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    Hi, I am just completed my 3 session in Paris Clinic. My practicioner was Jeremie L. I described him as a relatively young , relaxed, calm but very dedicated and in every moment very concentrated to his work. I have been "preparing" for SMP for 2 years. Two times I canceled previosly booked sesssions for Paris Clinic. Finaly I decided to go through it. I was very scared before my first treatment. But soon I realised that all is OK and for me it was not doubt that I chose real thing. Main problem for me was how my environment will accept me and my new look-style. After all my sessions respectively, I did not hear any single bad comentar about "thing" on my head. Because all is look like very naturaly ! Only few comentars was about that I changed my style in that way how I now shaved my head ! Now after 3 session I am vey happy, gained a lot of self-confidence and a new strenght !. I can say that SMP in Parsi Clinic governated by Jeremie L changed my life ! Of course in a very, very positive way. And one have to know that for best results you need et least 3 sessions (all it would be more better If you add 1 or 2 sessions). But 3 sessions are minimum for best quality. Of course, one also must keep in mind that in latter years from time to time you should to have an "refreshing session" just to keep best quality at high level. Regards !