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    Request for SMP Mock-up

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    Hello guys. I had my smp three years ago and would like to share some thoughts since the topic of balding has come up more and more between my friends and I now they enter their late thirties and are starting to lose their own hair. Having lost mine at 18 I can offer some advice. In order to rock the smp shaved head look here are some crucial tips. 1. Get a tan real or fake. It’s very important to take that cancer look away a glow in winter and a good tan in summer 2. Get fit. I’m not a gym goer but I walk lots keep your body in shape out of shape and bald is a terrible look 3. Lose the caps they show nothing but insecurity unless it’s required for sun. 4. Moisturize and take care of your skin I’m now 33 when I was 21 and had list most of my hair people thought I was 30. Now I’m 33 with smp people think I’m in my late twenties. It gets easier over time and you grow into the look. I would love hair I never had it so I miss it even more but smp is the only option for many guys who are not transplant candidates ( take not Wayne Rooney )
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    This sadly looks alot like the results I have gotten from the Toronto location after 3 sessions. The previous practitioner was never able to get the color right and ultimately ended up going too light. I wouldn't be surprised if I have to get another 2 full sessions to get the same results as others have gotten from his hair. I will pay for the repairs to get it fixed because I don't really have a choice, but I am hoping they send someone more qualified from the UK down to fill the gap. At least until someone new has been put in place.
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    looks amazing such a difference you must be so happy!! truly happy for you!! thanks for sharing !!!
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    Toronto Location Troubles + Poor Experience

    They were slow getting back to me as i was looking to get my warranty touch up as it's been only 9 months since my last session and I have extreme fading over my head everywhere except the hairline which is way stronger than anywhere else done on my head. After two weeks of waiting, I was informed that the practitioner suddenly left the company without notice and they are working towards bringing a new one on board. I had a very poor experience with the previous practitioner, very rude, didn't listen well to my requests, was always rushed and condescending. So in a way I'm glad he has left and will hopefully be replaced soon with someone significantly more qualified and skilled. But now I am worried about the treatment I received as I paid a great deal of money for it only for it to have faded so much after such a short time, even though I have more remaining hair than a majority of treatments i've seen done on here. HIS has assured me that they will still honour my free one year warranty touchup whenever the new practitioner comes on board, but It's worrisome to have to wait for that unknown date as my expensive treatments have become virtually non-existent after such a short time when the promised time is much longer. I have taken extreme care of the treatment as advised, barely any direct sun exposure as Toronto has been grey gloomy for a long time. And yet still the poor results thanks to a dismissive practitioner who up and left suddenly. I've seen such great results from others on this site but I must say that my experience with the Toronto clinic has not been pleasant and I really hope HIS hair can help correct the situation. I really have had high hopes for this treatment being 24 and losing hair rapidly due to previous cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. I appreciate customer service re-assuring me that I will still get the free touch-up, but having to live with the poorly done and fading treatment until whenever that might be is upsetting and unfortunate to say the least. I have attached pictures for those who are interested. All light areas are my faded treatment, and the darker areas are my actual remaining hair. The practitioner did the hairline way more dense than anywhere else, hence the fading on top and the crown but a prominent hairline. I hope to correct this and soften the hairline during my warranty touch up. Just want to have this treatment done with so i can get on with life for a couple years and hope it holds up as promised this time..
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    Support for Paris Clinic Crew

    I would like to support Paris Clinic crew i.e Jeremie L and Sophiane-two excelent practitioners-both of them works in hard conditions at Paris Clinic. .Despite bad conditions mentioned guys work very hard, they are very skilled and educated for their work. They are also very dedicated and achieve excelent results. Their customers from differente countries are satisfied and love them.I am also satisfied with my SMP governated by Jeremie L. I had 7 sessions at Paris Clinic with fine results and I will keep contact with Jeremoe for further colaboratiion.
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    First session yesterday. Bald as F*** lol
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    Hi all! I've been a silent reader for the last half year and had my smp done meanwhile. I've discovered so many useful tips here on the forums that I thought the least I could do is contribute my own (product) experiences with moisturizing, shine and tanning so far. Moisturizing I initially hoped I would come across that one product that would give the ultimate moisturizing plus antishine experience. You can imagine how that worked out. I started with Clinique Mattifying Oil control, which is unbelievably expensive and also a total waste of money for me. My next try was the Boots No7 anti shine which gave me much better results - I think I will continue using it and had no negative experiences concerning the alcohol. Living in Austria it's a little difficult to get hands on it though. Anti shine Although No7 kills a little shine I wasn't satisfied and after reading more here, I joined the religious circle of Peter Thomas Roth Antishine users. And like most religions, PTR likes to take notable amounts of money out of peoples pockets, but unlike other religions they do deliver pretty awesome results. I highly doubt that there is much out there that can compete with this. Still, the price is ridicoulus, so I will definitely keep an eye open for other products. Self-Tanning Something I just started because I have a pretty pale head (no unfortunately there is no comma between pretty and pale) and wanted to get a healthier touch and also reduce the shine/reflection abilities a bit. I began with Jergens natural glow (the body lotion not the face lotion) which produces a pretty strong smell on my skin and also gives me a slight yellowish touch - especially areas like the sides, where the shaved hair is still full have this problem. Same goes for "Dove Summer revived" body lotion, although for me it has a nicer feeling and smell and is also cheaper. NOTE Most people use both tanners without any of these issues so you really have to try it out for your skin type! I am currently trying the St. Tropez gradual tan face cream for light/medium, which is completely overpriced but gives me a more balanced colour and hardly any smell. My next try will be one of the Academie Bronz'Express products I think. For the summer I plan on using a sunscreen with self tanner for the smp areas so any advice on that would be great! Any questions, suggestions and opinions welcome!
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    Sunblock / sunscreen

