bit of what you are describing, yes the dots do look more prominent at the start and become less so over a couple of months. But mine still look great, especially in outdoor light. I do think it's bit light overall, particularly in some indoor lighting conditions, but hey I've only had two sessions and we'll see what comes out of the third one next month. And one thing I'm very sure of, it looks a whole lot better than a bald scalp! I do now shave every night before bed though and I think it looks best immediately after shaving. Even then though I can still see the bits where I have thicker hair, which is why I suggest that the job isn't finished yet I've tried wet shaving too and quite like the smooth feel afterwards (it's quicker too). The shine thing took me a bit by surprise but I now feel I may be heading back more or less to where I was before my holiday. And there's always PTR if I'm really concerned, which currently I am not. (Where this leaves me with the sunblock situ though I've no idea). On the basis of your experience I may not be rushing for too many top ups..... but I really don't obsess about this like I did with my previous concealer routine...... the SMP looks perfectly natural in my opinion and everyone is used to my new look now and no one scrutinises it. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say I'm very thankful that this has liberated me from the concealer routine