    I've had 2 sessions done as well recently. And as I've been trying to go the organic route before the SMP I've bought this to use along with a hat where possible (recent sunny UK weather) https://www.greenpeople.co.uk/facial-sun-cream-spf30-50ml. They also do another day cream sp15 which I'll most likely purchase https://www.greenpeople.co.uk/day-solution-spf15-moisturiser-50ml
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    Why don't you shave your head every single day for the next 6 months, and then decide... because that's what you'll be doing when you get SMP. I assume you have shaved your hair short before, so you know if you like the look?
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    Hi, I am just completed my 3 session in Paris Clinic. My practicioner was Jeremie L. I described him as a relatively young , relaxed, calm but very dedicated and in every moment very concentrated to his work. I have been "preparing" for SMP for 2 years. Two times I canceled previosly booked sesssions for Paris Clinic. Finaly I decided to go through it. I was very scared before my first treatment. But soon I realised that all is OK and for me it was not doubt that I chose real thing. Main problem for me was how my environment will accept me and my new look-style. After all my sessions respectively, I did not hear any single bad comentar about "thing" on my head. Because all is look like very naturaly ! Only few comentars was about that I changed my style in that way how I now shaved my head ! Now after 3 session I am vey happy, gained a lot of self-confidence and a new strenght !. I can say that SMP in Parsi Clinic governated by Jeremie L changed my life ! Of course in a very, very positive way. And one have to know that for best results you need et least 3 sessions (all it would be more better If you add 1 or 2 sessions). But 3 sessions are minimum for best quality. Of course, one also must keep in mind that in latter years from time to time you should to have an "refreshing session" just to keep best quality at high level. Regards !
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    Updated for my 65th birthday, three years after SMP...
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    a little update here, - for moisturizing I currently use "Harry's daily face lotion", which offers a spf15 and seems (in combination with PTR) very, very promising in terms of whole day ant-shine/sweat performance. Still investigating though. - For self tanning I switched to mousse or foam, whatever you wanna call it, which (for me) works so much better than creme or lotion, especially on the stubble areas of the head. I use "St. Tropez Classic mousse", but I guess you can also use cheaper brands, but definitely try out a mousse version! Notifier: I stopped caring about wether or not such products contain alcohol (I'm sure the mousse does), I havent noticed any effects so far and firmly believe that such effects will remain insignificant. But if you do care, be hereby warned. cheers!
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    Considering Supplemental FUE

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the assessment of Norwood 3-4 came from a HIS competitor and indeed, this (I think excessive) estimation was one of the factors that lead me to looking elsewhere. I am 32 years old and have been on finasteride for 8 years. I count myself very lucky that I have experienced no further hair loss during this time nor have I experienced any side effects. When I first started to lose my hair, minox was the first port of call but unfortunately, I didn't see any benefits. Now, having had SMP done, minox is kind of off the table as the alcohol in it will fade the treatment prematurely. Nevertheless, I think the success I've had with finasteride alongside my strong donor area (and I hope, my realisitic expectations) would make me a good candidate for FUE. Thanks again!
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    Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Hi LDB, thanks for the advice albeit a bit belated I'm also 50 (nearly 51 ) and researched HTs when I was 40 and decided against. Haven't changed my opinion on that one bit and really thankful I didn't go anywhere near it (poor candidate anyway). But I LOVE my SMP. Hope you find a solution you are happy with...... yes with SMP there is a risk..... but I'm glad I took the risk and did it.... so far anyway ;-)
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    Toronto Location Troubles + Poor Experience

    Same here man, I thought it was just me but I'm glad I posted about it and there are others so that hopefully HIS does something to rectify it for us because I don't know about you but I paid wayyyyy too much for what I got.
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    Toronto location?

    I pray that His can bring in a quality practitioner from the UK to the Toronto location. I still need my smp corrected and finished to the His quality level of standard.
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    Toronto Location Troubles + Poor Experience

    I have had to get multiple sessions performed in Toronto due to a ton of fading and the pigment shade never blending to get a decent match. I assumed that it was mostly a combination of my strong immune system and an inexperienced practitioner. I am in your boat and do not feel that my SMP is finished to the quality standard of what His guarantees. His however has always s been first class with me when it comes to communication but they should of had more than one practitioner in Toronto..
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    Toronto Location Troubles + Poor Experience

    Yeah itd be great for them to send someone qualified over in the meantime to atleast take care of their existing clients here...
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    SMP Laser Removal

    I had a similar experience with smp, was desperate for help and asked a tattoo artist to have it removed as quickly as possible. He said I wasn't his first, a guy already had 3 or 4 sessions and it still wasn't gone. Everything depends on the laser settings however. I had one session with the tattoo guy and it took away most of the tiny dots but the large ones remained the same. He told me I'd need about 5 or 6 session to remove the big dots as well, with 2 months time inbetween each session (I was gutted to say the least). Then my practitioner booked a session for me in a beauty clinic with an experienced surgeon who had done a lot of tattoo removals, had a test patch done and a few weeks later all the bad areas. Everything he lasered was gone in one session, big dots included. Took about 10-12 days for the redness to go away but it worked. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the laser settings here, if not a mod will probably remove them but you can pm me if you want. Settings were 1064NM, dot size 3 and 8.2 J. It definately hurt to get it removed, but it was fast and it worked and that was the main thing for me. I hope it helps!
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    Sunblock / sunscreen

    Well after some more research I just ordered the following from Escentual: The Vichy Capital Soleil product seem to be the one that is "alcohol-free"; the Ideal Soleil equivalent contains Alcohol Denat according to the Vichy website. The Avene products look interesting too and are also free of ethanol and Alcohol Denat. As indicated above, all sunscreens seem to contain ingredients that are some sort of alcohols, but the concensus on the forum seems to be that these are less damaging and are further down the list of ingredients, so the risk to SMP should be very low (much lower than not using sunscreen at all). I wanted a mix of SPF 30 and 50 since I want to slowly tan my white scalp in a controlled manner..... Will try these over the summer and see how I get on.
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    I get PTR for around £20, but I have seen it for as much as £50 !!
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    Removal process for SMP

    Well that is what I am thinking of doing. At the very least leaving things as is vs completing my treatment. I know people will say I only got the “template” but at least that willl fade quickly vs having them fill everything in which will take much longer to remove. I just hope it won’t look too off in the meantime The main thing in my case (won’t speak for others since it looks like many people have had great results and are happy with it) is that for me it’s about self-acceptance and getting over my issues vs trying to cover them up. Unfortunately it took getting SMP to realize this for me. But it was as like as soon as I got the procedure a light went off in my head and I said to myself “hey this just isn’t worth it”
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    SMP removal

    I did want to remove all of what was there but when I checked it with the staff there wasnt much on my head to be honest because when I got the SMP done originally i didn't have as much hair loss so I think it was blended, the only smp that is clearly visible on my head is the hairline and the bald spot on the back of my head, i didnt opt for just getting the hairline softened I am getting the hairline completely removed as it stands out and you can see that it's clearly not my hair, I'm hoping that it will all fade out from this 1 session but if it doesn't then I will have to go for a 2nd one in December, I'm not so bothered about the SMP in the bald spot at the back of my head but I will probably get it done at a later time In regards to the blending issues I thought the hairline was lighter than the colour of the remaning hair on my head shaved but when I went in for the laser removal one of the staff I was speaking to said it was actually darker than the remaining hair on my head shaved, not sure how that works out but that's what she said But overall I'm just happy to be getting it removed and moving on with my life and be mentally free and not always wondering if people can tell wether my hair is fake or not
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    SMP removal

    I went for laser removal yesterday and got the laser removal done on my hairline. I thought it would be good for me to share the experience as it would be greedy to keep it to myself as other may want to know. It was pretty painful to be honest, it's more painful than getting the SMP done, but it's pretty quick, It took about 2 minutes to do the hairline, so I can imagine the whole head would probably take like half an hour because you will be taking breaks in between as it does get quite painful, After I got the laser removal done on the smp hairline my head had a throbbing sensation afterwards but the throbbing didn't last for more than an hour or 2, and I didn't experience any redness of the skin or swelling or tight forehead skin or anything like that. maybe it's because I'm black that but I don't know for sure. You couldn't even notice I had the laser removal done as it still looked the same just a throbbing sensation in the area.i was told it can take up to 6 - 8 weeks for the smp to go through the process of removing itself. I took a shower after 32 hours after instead of 24 hours just to make sure everything was cool because I didn't experience none of the symptoms that other people said they faced when they got it done (tight skin, swollen skin, red skin etc). It's only been a day and a half so I guess it's early to say, I will be back in 2 weeks to let you know the progress of the SMP removing itself from my skin
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    SMP removal

    My reason is because it's been four years since I got my treatment and the ink has faded over the period of time so it doesn't always show depending on the lighting of the room. It is also not blending as well anymore since it's faded and also having more hair loss at the top of my head makes it not to blend even more. I can't be bothered to keep getting touch-ups and paying more money. I am in my late 20s now and I am alot more self-secure about being bald, and have more important things to think about. It was hard to come to terms with before because I been balding since my late teens but I realised there are much more important things than my hair. I think the treatment was good for helping me come to terms with being bald so I wouldn't change a thing to be honest.